Naomi’s Gift (A Point in Time Collection) by Martha Hall Kelly

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Naomi’s Gift (A Point in Time Collection) by Martha Hall KellyNaomi's Gift by Martha Hall Kelly
Series: A Point in Time #1
Published by Amazon Original Stories on July 28th, 2022
Genres: Short Stories
Pages: 53
Format: ARC
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A woman’s life-altering discovery after her mother’s death sheds light on the best and worst of humanity in this haunting short story by New York Times bestselling author Martha Hall Kelly.

After her mother’s passing, Aldona finds a tin filled with old letters from a prisoner at Ravensbrück, a women’s concentration camp in northern Germany. Amid the descriptions of daily deprivations and humiliations at the camp, she uncovers the heart-wrenching story of a small circle of women who risked their lives to hide a baby girl from the guards. Aldona is rocked to the core by this record of courage and sisterhood during one of the grimmest chapters of human history.

Martha Hall Kelly’s Naomi’s Gift is part of A Point in Time, a transporting collection of stories about the pivotal moments, past and present, that change lives. Read or listen to each immersive story in a single sitting.

From the pen of best selling author of The Lilac Girls, Martha Hall Kelly, comes a remarkable short story that will pull at your heart strings and just remind us again of a point in time where life was tormented by war and despair.

After the passing of her mother, a young woman discovers an old Royal Baking Powder tin containing a stack of letters curled tightly together.

If found, please return these letters to 4th St, Apt 18, Bucharest, Romania

Through the letters contained in the baking powder tin, Aldona, who always thought the difference between herself and her mother were quite severe, discovered her true identity and how love and friendship can bring hope and the will to survive in the harshest of circumstances.

Born in the concentration camp, Ravensbrück in Northern Germany, a couple of months before liberation, Aldona’s chances for survival where limited to say the least. But through the determination of a group of women who risked their lives to keep the baby safe, she lives to read the story of her mother and the women who surrounded her.

Naomi’s Gift is the first in a collection of seven historical stories from a number of acclaimed authors. These stories are perfect for a one-sitting read that will lingere in your heart and mind for days to come.

How quickly the ground shifts beneath our feet.
We make choices—in the face of love, or violence,
or necessity—and the effects ripple outward. In
these moving short stories, acclaimed authors
examine the foundations of the past, uncovering
the irreversible decisions and life-changing
encounters that mark the turning point between
before and after.

Available July 28, 2022
By Martha Hall Kelly, Paula McLain,
Olivia Hawker, Esi Edugyan, Fiona Davis,
Thomas Keneally, & Jesmyn Ward

Naomi’s Gift by Martha Hall Kelly 

A woman’s life-altering discovery after her mother’s death sheds light on the best and worst of humanity in this haunting short story by New York Times bestselling author Martha Hall Kelly.

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8 responses to “Naomi’s Gift (A Point in Time Collection) by Martha Hall Kelly

    • Hi Tessa!

      These stories are easy one sitting reads. I am going to try to read at least one every week. I haven’t read anything by Paula McClain, looking forward to it!

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #78
  1. This sounds like a lovely yet emotional short story! The entire collection looks very good in fact. Wonderful review!

    • It was lovely, but emotional yes! And then I’ve watched Operation Finale last night and now I’m all over upset again about all the cruelty during WWII.

      Still need to read the rest of the collection as well.

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #78