The Sunday Post #16

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Hello all you beautiful Humans! Did you miss me? As you can see, poor Stinkie is dead tired after his week of the Fraterfest read-a-thon. Or maybe it wasn’t the read-a-thon, but just life in general that has him so tired. I do know my mommy suffers a bit from that at the moment. What a week the poor woman had! She and Stinkie were planning a nice, normal school week with a couple of hours every day to read their scary books. Alas. Life seriously got in the way this week. Luckily they still have me to always jump in at the last minute and safe the day. Almost like America in WWII. 

Okay, I didn’t really safe anything. But I am doing today’s Sunday Post – even though Stinkie should have done it. I also cuddled the whole day with my Mommy yesterday and helped her to finish her last two books for Fraterfest Read-a-thon. And that is how you safe the world. Just some small acts of random kindness. That’s not my cleverness, it comes from the Big Man himself.

How did you do with the Fraterfest Read-a-thon? Team Mommy & Stinkie’s final tally:
3 Books
2 Short Stories
1 Audio Book
1 Graphic Novel
1209 pages
 Yes, they could have done better, but at least they gave it a good go and if there is going to be Christmas read-a-thon somewhere, let me know! As long as it only starts in December…. 

Scratching the Blog Pole

Needless to say, nothing much happened on the blog this week. Only two posts saw the light of publishing and of course the daily updates for Fraterfest. 
Amazing enough, we did manage to at least do the daily Instagram post for Fraterfest. Nope, we did not do Twitter. Thanks for all the likes and lovely comments on our Instagram page! 

On the Couch 

Currently Reading 

The only book my Mommy didn’t manage to finish this past week is Angel Fire by Lisa Unger and yes, she will still finish it as she quite enjoys it. We can also finally get back to our books we were reading before Fraterfest started and I like them all so much. 

Currently Watching

I love Emily in Paris!! I really feel like I should be there with her in Paris. Don’t you think I will be just the perfect accessory? And where did they get that lovely boy? Lucas Bravo. I’m definitely not a little kitten any more, I will curl up on that boy’s lap any time. 
Mommy finished Hallowe’en Party yesterday afternoon and they watched the movie adaptation last night. I like that strange little man with the fancy moustaches and the patent leather shoes. But I don’t think he would like me curling up in his lap. It was a good story, not Agatha Christies’ best and why oh why do they change so many things in the adaptations?
Okay, I’m a real little chatter box again today and Stinkie is giving me the evil eye. After all I’ve done… but it is late here with us already and Mommy still needs to do all the link ups.
You can find this post at: The Sunday Salon, hosted by Deb and also at The Sunday Post, hosted by Kimberley. Seeing that my Mommy won’t be going in to school early on Monday, we will also link up with It’s Monday! What are you reading? , hosted by Kathryn
Hope you will al have a wonderful week and enjoy Halloween! Sure we will have lots of fun post on all your Halloween celebrations next week.
Lots of Love,


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36 responses to “The Sunday Post #16

  1. The Fraterfest read-a-thon sounds like a lot of fun. I keep eyeing Emily in Paris and wondering if I would like it. What did you think of The Night Tiger? I enjoyed it, but I liked The Ghost Bride better. I hope you and your family have a wonderful week!

  2. I think more of us need to take the Big Man's words about kindness to heart. Emily in Paris looks good! You can't go wrong with anything set in Paris, right? Congratulations on a successful Fraterfest! Readathons always land at terrible times for me. Although I think Caffeinated Reader is hosting one over Thanksgiving weekend and my husband has to work all weekend so that one might be a possibility….

    Enjoy your week!

  3. Congrats on your reading! That's a lot of pages read.

    Looks like some good stuff on your watch list too! I hope you all have a lovely and safe week.

  4. I am going to give Emily in Paris a go, I just heard it has a favourite actress in it, can't remember her name, was in Greys for awhile. Lots of great October reading accomplished.

  5. I didn't know Lisa Unger had a new book coming out! I love her writing. I haven't seen Emily In Paris yet. I'm waiting to watch it without my kids wandering in (I don't know how Adult it is going to be). Thanks for visiting my blog, earlier. New Follower.

    • Hi there! Aaaah welcome to our blog! Hope you enjoy hanging around here and listen to all Elza's quirky remarks. She's quite the character.

      It's not a new Lisa Unger, it's actually her very first novel!! She still wrote under a different name.
      Emily in Paris is fluffy and light, but yes – put the kids to bed first.

