Ten Books to read if you love X

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Greetings you guys! It’s Tuesday and time for Top Ten Tuesday. Our Tuesdays are getting a bit few for the year. Not that you will hear me complaining. I am quite ready for this year to be done with.

Today’s theme for TTT is Books to Read If You Love X (X can be a genre, specific book, author, movie/TV show, etc.). So many fun options to go for.

Let’s take today’s theme as literally as possible. All of us came across X somewhere in our school careers. Some of us loved him/her/it. Most of us hated him/her/it.

Just for today, I’ve decided to put my own prejudice aside and assist Algebra with his/her/its age-old dilemma of joining X and Y in an everlasting relationship, by listing 10 Books with a Mathematical setting. I do hope that my efforts will help him/her/it for once and for all to find his/her/its X.

1. One Plus One by Jojo Moyes 

18693716This is my favorite Jojo Moyes novel ever. I don’t know Y. It just is. Maybe this quote from the book has something to do with it: 

The law of probability combined with the law of large numbers state that to break the odds, sometimes you have to repeat an event an increasing number of times in order to get you to the outcome you desire. The more you do, the closer you get. Or as I explain to Mom, basically sometimes you just have to keep going.”

2. The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect 

17302192 23492671

We must all concede to the statistical probability that there is someone for everyone. Hang in there Algebra – we’ll find X.

3. The curious incident of the dog in the night-time


I don’t think I have ever spoken to anyone who has read this book who didn’t love it. This wonderful, real-mouth-full title, is one of those rare books that you can’t describe – no matter how hard you think about it or try. Very similar to prime numbers.

“Prime numbers are what is left when you have taken all the patterns away. I think prime numbers are like life. They are very logical, but you could never work out the rules, even you spent all your time thinking about them.”

4. The Millennium Series 

2732977 6087991 7889113 24789156

The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Algebra, if there’s one person who can help you solve your problems, it’s Lisbeth Salander. How you are going to get hold of her, is your problem. But I can guarantee that she will find your X.


The rest of my list are books I haven’t read yet myself, but I’ve spend hours sorting through all the books listed as maths-fiction and the following are a few that will make it on to either the TBR or READ shelf.

49750 6613956 91358

7. The Number Devil

433567 1232289 3181564

10. The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa

Have you read any of the novels I’ve listed in my quest to help Algebra? Do you think we are ever going to solve that equation?
Happy Top Ten Tuesday and remember to share your TTT list with your fellow bloggers.
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42 responses to “Ten Books to read if you love X

  1. Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland on this week! Really appreciate it. Looks like a fun way to spin this topic, too! 🙂 I’ve heard lots of good things about the Rosie books but never read them. 🙂

    • elzaread

      I’ve read all 3 books in the Rosie trilogy and it really was lots of fun.

      Thanks for returning the favor by visiting us as well. Hope you will have a good week!

  2. TNT

    I have only read The Housekeeper And The Professor; I found it both sweet and sad. An entertaining non-fiction mathy book is How To Bake Pi by Eugenia Cheng; the author uses baking to explain various math concepts, which might help you get to X or at least have fun trying.

  3. Very creative twist this week! I enjoyed it, even though I detest math. 😉 I have yet to read a book by Jojo Moyes, despite the fact I own several of them, including One Plus One. Now I want to read it even more. Love The Millennium Series, but I haven’t read the fourth book yet. I’ve been torn on whether to read it or not. And while it’s not John Green’s best or most popular book, I enjoyed An Abundance of Katherines. Great post!

    • elzaread

      Hi Debra!! Aah so much to hear from you.

      The One Plus One is my favourite JoJo Moyes. Loved it! Please start with it and let me know what tou think.

      I’ve read the 4th one in The Millenium Series and it was really good. You can try it.

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will have a good weekend!

  4. Jo

    Ah you’ve found the rare person who didn’t like Curious Incident, me! The format and style didn’t really work for me, unfortunately. I’m glad you enjoyed it though, I know I’m definitely a black sheep on that one. Your take on this week’s topic is so unique!

    Jo recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday #342
    • elzaread

      Hi Jo! That’s one of the things I like most about reading. There is something for everyone. And if you don’t like the one you have, there is always another one waiting for you. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!!

    • elzaread

      Hi Louise! It’s a different type of read and might not appeal to everyone, but it’s worth giving it a try for sure.

      Happy weekend!

  5. This was such a cute post, and I loved the pics you included! Math wasn’t a favorite of mine, but I did really enjoy reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, so maybe I’d really enjoy some of the other books on this list! *adds to my TBR*

    • elzaread

      Hi there Leah! Glad you enjoyed our post! Just a bit of fun. I haven’t read all the books on this list and probably won’t read them all. But the ones that I have read, I’ll all recommend.

      Have a good weekend and sorry for the late reply. 😉

    • elzaread

      Hi there Cindy! Not a math person either, but it was fun to put this post together.

      Thanks for stopping by and aorry for the late reply!

    • elzaread

      I loved the Rosie Project trilogy and The One Plus One is my favourite JoJo Moyes.

      I haven’t read The Housekeeper and The Professor yet either!

    • elzaread

      Hi Lindsey! I think it’s obvious that I wasn’t a fan of maths either! 🤣

      Also enjoyed the Millennium series and actually still read them with the Ghost writer and all.

    • elzaread

      Hi Pam! I loved the whole Don Tilman trilogy and will probably read it again.
      Glad you enjoyed our post!

    • elzaread

      Hi there Lori! Glad to have a fellow fan of The Curious Case. I didn’t know it was a stage play. Haven’t seen it here in SA at all. But will keep an eye out.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • elzaread

      It’s a good series and all three books are worth the read. Hope you get to it soon! Let me know what you think of them.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Ooh, this post gave me a good chuckle! I love how creative you went with it 😃I’ve only read The Rosie Project and absolutely loved it so I’m looking forward to finishing the series at some point. Fab post!

    • elzaread

      Hi there Dini! Glad you enjoyed it. I always love having fun with TTT.

      The Rosie Project really is a fun series and you won’t make a mistake reading them.

      Thanks for stopping by today!

    • elzaread

      Wha ha ha Debbie! No, I don’t think I actually have the guts as well. Elza is the cheeky one. I have a colleague who is BRILLIANT with Maths. I think she might have the guts to talk back to Maths and get away with it as well.

    • elzaread

      All three books in the Rosie Trilogy are soooo good. It is a fun series, but deep enough not to be fluff.

      Yes, The Millenium series is brilliant. The whole story around Stieg Larson is just as interesting. I like the newer ones too with the “ghost” writer. You basically don’t notice there’s a change of authors.

      Try to get hold of them and let me know when you get to read them.