The new Mary Higgins Clark in 10 sentences (Ghostwriter, Elza)

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Greetings you all! We didn’t do a Top Ten Tuesday in a couple of weeks. Work work work…. But when my Mommy saw this week’s prompt from Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl she had a brainwave. The prompt for today is Book Titles that are complete sentences

When my Mommy grew up, Mary Higgins Clark was the ultimate queen of crime and to this day, she will still pick up a MHC novel and enjoy it. My aunt Hannelize, has just about all the Mary Higgins Clark books printed. But have you ever noticed how many of her book titles are complete sentences? You can write a novel only with the book titles! Let me proof it:

It was Christmas Eve and the De Winters family had a fun-filled, dashing through the snow, day. All three De Winters children went to bed early to make sure Santa Claus don’t pass them by. We all know that he sees you when you’re sleeping and won’t leave any presents if you are still awake.

Just before midnight, there was a cry in the night. Mrs. De Winters jumped out of bed and ran to the nursery. It was empty. “Where are the children?“, she screamed in terror. The whole room was in a complete mess with toppled furniture and scattered toys. Mrs. De Winters rushed to the corner where she could she the cradle will fall any second. The cradle was also empty.

Within minutes the house was alight with blue and read police sirens and officers trampling over the clean carpets. Detective Sergeant Banes were barking orders. “You look for those children all around the town“. Banes were questioning Mr. De Winters in the study. “Is there anyone who acted suspicious lately on the street where you live?”

Mrs. De Winters were quietly sitting on the leather couch mumbling, “where are you now?” All of a sudden, she sat up straight and asked Detective Sergeant Banes to repeat his question. “Wait a minute!”, she cried out. “The new guy that moved into the house on the corner. Something is creepy there. The boys kicked their ball into his yard two days ago and he was furious. He screamed and shouted at them and told them “I’ve got my eyes on you! I’m sure he has something to do with this.”, she exclaimed sobbing. 

Banes was already on his feet. “Wheep no more, my Lady. We will find your children soon enough.” 

I still need to write the rest, I’m sure I can get more titles to complete the latest best seller. 

Do you think I can be the new Mary Higgins Clark? My Mommy is just looking at me with a rather bland expression. I think I did quite well!

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Lots of Love,

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46 responses to “The new Mary Higgins Clark in 10 sentences (Ghostwriter, Elza)

    • Hi Helen! I still prefer her older books and don't like the newer ones as much. Haven't read the ones she wrote with her daughter yet.

  1. Love this spin! You know, I've never read Higgins before. Quickly tell me which book of hers is your favorite (hopefully each one can be read as a standalone) — and I can start off from there. ~Lex

    • Good grief, no Lex! You have to read at least one. The Cradle will fall is really good. And Stillwatch. That was my favorite when I was a bit younger. Okay, a lot younger. Maybe it won't be so awesome anymore…

    • Yea Dedra! That make me very happy!!!! Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I will need to tell Elza to get writing here. She needs to finish it!

  2. This had me dying laughing! Great take on the topic. I adored Mary Higgins Clark in college but haven't read any sense. I really should do a big binge of her books!

    • Hi Katherine! Now my work is done! If I could make you laugh and lighten your load, I'm happy! Glad you enjoyed our post. I still enjoy reading her books every now and then.

  3. Wow this is fun! This might be the most creative take I've seen on today's topic- and there have been good ones! I need to know how this ends now… πŸ™‚

    • Hi Greg! Jippie Yea!! I am taking this as a compliment. Glad you enjoyed it!

      I'll tell Elza she needs to start writing here. I'm not going to finish it for her.

    • Hi Lindsey! Thanks! I had lots of fun writing this post for sure.

      I'll tell Elza she needs to start writing so we can get an ending to the story!

    • Hi Sophia! My sister devours her books and my Mom used to love her books too. I'm more of Christie fan, but do read MHC if one passes my way.
      Give one of them a try! The Grade will fall is especially good.

    • Hi Nicole! I also liked the punctuation marks idea! I think it was part of what swayed me to do it.

      Thanks for visiting us!