Friday Meets – 3 June 2016

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Meet me on Friday @ Friday 56 for a bit of Book Blogger Hop to kick-start the weekend with Book Beginnings.

Friday 56 is hosted by Freda’s Voice. For this date, you will need the following:

  •  Grab a book (Yes, any book. But it might get you to your other Friday activities a bit quicker if you just grab the book you are currently reading)
  • Turn to page 56 or 56% on your e-reader
  • Find a sentence or two (your other Friday activities might determine this)
  • Post it!
  • Remember to post your link on Freda’s Voice and to visit the other guys in the linky.
  • And don’t forget to list the title of the book and the author as well.

I’m still in search of The league of Extraordinary gentlemen.
Finished King Solomon’s Mines last week, so now I am getting better acquainted with 

 56% (or there about):

” ‘I could be invisible!’ I repeated. To do such a thing would be to transcend magic. And I beheld, unclouded by doubt, a magnificent vision of all that invisibility might mean to a man, – the mystery, the power, the freedom. Drawbacks I saw none. You have only to think!”

Before you run of for ‘hey hey hey it’s Friday’   
Remember to join Rose City Reader for Book Beginnings. Share the first sentence or so of the book you are reading (or just take the one you grabbed for Friday 56) and share it. As well as your initial thoughts on the sentence and your first impressions of the book. Remember to also post your link to Rose City Reader and to share the others! If you use another book as the one used for Friday 56, remember to include the title and author.

It’s been a rather hectic week, so I only have The invisible man to share with you today:

The stranger came early in February, one wintry day, through a biting wind and a driving snow, the last snowfall of the year, over the down – walking as it seemed from Bramblehurst railway station, and carrying a little black portmanteau in his thickly gloved hand. (yes, that was all one sentence) He was wrapped up from head to foot, and the brim o his soft felt hat hid every inch of his face but the shiny tip of his nose; the snow had piled itself against his shoulders and chest and added a white crest to the burden he carried.

Book Blogger Hop

Yet again I will be joining the Book Blogger Hop hosted by Ramblings of a coffee addicted writer. Every week they will pop a question that you need to answer. Post your answer to your blog, enter your post to the linky provided, make yourself a cup of coffee and go visit the other blogs in the list. 

Today’s question:  Do you reply to every comment on your posts?

My answer: Image result for happy surprised face  Of course I do! I still stand in utter amazement when someone comments on any of my posts. So yes, I immediately (or as soon as possible) reply to a comment, mostly just to give a big THANK YOU!

You are more than welcome to put me to the test…. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

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21 responses to “Friday Meets – 3 June 2016

    • I'm listening to the audio recording on Librivox, very good reading. Very intriguing story, the main character is not a likable character at all – maybe that's what makes it so good.

    • Hi Harvee! Thanks for visiting – by the way, I love your blog. It is soooo good. Will definitely stop by on a regular basis. I've never really been into the classics, until I discovered all the audio recordings! Now I'm constantly listening to one of the "older" books. Highly addictive. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    • I loved the movie!! Not actually my style, but the movie was so intriguing – loved it. I hope to also meet the whole league. I've met a few: Mina Harker, Tom Sawyer, Alan Quitermain….

    • Hallo Wendy! Thanks for visiting my blog! I popped over to your blog, very nice! Will need to get back to your Sunday Post, will try to get to it today.

  1. Kym

    I'm finally getting around to visiting the kind bloggers who commented at Just A Second during the past week! 🙂

    I loved The Invisible Man and the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. After watching the movie one time, I decided to read (or re-read in some cases) each of the books that the characters were based on. Fun reading project!

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog, and I look forward to visiting you again!

    • Yea! So glad to hear I'm not the only one with 'weird' reading challenges'! I just finished The Invisible Man, can't decide who I want to "meet" next. I think maybe Dorian Gray…