A Cat’s Guide to Bonding with Dragons by Chris Behrsin

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Title: A Cat’s Guide to Bonding with Dragons

Author: Chris Behrsin
Published: December 2020
Pages: 224 
Format: Kindle (Book Funnel)
Series: #1 Dragoncat
Content: Squeaky Clean
Genre: Humorous Fantasy
Age Category: 8 – 18 (or 81)
Read: 10 January 2021
Synopsis: Ben must be the hungriest cat ever…
One moment, he was enjoying a breakfast of salmon trimmings in his home in South Wales. The next, he was teleported across time and space onto the cold stone floor of an evil warlock. Locked in through day and night, Ben may have to serve him for a while.
He’ll hate this, especially having to hunt those infernal demon rats when the warlock doesn’t feed him well at all.
Meanwhile, in a distant academy, a dragon is bored out of her mind. Unable to wear a saddle, no human dares mount her. Is there anyone in this land who can ride her into battle against the forces of the evil warlocks? Somehow, she doubts she’ll ever find a suitable bond.
Unless there is another creature with enough dexterity to fulfil that role. One, perhaps, who is currently sprinting right out of a warlock’s front door…

Greetings Humans! I’m back with a another great read, featuring one awesome cat. Meet Benji. (Sorry Ben, I also think Benji sounds a bit better.) Ben(ji) is a Bengal. A descendant of the Great Asian Leopard Cat. He is a housecat in Wales and just like me, he loves his salmon snacks and being fed 3x a day. He was quite content with being spoiled and spoiled his owners every now and then with a treat of their very own that he caught especially for them and lovingly presented it at their feet. Okay,  I made the last bit up. Or did I? Maybe it is perfectly true, it just didn’t make it to the final cut of this book.
Anyhow, Benji had good cat life. That was until he got whisked away by an evil warlock to a faraway country where dragons still roamed freely and where you need a dictionary or a talking dragon to explain all the weird lingo to you. Like warlocks, demon rats, portholes, driars, vortexes and a whole bunch of words me and Ben needed explaining of. And that’s where the adventure begins! 
Mommy says I’m not allowed to give any spoilers and shouldn’t tell too much about the story. So I’ll just say that it really was a great adventure to travel in that unknown land with Ben and Salanraja, his Bluetooth dragon. No, she didn’t have blue teeth in that strange and ominous world. It was just like in our world where two devices are connected through an unseen bond. Like Bluetooth. Ben and Salanraja had to defeat the evil warlock and his cronies and defend the Dragon Academy where they had to convince the council that Ben is worthy of being a dragon rider and truly bonded with Salanraja. All the elements of a great fantasy novel. 

I absolutely  loved this book and couldn’t wait for Mommy to start reading it at night. I felt as if I were also on Salanraja’s back and I do believe that me and Ta’ra can be great friends. I will teach her how to be a real cat princess in no time. Mommy, however, made a few catlike sounds when we were done. “Mehw”, or something like that. Unexplainable to me in any case. But I know what the problem is. Fantasy isn’t really her strong suit and I think she just doesn’t get it. And that’s okay, because I do and I know there will be thousands of readers out there who will love this series.

She did say that I should mention the author’s superb writing style. It was the writing that made this book highly enjoyable, even to a non-getting-it fantasy reader. The humor wat witty and in some places, laugh out loud funny. 

“She also had wrinkles at the corners of her eyes so deep, they looked like fruit flies could use them for flight training.”

The story is told through Ben’s first-cat narrative and Mr. Behrsin must be a cat owner, because he captured Ben’s point of view, his typical catlike aloofness, his thoughts and actions, perfectly. He also very sublimely, tried to show humans that cats are just so much better at handling life and humans can most definitely learn from us. 
“That was the beauty of being a cat. You didn’t need to have any worries. You could just put everything behind you and focus on being in the moment.”

I’m not all that sure if my Mommy will read the rest of the series, but I might still be able to persuade her otherwise. I’m not all that worried, because I know that this series will find it’s target market and it will fly as high as Ben and Salanraja. The next two in the series are also available soon!

Thank you to  Lola’s Blog Tours for providing us with an Advance Reader’s Copy and for inviting us to do the Book Blitz. That was a lot of fun! A Cat’s Guide to Bonding with Dragons Book Blitz 
Here’s a bit more information about the author:

When Chris Behrsin isn’t out exploring the world, he’s behind a keyboard writing tales of dragons and magical lands. He was born into the genre through a steady diet of Terry Pratchett. His fiction fuses a love for fantasy and whimsical plots with philosophy and voyages into the worlds of dreams.

Author links:

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Lots of Love,

PS: The gorgeous Bengal in the photo collage is not Benji. That’s my friend, Cooper. Cooper is of course also a descendant of the Great Asian Leopard Cat, but he is still safe and sound with his human and being spoiled with salmon snacks. 

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7 responses to “A Cat’s Guide to Bonding with Dragons by Chris Behrsin

  1. I love this review – Elza you did SUCH a good job with the review, especially as Mummy finds Fantasy a bit of a struggle. I am very tempted with this one – thank you for the recommendation and the pics of the Cooper, it's a real treat to be able to envisage what Benji looks like!

    • Dear Sarah! That is one of the best compliments I've ever received. And coming from you, I feel ever so honored.

      I also enjoyed using the photos of "Benji". It's my friend's cat and she was just as pleased.

  2. Cooper is absolutely stunning ! zaqsssssssssssssssssss (that is Laouen's appreciation of Cooper's physique – she took a closer look at the pictures and stepped on the keyboard :)The book looks nice, especially with an author that loves Terry Pratchett ^^

    • Aaaaaah!!! I love your message!! Thank you Laouen!! Elza appreciates it tremendously.

      I think the author is very talented and he has a bright future ahead of him.