Six Degrees of Separation – An Affair like no Other

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Greetings you guys! It’s the first Saturday of March and there is a definite nip in the air today. Still a beautiful, bright sunny day though. But we are not here to talk about the weather, we are gathered here today for Six Degrees of Separation.

This monthly fun meme is hosted by Books are my Favorite and BestOn the first Saturday of every month, a book is chosen as a starting point and linked to six other books to form a chain. Books can be linked in obvious ways, for example: same authors, same era or genre, or books with similar themes or settings. Or you might choose to link them in more personal ways: books you read in the same holiday, books given to you by a particular friend or books that remind you of a particular time in your life. The choices are endless here! 

Our starting point this month is a book we’ve seen before, but not read. I think my Mommy might read this. While I take a catnap.

Graham Greene’s masterful novel of love and betrayal in World War II London is “undeniably a major work of art” (The New Yorker).

Maurice Bendrix, a writer in Clapham during the Blitz, develops an acquaintance with Sarah Miles, the bored, beautiful wife of a dull civil servant named Henry. Maurice claims it’s to divine a character for his novel-in-progress. That’s the first deception. What he really wants is Sarah, and what Sarah needs is a man with passion. So begins a series of reckless trysts doomed by Maurice’s increasing romantic demands and Sarah’s tortured sense of guilt. Then, after Maurice miraculously survives a bombing, Sarah ends the affair—quickly, absolutely, and without explanation. It’s only when Maurice crosses paths with Sarah’s husband that he discovers the fallout of their duplicity—and it’s more unexpected than Maurice, Henry, or Sarah herself could have imagined.

Adapted for film in both 1956 and 1999, Greene’s novel of all that inspires love—and all that poisons it—is “singularly moving and beautiful” (Evelyn Waugh).

One should think that everyone is all energized for a new month this early in the month, but my Mommy finds that she actually gets more creative and energized as the month progress. Rather like one of those old, diesel engines. Not much creativity today, but we do always have fun with words. So let’s play:

  1. First Degree – The Mysterious AFFAIR at Styles by Agatha Christie. From the end to the begging of the greatest detective in the world, Hercule Poirot. This was the first time we encounter the little Belgium Detective.
  2. Second Degree – The MYSTERIOUS Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. Why have we not read this? And why do I suspect we actually have it on the Kindle? Need to intercept that Kindle.
  3. Third DegreeDead Poets SOCIETY by N.H. Kleinbaum. One of my Mommy’s favorite books and movie adaptations. Robin Williams at his best. I do hope he has long chats with all those dead poets up in heaven now.
  4. Fourth Degree – Mrs. McGinty is DEAD by Agatha Christie. Good grief. What is it with my Mommy and Agatha Christie? She can scratch out a book by the woman for just about every possible meme. That is actually amazing if you think about it.
  5. Fifth Degree – The Other MRS. by Mary Kubica. We haven’t read this one yet. But the reviews are good and it does sound right up our alley. So we will most probably still get to it.
  6. Sixth Degree – OTHER People’s Houses by Abbi WaxmanThis book has been on our TBR for a couple of years now and it does sound like such a good read. If only we can figure out how to get through that pile. It’s worse than a pile of laundry. Worst of all, I can’t even hide in it and surprise my Mommy.

And that’s our Six Degrees for March 2022. An AFFAIR like no OTHER. What fun this always is. Can’t wait to see all your chains.

Have a wonderful weekend and a magnificent March!

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24 responses to “Six Degrees of Separation – An Affair like no Other

  1. Diane

    The End of the Affair has long been on my list of must reads. As for The Dead Poet’s Society, I never read the book but loved the movie. I also read The Mysterious Affair at Styles. I hope you have a great March.

    • elzaread

      Hi Diane! When I started reading Agatha Christie for the first time, I did try to read the series’ in order. So The Mysterious Affair at Styles was one of my first AC reads. Dead Poets Society is a lovely book. I haven’t read The End of the Affair… Maybe one day!

      I hope you had a good week Diane and that you will have a good weekend!

  2. Well done! Although I haven’t read one of them – but did see the film of Dead Poet’s Society (didn’t everyone?)

    • elzaread

      Thanks Janine! Yes, I do believe that a really large percentage of the world has seen Dead Poet Society.

      So sorry for the late reply and I wish you a good weekend ahead!

    • elzaread

      Dear Old Ags is always a popular choice with me!!

      Sorry for the late reply, I do hope you are doing well!

    • elzaread

      Aah yea! That is good to hear. I know I have it on my overloaded Kindle, need to go and dig it up.

      Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the late reply!

    • elzaread

      Thanks Davida! Both for the compliment and for understanding the Christie obsession. 😉

  3. I have never actually read The Dead Poets Society. How similar or different are the book and the film? Other People’s Houses sounds like a fun read.

    • elzaread

      Hi Melinda! It’s quite similar. I haven’t read it in a couple of years (I’d say around 20!). Will search for a copy and read it again. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Great chain – and yes great minds think alike with Agatha Christies! I haven’t read the other books, although I have seen the Dead Poets Society film – and loved it. I bought the book for my granddaughter who is studying it at school.

    • elzaread

      I’ve lost my copy of Dead Poets Society years ago. Need to get a new one and read it again. It’s been years….

    • elzaread

      Agatha Christie is a real classic and timeless. You can’t go wrong!

      Thanks for visiting us, enjoy the rest of your weekend.