The Sunday Post #33

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Greetings all you wonderful Humans! How have you been? I take it most of you in the Northern Hemisphere are starting to see the first buds of spring, while those of us in the Southern Hemisphere are starting to feel the sting of the autumn wind. Such is life I guess. 

At least my Mommy is finally on holidays and we had a wonderful week of doing nothing. There is not a single thing of significance I can tell you about this week. Oh wait! There is 1 thing. After struggling with a sore hip and back and all other 40+ ailments, my Mommy’s physiotherapist suggested that she rather join a full ballet class again and not only the barre class. She started with that on Wednesday and although she was walking like a frog for 2 days, she appeared quite pleased. 

No new books were acquired this week. In fact, we are all of a suddenly once again overwhelmed with the amount of books that are lying in ambush on our shelf and the Kindle. It’s a fierce and dangerous army, I tell you.

Scratching the Blog Pole

We didn’t write a Sunday Post last week as my Mommy was way too lazy and trying to catch up on all her blog comments. Thanks for always taking the time to visit us and leaving such fun comments! We love reading them. How about you give us a follow too? (Actually we just want to know if the new plug-in follow buttons work…. Right sidebar – add your pawprints. Hint hint)
We had six posts over the passed fortnight. As always, just click on the graphic if you’ve missed our post.
Thanks to all of you who always join in and comment on Wondrous Words Wednesday. We love hosting this feature and it’s always a lot of fun. 
We had our first Cover Reveal and couldn’t purr louder. Can’t wait to read this book. 
Our Friday Fives was all about the review books we want/need/hope to read in the holidays.
My Mommy started this new feature on Tuesday and as you can guess, it’s all because of my curiosity. The idea of this feature will be to answer, or try to answer, things that leave me curious for various reasons. This week we talked about the current popular reads and if we would like to read them or not. 
We haven’t done a Wednesday Wisdom, where we share quotes from books, in months. And this is actually on of my Mommy’s favorite features. We shared some marvelous wisdom from A Year of Marvellous Ways.
The same with Throwback Thursday. We did one the first Thursday of term and never again. I hope we’ll manage to pre-schedule a couple of posts over the holidays. On Thursday we had a throwback to one of my Mommy’s favorite reviews – King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard.
Honorable Mention this week: AJ over @ Read All The Things with her Top Ten Tuesday post  I’m the worst book cover designer ever. It was a brilliant and hilarious! 

On the Couch

Currently Reading

Mommy and Daddy watched Deadly Illusions on Netflix last night and that one will have to go to Curious Tuesday. No clue what was happening there. But we’ll figure it out. After the movie, Mommy said she feels like reading an Gillian Flynn again and Dark Places was on the Kindle. As if Behind her Eyes aren’t disturbing enough.

We are halfway through The Evening and the Morning and we enjoy it tremendously. It’s our first Ken Follet and although I love all the cuddle time, I am very worried that my Mommy is going to want to read the rest of the saga after this one. And it’s not as if all of them is not like 1000 pages long. She’ll never complete her reading challenge this year! 

The Journey is one of our review books and it’s a welcome break from the crazies and the historical tombstones. But I think she’s going to want to read the rest of this series as well. 
That’s all from us this week. We are looking forward to the upcoming week and Easter Weekend! We might not be in for a Sunday Post, but we will definitely hop in with the Easter Bunny during the week. 
Remember to thank our lovely hosts and to pay each other a visit. If you also want to join in for The Sunday Post and The Sunday Salon, just click on the image to be directed to our lovely hosts.

Lots of Love,

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28 responses to “The Sunday Post #33

  1. Ballet class sounds fun and I can definitely relate to walking like a frog. That comment had me cracking up! My book army could take me down at a moment's notice so I just keep them happy by adding more books and just don't think about it in terms of numbers. We are all happier that way! Who knew I was a Librocubicularist! Have a great week!

    • Hi Katherine! My hip is still giving me problems and you would have thought that the turn-out would actually make it worse, but it doesn't! After my frog hopping days, my hip feels better than it did in months!

      Just imagine if your books turn into real armies. We'd be ambushed within seconds. I think you have a very clever plan by just keep on feeding them.

  2. Enjoy the holidays! I too could stay plenty busy with the books I've already saved up, but the library just messaged I have another hold ready. It's no wonder I struggle to catch up! LOL

    • HI Becki! I think most readers don't understand the concept of boredom at all. As long as we have toppling TBR piles, we are never, ever bored!

  3. "walked like a frog for two days afterwards" ? I can totally believe it! Hope the ballet return gets easier week on week.

