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Greetings Humans! How are you all doing on this lovely Sunday? Anybody else feeling like curling up in a ball and go to sleep? You can wake me up when it’s Christmas. The past two weeks has really been rough and tough and causing a sour disposition. Daddy says The Silly Season is not the holiday season, it’s this time of year. People are demanding and rude and over-worked and under-payed and over-stressed and just generally the reason why I’m ever so glad I belong to the feline species. Poor Mommy. At least she has me to come home to. 

How was your week? How’s the weather? Always an easy subject. No idea what’s happening in politics this week. Just give me the highlights if you feel like sharing. 

Let’s rather talk book. That is the safest option of them all! 

Adding to the Litter

A couple of weeks ago, my Mommy said that she is not going to reactivate her Netgalley account. I didn’t say a thing, because I know she cannot leave an ARC alone as much as a cat can leave a Christmas tree alone. Can’t wait for it to be put up! But I will glare at her and make sure it stays under control (her Netgalley account, I am not making any promises regarding the Christmas Tree). She got two review copies that’s luckily only due next year. 
Wishful Endings  also send out a message last week for readers interested in reviewing books for Prism Book Tours. The one book caught my Mommy’s attention and we will start reading this week and have the review up and ready by the 30th of November.

Scratching the Blog Pole

We didn’t do a Top Ten Tuesday this week. Parent meetings. But there was few brilliant ones this week! I especially enjoyed Debs @ ReaderBuzz’s Book Titles that would make great Country Songs (South African’s love Country Music) and did you see Book Wanderer’s list of Book Titles that have me singing? She made a list of all the Book Titles that are actual songs. Love it! 
We did publish a Wednesday Wisdom on, you guessed it – Wednesday. On Thursday we told you about where our story and the blog started. My Mommy was a little bit quiet for a day or two afterwards, but yesterday she had her spark back and did the Narnia Blog Tag. You can click on the images below if you’ve missed the post.

On the couch 

Recently Finished

The review for Judaskus is linked to the picture. It is in Afrikaans, but translations of his work is in progress. Skarlaken is also in Afrikaans, but you can get this series in English and I can promise you – it won’t disappoint. Crime Thrillers at its best. You are going to struggle to find a better setting for really good crime than South Africa. 
Your Perfect Year was a light, fun read. I think we can call do with our own filofax for 2021. With Cheesy quotes and Cheesy romantic dates and all. It can only be good for you.
Currently Reading 

Only one book! I want to try to have my book read and reviewed by Tuesday or Wednesday. This is such a fun read. If you like to watch what’s happening in Storybrook 
You are going to love Destiny Falls. Best part of all, there are a sassy cat or two in this magical town as well. I can’t wait for my Mommy to finish it so that I can write the review. She promised that I can write it. Excitement overload! I’ve already made notes and a few quirky comments. I also do plan on writing a meow-mail to Disney. They have to pick this up! 
Currently Watching

Not much TV this week. Mommy and Daddy are now completely hooked on The Umbrella Academy and they watched a movie last night. Strange that they never saw it before. Mommy says she is aware that she going to get a few frowns and gasps now and perhaps even be banned from one or two blogrolls, but she really, really didn’t like
She couldn’t get into the books at all. What’s wrong with her? She tried to read it and then we also tried to listen to it on audiobook. Nope, that magical pull simply wasn’t there. So last resort, watch the movie. I believe it was the worst attempt of all.  Please don’t hate her. I did like the spirit animals and believe it quite possible that I might be one. I know I will just die if I get seperated from my Mommy. Did anyone else have the same experience? I am well aware we will be in the minority here, but we don’t wish to be completely alone.
That’s all from us today. Hope you will have a wonderful week ahead and tell us about your past week.

