The Sunday Post 12 June 2016

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Sunday 12 June 2016

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This is a post to recap the past week on your blog, tell everyone about books and things you can showcase and share news for the upcoming week. Remember to link your post and to visit others who have linked up.

A couple of weeks ago I told you (very excitedly) that holidays are approaching in SA. Winter holidays are the best! We have a stunning arts-festival here in Nelspruit and normally all my friends are around (the Lowveld is the best place to be in winter). So the flow of red wine and good company is quite similar to the wedding in Cana.

And then my husband threw me a curve ball on Wednesday. We are going away for the long-weekend and then we’ll be on holiday the next week as well. Of course this is wonderful news!!!! IF you work for a boss and you can put leave in. And if you are NOT a part-time teacher and school is NOT closing during the time that you will be on your surprise holiday. I guess if you don’t have a blog that you realllllly try to get of the ground here, it will also be okay.  


Don’t worry – I know the rules of a good marriage: Bite your tongue, keep smiling, remember to say thank you and start planning…… 

Image result for bite your tongue                 
Needless to say, reading was not one of my monkey tricks this week. I am still reading 11/22/63 and desperately tried to get to 56% so that I can use it for the Friday Meets meme. Alas…. I did use it though – but page 56. Thanks to the King, this book is more than enough to provide the necessary comfort during my week of non-reading.

I’ve started listening to The picture of Dorian Gray right after I finished The Invisible Man.  In the back of my mind I’ve been planning this wonderful tea party at the end of my journey in search of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. But I’m not so sure anymore…. I don’t like these guys (and gal) all that much. I don’t think my tea party is going to be much of a success. I think if these guys don’t fight together for a common cause, they don’t have very much in common, do they? But let me not be too hasty, I’ll go around and meet them all and then decide on my tea party. It might be more advisable to think of a scheme to blow up the world or something. If you can think of something, please keep me posted. 

Highlight of the week
This is going to be Come, thou tortoise again. I promised to write my review this week and I actually got to it! It was as much fun to review this book than it was to read it. Still highly recommend this one.
On the topic of reviews – I’ve learned something new this week! Did you know that you can link your Goodreads review directly to your blog???? Yes, you did. I’m the only idiot who only realizes it now. I know. 

Weekly meme’s
Cover Characteristics – Lipstick Due to the ongoing dispute with the Tooth Fairy, I don’t wear lipstick. But for the sake of team spirit, I’ve listed the lipstick I would have loved to wear.

I’ve already linked Friday Meets and didn’t get to Top Ten Tuesday. Couldn’t fit it into my monkey routine this week. 

New Challenge!

I honestly don’t do winter. I would much rather prefer to have my heart beating at 55 beats per minute and find a warm, cozy spot to snuggle in and forget about the cold out there. Not a dark place, there has to be sufficient light for reading.

Unfortunately, I’m not genetically allowed to go into hibernation. The second best option is thus to take part in all these summery challenges and meme’s hosted by the Northern Hemisphere. When reading – it’s always summer.

Quote of the week
You thought I was going to use one of Oscar Wilde’s famous quotes from Dorian Gray? That guy (Oscar, not Dorian – he’s too dandy) really knew a thing or two about quotes. So I’m not going to quote him today – I will leave all those quotes for the review. (So that I have more to say about the book than Dorian Gray is too dandy).

“On the back was an ad-card showing a housewife who held a gleaming pot in one hand and an S.O.S. Magic Scouring Pad in the other. Her huge blue eyes and toothy red-lipsticked grin suggested a woman who might be only minutes away from a catastrophic mental breakdown.”

Hang in there sister – you are going on holiday on Wednesday. 

I won’t be joining you guys for next week’s Sunday Post, by I will try to get on line somewhere to just say hi and have a look at all your lovely posts.

Happy reading and blogging!

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12 responses to “The Sunday Post 12 June 2016

  1. Sounds like you are going to be super busy in the future! Social anxiety keeps me from enjoying the idea of going on vacation unless I know it's going to be in a secluded place with few people! I hope you have a good time though! I love arts festivals! We usually have them in a the fall so I have that to look forward to when summer winds down here.
    Have a great week!

    Stacy Renee @ Lazy Day Literature

    • Hi Stacy! So glad you visited. I am just finishing everything up here and then I can start with holiday thoughts. I will let you guys know how our arts festival was! Hope your week is awesome so far.

    • Hi Kristen! Thanks for visiting again – I appreciate that. I'm just about done with all the work for the students next week and then I can think holiday thoughts. Hope your week will be awesome!

    • Thanks so much! I'm almost finished packing all the work for students for next week and then I can relax and just think holiday! Lovely week to you!

  2. Hope you have a great holiday! And that arts festival sounds very nice. I think it's neat you're reading some of those classics leading up to the League of extraordinary gentlemen. I think the idea is a good one although I haven't read the graphic novel. I did see part of the movie.

    And yeah just keep thinking summer!

    • The arts festival is one of the highlights of my year. Will be back during that week. I'll try to do something nice for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen over the holidays. Enjoy your week and I'll follow your posts on my cellphone!

  3. Maybe your husband wasn't quite as forward thinking as he might have been, but what fun! I hope you have a good time. And don't worry about us. We'll be here when you get back, waiting to hear all about it. 🙂

    I did not get much reading done this past week either. Or this weekend. Hopefully I can get some reading time in today.

    I hadn't known that about Goodreads, actually, so you aren't alone. I would rather it be the other way around. I post on my blog first and then follow up on Goodreads a few days later.

    Have a great week and enjoy your long weekend and vacation!

    • I'm so glad to hear you'll be right here waiting for me. Will try to get on-line where possible. I also normally first review and then do the Goodreads thing. I think I might "combine" the two in future. But first have to practice LOL. Keep well, enjoy lots of reading and we'll chat soon.