    My kindle/bookshelf is waiting to ambush me too. I've stopped caring, I think. The army is too large and well equipped for me to ever win. ?

    Enjoy your break and I hope you have a good week!

    • HI there Nicci! At least I'm walking normal again, but still need to see the physio for my hip. The ballet actually helps tremendously with that too.

      Ah yes, the TBR Armies… Just imagine if they all come alive. We will be defeated within minutes!

  4. Those rare weeks of doing nothing are so wonderful. Glad you guys had that.

    I'll have to check out Deadly Illusions on Netflix. Sounds good.

    Hope you have a great week!

    • HI Yvonne! Deadly Illusions is a confusing movie and it will definitely need to be discussed. I still mostly feel like doing nothing, but there is just always things that need to be done. *sigh*

      Hope you are having a good week!

    • I'm busy with work and home things again this week, so my not doing anything is not going as well as I would have liked!

      Ballet classes are fun and I'm glad I started with it again.

  5. Doing nothing can be wonderful! I hope your mommy has a great break Elza. And good luck with the class as well. 🙂

    I love the idea of Curious Tuesday. That graphic killed me.

    • Hi Greg! I love having a holiday, but the best holidays are actually just going away. There is always something to do at home and that tends to interfere with my doing nothing.

      Glad you like the idea of Curious Tuesday! I'll do a TTT tomorrow and then link my WWW with Curious Tuesday this week.

    • I am around 10kg heavier than the last time I did ballet and one of my classes are with the 10/11 year olds. Need to get the basics back in shape again. so I am seriously awkward at the moment! You don't need to be a prima ballerina to join a ballet class and you don't need to be good either. It's all about having fun and taking care of your body!

      I'm three quarters done with Behind her Eyes and then we will watch the tv show. It's really good yes, think I'm starting to have a bit of an idea of what's going on there….

  6. Another tongue twister! I am just going to call it Libro-something, haha. The ballet remedy sounds promising, and so does The Journey — hope both work out for you! ~Lex

    • Hi Lex! I think we should all club in and try to come up with an easier word for librocubularists or whatever! The Journey was a lot of fun, will have a review up somewhere this week.

  7. I hope you are both enjoying the vacation, our school holidays start on Good Friday for 2 weeks.
    Maybe I need some ballet, cleaning my kitchen cupboards this weekend has left me with so many aches and pains 🙁

    Wishing you a great reading week

    • Hi Shelley-Rae! Yes, we are enjoying our holidays. Lots of things we still want to do, but so far we are still sleeping and simply doing nothing most of the time. Guess that's what holidays are actually made for!

  8. When I was in my mid-20s, my two sisters-in-law and I took ballet. First time in our lives. We even participated in a recital. Wacky fun.

    I will try to follow you. Let's see if it works.

    The curious feature sounds perfect. I'm always curious about books others are reading, and it would be great to see what others say. I like your Wednesday Wisdom, too. I can use all the wisdom I can find.

    Have a great week, Mareli. You, too, Elza.

    • Hi Debbie! And why did you stop dancing? It really is the greatest fun and you sommer feel a bit prettier too. Always a good thing.

      I am excited for the Curious Tuesday feature, it can be a lot of fun. Wednesday Wisdom is actually one of my favorite weekly features as I always take quotes from books. Part of reading that I love. But I just didn't have time to do it over the last couple of months. I really want to try to pre-schedule or even just pre-plan a couple of posts over the holidays. Let's see how successful I am going to be!

    • Thanks Tessa! It's way more motivating to go to an exercise class dressed nicely in tights and your hair in a pretty bun than gym clothes and you hair all sweaty and sticking all over the place!

  9. Dance does wonders for the body. I've done it since I was five and have prevented multiple surgeries due to arthritis. I've been enjoying the weather in the north.

    • Hi Trin! I danced a bit when I was in High School and then again for about 2 years in my early thirties. Then I stopped. Gosh, my mind remembers most of the basic things, but my body is rather reluctant…! Hopefully I can sort that out soon.

      So impressive to hear you've been dancing so long!

  10. A cover with a sailsboat ! Yes, I know, you wrote other stuff but hey, there's a book cover with a sailsboat ! Hem, I hope your 40+ ailments are retreating ? I would have dearly loved to see a picture of you walking like a frog ! Good luck in defeating the fierce army, I'm fighting the same fight here. And hey, the sailsboat !!!! Hem. Have a pleasant end of the week ^^

    • Hi IzaBzh! Yes, yes – there's a book with a sailsboat on the cover and it's delightful! I will visit you know and send you the link to Lola's blog. Maybe she still have a copy available for you.