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Greetings you all! It’s Wednesday and time for our favorite bi-weekly meme, Wondrous Words Wednesday.

Wondrous Words Wednesday was first created by Kathy over at Bermuda Onion Blog and is now proudly hosted by yours truly.

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered, or spotlight words you love.  Feel free to get creative! 

No rules apply here, just share any or all the lovely or new words you’ve encountered over the last fortnight. 


Tips and ideas:

  • Don’t go pull the Dictionary down from the shelf. Use words you came across in a book, a TV show, Google, a pamphlet, social media, doctor’s room, classroom – the possibilities are endless
  • If you want to share a story around your chosen word, you are welcome
  • If you want to link your chosen word up with a book or books, please do so 
  • You are welcome to share photos or pictures that will describe your word just a bit better (who doesn’t love Pictionary)
  • Let’s stick to words that are recognized in the English Dictionary. You are welcome to use translations of your chosen word or a brief history if it derives from a different language, but your readers need to be able to find it in the English Dictionary
  • Please add your link to Mr Linky and pay a visit to the other word wizards

You are welcome to use our graphic or design your own!

My Mommy is busy with assessments at school and part of her assessments are vocabulary. She realized that the following word is a word that the kids don’t know at all:


I guess you can just about say that this word is thwarting itself. If the kids these days do not know what the word means, it is actually preventing the word from having any purpose, or to be used at all. They do know a few synonyms for it though:
As usual  As the intention normally is, my Mommy is going to try to link up a couple of books with her wondrous word. But like I’ve said, this word is thwarting itself. Isn’t most book plots build around someone who gets thwart in some or other way? So maybe it won’t work to share all 1062 books on my Mommy’s Goodreads account in a single post.
Luckily, thwart also has another meaning.
(noun) – A thwart is a strut placed crosswise in a ship or boat, to brace it crosswise. In rowboats it can also serve as a seat for a rower. Some inflatable boats have a solid thwart which can be folded and removed so the boat can be deflated and rolled up for transport or storage.


Now that’s a little bit easier. Books with thwarts on a boat. From the top of my Mommy’s head, these three come to mind first.

What Wondrous Words did you came across this week? Any worth mentioning? What’s thwarting you from taking part this week? Go grab a book and find a word you don’t know!
If you want to join in the Wondrous Words Wednesday fun, add your name to the linky below and visit your fellow Wondrous Bloggers.
Lots of Love,


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15 responses to “Wondrous Words Wednesday – Thwart

    • There's this guy who photoshops cats into everyday photos. Big cats. It's awesome! Take a look on boredpanda. Sure you will find a few!

    • Hi Katherine! I also didn't know that meaning of the word. I only discovered it when I realised I need to give the kids a real proper dictionary definition of the word thwart. They honestly have no idea what it means!

    • Neither did I!! That's what I love about Wondrous Words Wednesdays. It's always a wonder!

      You are very welcome to join in if you have the time. It's a biweekly feature, so the next one will be on the 23rd of June.

  1. Hi Mareli,

    'Thwart' is a word I know well, although I didn't know about the alternative use in the boat context, so thanks for sharing that extra info. It definitely made it much easier to link through to your bookish section of the post too! 🙂

    I have been thwarted in my recent attempts to make sense of and rationalise my reading / blogging strategy.

    I am in the midst of making some decisions about any potential future for Fiction Books Blog, which is why I have been AWOL for the past few days. I have tried to go through this thought process before, but have always got bogged down by scheduled posts and memes. In order to focus and concentrate on what I need to do, I have decided to empty my dashboard of everything except pre-scheduled Blog Tours, so between now and September you probably won’t see many posts get published except for those remaining reviews!

    I’ll keep you updated, but I still always value your visits and support, so keep stopping by please ?

    • Hi Yvonne! Now I'm worried about you…! But from what I know about you, you are a wise woman will make a decision only after you gave it a lot of thought and ticked all the pro's and cons. Good luck with your decision!

      I also didn't know about 'thwart' in the boat context. Every day we can learn something new. I love that about words and reading!

      I'll be thinking of you.


  2. I enjoy books with mysteries that take place in the UK and Ireland; fiction or non!
    There are always words that are new to me, as an American.
    In a recent book, jiggery pokery was used, and I adore this!

    • I also love books from the UK! Would love to visit the UK one day.

      Jiggery pokery sounds like a fun phrase. What does it mean? You are welcome to join in for Wondrous Words Wednesdays, it's a biweekly feature and always a lot of fun.

  3. I love the sound of thwart; it sounds exactly like it is. It's that "thw." It sounds and looks peculiar. The only other English word with the thw looks like thwack. It's another good sounding word, but wouldn't wack be just as good?

    I'm not sure if I have ever someone use it in casual conversation.

    In life, as in books, it always seems as if something pops up to thwart us from doing what we want to do.

    • I also love the sound of thwart. But the kids don't get it at all. You should have taken photos of their little faces when they reach that word. It's very funny.

      Yes, there is constantly things that thwart us from doing what we actually want to do. My husband's philosophy is that we would want to do something else if we get to do what we want all the time. I guess that's true as well!

      Thanks for taking part in WWW!