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Greetings humans.  No exclamation marks or smiling kitties today. My Mommy’s heart is a bit heavy and mine are just scared and confused. In my little, simply a kitten mind, I was under the impression that animals were placed under the care of humans. I’m sure I’ve read it in that Big Black Book next to my Mommy’s bedside. 

Not sure who’s mistaken here, but seeing that I’m from a species who cannot speak for themselves, it will most probably be us in the wrong. Ever noticed how humans can justify everything with spoken words?

On Thursday, disgruntled employees at the Fairview Racecourse in Port Elizabeth (this is very close to where we live), went on a stabbing spree while venting their anger over the non-payment of UIF money. One horse was killed with a panga and several others seriously injured.   Eyewitness News

How terribly sad when innocent animals are slaughtered and abused due to greed and hate. It makes me very scared and my Mommy very sad. On Thursday it is heritage day in South Africa, but Mommy says she will not celebrate it. This is not her heritage.

Let’s try to be a bit more cheerfully, shall we?

Adding to the litter

I’m trying to think if Mommy bought any new books this past week. Not that it will actually matter, because she is already packing her holiday book bag.
They are leaving on Thursday or Friday and I am going to miss her soooo much. But the lady who is coming to house-sit, is gorgeous and I love playing with her. And I’m just thinking of all the lovely prezzies when they come back.

Scratching the Blog Pole 

Three posts this week and one book review. Not bad for last week of term! We will try to pre-schedule a couple of posts over the holidays. If’ you’ve missed any of our posts, click on the image to have a look.
Top Ten Tuesday
Wednesday Wisdom

Weekend Book Friends 

On the couch 

Currently Reading

N. O. T. H. I. N. G.

Seriously. Mommy finished all her current reads and as soon as this post is published, she is going to sort out her Kindle as well and then dive into her holiday stack. She only reviewed one. I think it was one of her best reviews ever. It’s in Afrikaans, but we did add an translate button to the home screen, so you will be able to read it.

Currently watching 


Extremes, I know. But that’s how you enjoy life! Daddy was away for most of the week and Mommy just needed something light and fluffy (as if I’m not enough). We both enjoyed Feel the Beat very much. Last night, she and Daddy watched The Good Liar. Daddy lost interest and we fell asleep, but Mommy loved it. She says it’s definitely worth the watch!
No Let it Go section today. I’m sure many of you will share my sentiment.
May you all have a wonderful week and if any of God’s creatures have been placed under your care, please take good care of them and spare a prayer for those who are not as fortunate.
We hope to chat with you next week! It will all depend on signal at Mommy’s holiday destination.
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28 responses to “The Sunday Post #12

  1. Oh nooo… WHAT a tragedy! As if mutilating defenceless animals is the answer to anything. No wonder you're sad:((.

    I hope you are able to take a deep breath and focus on your upcoming holiday. Sorting out the books to take must be the high point – at least it would be for me as I'm allergic to packing. Have a BETTER week, Mareli!

    • Hi Sarah, it truly is a tragedy. Last week's debacle with the shampoo took front coverage of all the headlines and this hardly made the news.

      I am looking forward to the holidays yes! I don't mind packing, as long as it's not last minute. So I'll start sorting out tomorrow.

      Have a wonderful week Sarah.

  2. Employees at a racetrack on a stabbing spree? What a horrible story. How can a person think that harming animals is acceptable?

    I'm looking closely at that holiday book bag. I think I see…is it possible?…could you have a new Rachel Joyce book tucked away for your trip? Oh, I must look and see if that book is available here. I just read The Music Shop last week and I thought it was lovely.

    I'm on the lookout for light and fluffy, too. We are watching the last season of The Good Place on DVD, and that's pretty close. I'm always looking for new possibilities.

    Have a delightful holiday, Mareli.

    • Hi Debs, I don't always think they think. One of our biggest problems.
      Yes!! It's a new Rachel Joyce, called Mss Benson's Beetle. Sooo looking forward to it!
      I will watch The Good Place again, I remember that I did enjoy it.

  3. Why would anyone decide to stab the horses at a race track over money?!? That's terrible!

    We had a pretty devastating death of a political figure here in the States on Friday so a lot of us are a bit wobbly right now too.

    Try to leave all that behind you and enjoy your holiday!

    • Hi Jen, the sad and brutal answer is – because they can. Repercussion isn't much of a threat here.
      I know about the passing of RBG, her influence stretched far beyond the American borders. Thank goodness!
      I am looking forward to my holidays and will leave all the bad behind for a little while.

  4. That is horrific, those poor horses, that makes me angry and sad.

    That’s exciting you are getting away, I hope you have a lovely time and can relax. The Good Liar was a premiere on our cinema channel but my car mad husband decided we would watch Le Mans 66 instead which was good.

    I hope you have a lovely week!

  5. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that! What an absolute tragedy. Some of these things that happen are just unreal. On a brighter note- hope you have an amazing trip!

    The Good Liar looks interesting… I haven't seen Helen Mirren in anything lately. She's amazing.

    Be well this week!

  6. That's past horrible about the horses. How absolutely heartbreaking. Light and fluffy was definitely called for with a week like that. Hopefully this week is going better and you have a good week.

    • Hi Katherine, so far the week is definitely better and I'm just steering way clear of any media at this stage.

      Hope your week is good with only good vibes send your way.

  7. I'm beyond sad reading about the stabbing news. Why does violence have to be the way to make a point, any point? And defenseless animals, that too! So much cruelty here.

    Love that you are reading the new Rachel Joyce. I've been eyeing it and wondering about it, but not sure yet.