My Life in Books: 2020 Edition

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Greetings dear Humans! No, no – no need to get excited. This is not our wrap-up post for our books read in 2020. This is one of those strings you dangle in front of a cat and they simply can’t resist. Book Tags! Or I guess you can call this a book tag? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I might simply ignore you and walk away, but it’s always good to know.

My Mommy first saw this fun post over at Books Please and saw that it travelled all the way from Annabookbel. Now tell me this doesn’t seem like a lot of fun to quickly do:

Using only books you have read this year (2020), answer these prompts. Seeing that I’m a cat and I always follow the beat of my own paws, I will of course give a reason for my choice where I see it. So here is our 


1. In High School I was The Sun Sister – Haven’t been to High School yet, but I can bet you that’s what they’ll call me.
2. People might be surprised by Something in the Water 
3. I will never be Olive Kitteridge – My vet-book says I am Elza Thalwitzer. I’m quite happy with that, thank you. I wouldn’t like to be called after a fruit. 
4. My life in Lockdown was Good Omens: The nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch – and the conspiracy and doomsday theories goes on and on…. 
5. My fantasy Job is The Turn of the Key Oh how I wish I was able to turn keys and open doors. I’m quite good with windows if they aren’t latched however.
6. At the end of a long day, I need Shelter in Place – I am fortunate enough to have that. In a perfect world, all kitties would have one. 
7. I hate being The Secret Keeper
8. I wish I had Miss Benson’s Beetle
9. My family reunions are Arrivals and Arrests We normal all arrive back home when it’s feeding time. The dogs are always trying to eat our food and thus need to be “arrested” and go eat outside. 
10. At a party you’d find me with The Kind worth Killing
11. I’ve never been to Northanger Abbey
12. A happy day includes Five Quarters of the Orange or any other snack. Snacks are so much nicer than actual meals.
13. Motto I live by Handle with Care
14. On my Bucket List is The Alice Network The name’s Cat – Spy Cat. You’ll see, it will happen. But if you know it, I’ll have to kill you. 
15. In my next life, I want to have Two Little Girls in Blue

Have you done My Life in Books 2020 Edition? If you have, please share your answers with us. If you haven’t, why not join in! It’s the season to be jolly and to do fun posts.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 





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26 responses to “My Life in Books: 2020 Edition

    • Hi Jen! Oh I loved it when I picked that one! I'm as blind as a bat without my glasses and therefore hardly ever go into the water at sea, or the river or anything. Sure there is something lurking I just can't see!

    • She is as well! We were away last night and then we always leave the dogs outside under the veranda. But there is a very small opening Elza can get into the house. She is so small, she won't put off the alarm. My husband thinks I'm a bit of a loon for doing that. She is a cat after all! But I know that she simply loves her shelters…