      Have a wonderful week!

  6. Life tends to get in the way. We humans have to go with the flow. I've never participated in a read-a-thon, so not sure

    Great list of books. Hope you enjoy them.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

    • True words Cheryl. Cats actually really have a good life. Human reality would never get in the way of their will to do whatever they want.

      Thanks for returning the favor!

    • We need more Emily in Paris stories. Fluffy and fun, but still entertaining.

      I've decided from now on it will be either read the Agatha Christie, or watch the movie….

  7. Aww stinkie's pooped out! Rest up Stinkie!!! Looks like you did well on Fraterfest! Good for you. and what's this I see about a Nancy Drew?

    Emily in Paris looks like lots of fun!

    • Yes! I read a Nancy Drew! It was one of the Graphic Novels and it was great fun. I really enjoyed it and understand now why the kids always take them out.

  8. It always annoys me when they make silly changes to books in a film adaptation. I just don't understand why they do it. I'm glad Fraterfest was a success even with all the crazy stuff going on! Hoping this next week is nice and calm.

    • Don't you find it even more annoying if they make silly changes on the Christies? I really don't know why they find it necessary. I still enjoy them, but think that perhaps I mustn't watch the adaptation to soon after reading the book. Then I'm perhaps a bit too judgmental.

      I also hope for a calm and peaceful week. Maybe the odds will be in my favor!

  9. I've heard so many good things about Emily in Paris. I have to try it. Sounds like Fraterfest was a success. Hope you have a great week!

    • Hi Yvonne! Emily in Paris is basically just a light fun series. But we need more of that!

      Fraterfest was fun yes, think it could have gone a bit better. But I still had fun doing it!

  10. I totally agree that small acts of random kindness goes a loooooong way. I hope you like The Flatshare as much as I did. I binge watched Emily in Paris a few weekends ago. I thought it was fun and look forward to the second season.

    • Hi Laura! That's what I love about the Blogosphere. Everyone is basically kind and try to help each other.

      I do enjoy The Flat Share yes! I hope to have a bit of time this afternoon to just take an hour or two and read a bit.

  11. What a wonderful kitty you are, Elza, to cuddle with your mama like that. She'd have never made it through Fraterfest without you.

    Flat Share and Your Perfect Read? I liked both of these. Peaceful. Calming. Fun.

    I've only gotten to see one episode so far of Emily in Paris. It looks like my husband is bailing on this series. I'll have to catch it when he goes to play golf.

    I do hope you have a good week!

    • My husband was away last week and that's why I started with Emily in Paris. It's also not going to fly with him… But I'll sneak it in where I can.

      Yes, I do need a bit more fun and peaceful reads after Fraterfest. We are not at school today, they are deep cleaning the school. I am busy with admin while blogging and hope to just take my book and read a bit this afternoon.

      Have a good week Deb!

  12. Congrats on the read-a-thon. The Flatshare looks pretty fun … and I think I need to try Emily in Paris … so I can feel like I'm there. Have a great week.

    • I also want to go to Paris!! The Flatshare is fun yes, something a bit lighter after Fraterfest.

      Emily in Paris is light and fluffy, just a fun way to off-load after a hard day.

  13. I envy being cuddled while reading – no wonder you did so well with the Read-a-thon – I think that sounded a very impressive number of pages read! And I know what you mean about adaptations… But I think it could also be because it's very difficult to get the tone absolutely right if the book happens to be in first-person point of view. It doesn't work particularly well unless you have a voice-over on the film – which I generally think works, but apparently lots of folks don't. I hope the coming week is a lot kinder to you, Mareli.

    • Hi Sarah, me and my husband also had a long discussion about why adaptation are different in some aspects. But I do find that they change the Christies way too easily. I still enjoy them tremendously though!

      Hope you will also have a good week and that you feel much better soon.

  14. Hehehe, your WWII comment made me chuckle! Elza, You where so good cuddling your mum, my dog likes to do that when I am reading! Iโ€™d like a cat to join our family by Fern my dog says not a chance!

    Iโ€™m going to watch Emily in Paris soon, it looks very good fun!

    Have a lovely week!

    • Hi Heather! my dogs grew up with cats, so they are all great friends. They are getting old now and I am wondering how the cats are going to react to a new puppy when the time comes.

      Watch Emily in Paris, it really is great fun!