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36 responses to “The Sunday Post #18

  1. I'd love to watch The golden compass. I've read Northern lights and absolutely loved it, but then the next book… not so much. Now I need to read the third but because of that, I'm not in a hurry. Oh well, stay warm under the cover 🙂

  2. This year has been hard, and so stressful, then adding holidays into the mix..but I guess since we aren't going to Christmas parties or events, it will be a low-key holiday. We are going to embrace it and not stress. Lol, on the NetGalley. It's like a book ban until you catch up on books you already own…we always cave!

    • I still have no idea what's going to happen for Christmas this year. I might end up reading a Christmas Carol and watching Netflix!
      I think A Christmas Carol should be compulsory reading this year for all of mankind.

      So glad you could stop by Kimberly!

  3. I haven't reactivated my Netgalley account since I came back to blogging. Reading and blogging on a deadline started to feel too much like work for something that is a hobby! I think that was a small part of what led to my blogging break in the first place.

    I love The Umbrella Academey!

    I've never managed to finish The Golden Compass series. I think I read 2 of the books back when they were first published? Then I lost interest. I tried again on audio about 10 years ago and didn't even finish the first one. I did see the movie and at least I finished it. I usually love things like that but this one just isn't for me.

    I had a beautiful calico cat in high school and college. She climbed our Christmas tree several times the first year we had her and brought it crashing to the ground! My dad finally had to anchor the tree to the wall with rope. As far as I know he did it the rest of her life. We also had to hang ornaments only on the top half of the tree. It looked so funny! But she was a good kitty so we didn't mind.

    I hope all the mean-spirited people start to behave better now that we're getting into the holiday season!

    • Hi Jen! I really do plan on only doing Netgalley as there is time. Not too many and I don't go on the site regularly. Just a bit of fun here and there.

      I want to put my tree up this weekend or next. Elza was a real little horror last year, but she was only w months old. No idea what to expect this time around….

    • I'm sure we can trade notes! Elza was a real horror with the Christmas tree last year.
      We've got this nice, very cheap chain store in SA and I just bought all my decorations from then.
      Good luck with your tree!!

  4. We're having such lovely weather right now, although today is a bit warmer than it has been, which took me by surprise. Although that isn't so unusual for the part of the world I live in. I've been enjoying the chill in the air during our evening walks.

    I hope you enjoy your new books! I really like Victoria Gilbert's books and hope you liked Reserved for Murder. That one is new to me.

    I hope you have a great week!

    • I got the Victoria Gilbert from Netgalley and I'm sure you can still get it.
      The weather is back to winter here this week. Maybe we'll have summer by Christmas….

  5. I never really got started on Netgalley but if I had I know I'd be addicted! And the weather here has been awful. Cold and lots of rain. And we were s warm last week! Ah well. I hope you had a nice weekend- lots of good books- and have a super week ahead!

    • Hi Greg! I don't plan on getting hooked on Netgalley again. I am going to keep a very very low profile with it this time around. I'm still not really in the mood for review copies. Just here and there will suit me fine for now.

      Have a great week!

    • Hi there Dedra! That post was soooo amazing! At this stage, I feel like sending a very angry letter to Blogger. I've been trying to add your blog to my blogroll since yesterday and it just doesn't want to do it!! I tend to forget names very quickly and I want to know you are on the roll. (Angry face).

      Thanks for always visiting us and for your great blog! It's a feast to visit you!

    • Hi Helen! I think we only have 1 season left. Couldn't watch it all the time, but it was highly enjoyable! I enjoy Falling into Magic, it does remind me of that series quite a bit.

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will have a wonderful week.

  6. I hope you get done with your school year soon! Did you think about quitting Netgalley? it's not actually a bad idea — as I often get beyond myself with that. Hope your week is calm …

    • Hi there Susan! When I started blogging again in June, I've decided to not reactivate my Netgalley account. I had one about 3 years ago with my previous blog. I couldn't even hold out for 6 months..! But I will play around on it in December and try me best to keep it under control for next year.

      Have a wonderful week!

  7. I haven't read Golden Compass and don't really feel up to it so I'll probably give it a pass. Parents conference here as well last week but we're on the parent side. I won't even profess to understand the sheer work on teachers' shoulders working through conference week! I guess I should do a better job with my NetGalley books too.

    • Hi there Athira! Thank you for that. Even from way across borders, it does make us teacher feel better if only parent appreciates all the effort!

      Good luck with your week and yes, Netgalley… I do believe it was put on the internet to torment our souls. Just joking!

  8. Yes, it's a crazy time of the year. I try to keep reminding myself of that when people are snappish.

    I just got home after eighteen hours of traveling time in the car, so, yes, I'd love to sleep.

    Thanks for the shout out about my blog post this week. Now I am off to check out the list of book titles that are actual songs. Very nifty.

    • Hi Debbie! Welcome back home! So glad to hear you are safe and sound. And that you've had a goodnight's sleep by now.

      Always a pleasure to give you a shout out! I loved that post of yours.

      Hope you will have a good week and we'll talk soon again.

    • Hi Heather! I've heard about the new TV series. Okay, I will try that as well. But if I don't like it, I'm done for good! I know I should actually like it, it just doesn't work for me at all…

  9. You are so right Elza. Felines are much nicer than humans. Now that the Tropical Storm is gone, we are having warm weather. Fortunately, no damage from the storm by us. All those books look good. Good luck with NetGalley. I'm terribly addicted and behind on it. Have a great week!

    • Hi Yvonne! Glad you guys didn't suffer any damage and that you are okay.

      I am not opening the Netgalley app regularly. I try my best to just "forget" about it! I am also trying very hard to convince myself that it will work and I will thus not request a lot of books at all….

  10. Do I want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep? You read my mind! It's been a tough week for me too. Reading your blog post made me feel so much better. I'm not alone. I almost didn't post a Sunday post but then I changed my mind. Blogging helps me focus on other things too. Parent teacher meetings coming up for me too. I hope this week is better for you and I hope for me too.

    • Hi Laura! I'm so glad we can help you feel better!

      I find blogging a great escape from reality. This year has really been tough, but when I start blogging, is is as if the world out there just disappears and it's just us and our books. What a wonderful world this is!

      I am sending thoughts and prayers that you will have a much better week.

  11. I completely agree, this time of year everyone is stressed and over-worked and, like you said, underpaid. I also think Covid hasn't helped the situation because as soon as restrictions are lifted everyone goes crazy and storms to the shops trying to pick up last minute things for Christmas.

    The weather here is all over the shop, one minute it's raining buckets, the next it's fine and maybe even a little warm.

    I haven't tried The Golden Compass, I know my auntie read the books years ago and told me to read then when I was young but I never did. I just don't feel like it would be something I would enjoy.

    Hope you have a lovely week of reading 🙂

    • The weather is pulling a 2020 across the globe it appears!
      We live in a small coastal town and December's we get swamped with inland people and tourists.not sure if it is going to be any better this year. Then I don't go to the shops at all. Cookies in tins this year!

      May you also have a wonderful week and some great books to read.

  12. Oh, my sister works in a pharmacy and I'm shocked at just how abusive and unpleasant some customers can be! So I completely agree with your Daddy, too:)). I'm with you, Eliza – I'm currently working my way through the TV serialisation of The Golden Compass and am loving it. Have a great week:))

    • My sister also works in a pharmacy! She luckily has the personality to go with it!

      Parents this year are worse than ever. You must really be able to pull a rabbit from a hat according to some of them. Teacher are really underappreciated.

      I've seen the TV series for the Golden Compass, will have a look and see if I perhaps change my mind.

      Thanks for your visit and I hope your week will be less busy.

    • Hi there Shelleyrae, I'm a teacher and gosh,this year has been the worst with parents. Especially now that there's only 3 weeks left of school. Luckily we can look forward to December holidays and all the books that are waiting for us!

      Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!