The Sunday Post #35

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Greetings you guys! Just a really quick post from our side to see how you are doing! My Mommy says the passed week felt like at least a year, but it’s good to be back at school and she stands amazed at just how resilient children can really be. It’s the second term of school for us and if you walk into school, it’s as if nothing ever happened. Yes, the kids still wear masks and social distancing is still adhered to, but otherwise, the kids are just as naughty and busy and happy and playful as ever before. This makes my Mommy’s heart very happy. And tired. But in a good, content, cuddle-with-me way. 

My Mommy had Book Club on Monday night and she only took one English Book and two Afrikaans books. The English book is really good and she is almost done with it. Have you read this one?

Scratching the Blog Pole

Through all the organized chaos this week, we’ve managed 4 posts:
The Spin landed on Number 11 and we are very excited for our choice! My Mommy has read Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson many ears ago, but I obviously haven’t read it yet. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful story. 

On the Couch 

We are currently reading 3 books:
Yesterday we’ve watched the funeral of Prince Philip. What a beautiful and moving ceremony and well planned and orchestrated event. Our thoughts and prayers are still with The Queen and her family. I haven’t even been with my Mommy for 73 months. Imagine years. 
Photo from Forbes
That’s all from our side today. Hope you all had a good week and that you will have a wonderful week ahead!
Lots of love,

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24 responses to “The Sunday Post #35

  1. "the kids are just as naughty and busy and happy and playful as ever " Haha sounds like kids! Your Tuesday post was fun. and I like the look of the tracey Drew book.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    • Hi Greg! Love seeing the kids just being kids again. I do hope we can just go forward like this. So many things have changed already, I think stability will be good now.

  2. One of the things I love about kids is how resilient they are. No matter what happens, they just go right ahead being kids.

    The Dreamers looks really good. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Cats are regal, aren't they? I think they should be running the world.

    And the spin landed on Bridge to Terabithia. Perfect.

    • Hi Debs! The Dreamers is a bit strange, but I really enjoy it. I love Karen Thompson Walker's writing style. First time I'm reading something by her.

      We have rainy weather here today, so the kids are completely crazy. Is it only in SA that the kids behave like hooligans when it's raining?

    • Hi Helen! I also think things are going to start changing for the monarchy. I like the way you put it – changing of the guard. Very apt!

      Have a good week!

    • Hi Jen! I was just 4 years old when Princess Diana married Prince Charles and ever since then, I've always "followed" the Royal Family. I also think the death of Prince Philip is a great loss and that change is in the air for them.

      Hope you will have a good week!

  3. I am glad school is going well and the students seem happy. I hope you are able to get some rest in between all the busy! It looks like you are reading some great books. I hope you are enjoying them.

    I wasn't able to see any of the services for Prince Philip. I am glad to hear it was a nice ceremony.

    I hope you have a great week!

    • Mondays to Thursday are very hectic and I have the one class after the other. Hectic! But I do enjoy it. Fridays are a bit more relaxed and then it's weekend and time for reading. That's basically the story of my life all the time.

      Prince Philip's funeral was a lovely ceremony yes.

  4. I have to get back to the Tracey Drew series. I enjoyed the first book. I didn't see the funeral, but such a sad time for that family.

  5. Prince Phillip's funeral was really heartbreaking. I can't imagine having to grieve under such public scrutiny. I've never read Bridge to Terabithia but I saw the movie and it was all I could do not to ugly cry in the theater so I haven't felt up to reading the book! I hope you have a wonderful week!

    • I've read the book many years ago and we also saw the movie. Yup, cried my eyes out!
      And I know myself, I am going to read the book now again and then watch the movie too…

  6. I looked up the blurb for Dreamers, and it was very intriguing. A kind of sleeping sickness? So much so, that they have to impose quarantine? Looks like a darned good thriller! ~Lex

    • Hi Lex! Did you read Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King? Neither did I! LOL!!
      But I've heard it's got the same idea. The Dreamers is written very well and I can definitely recommend it. About a 100 pages to go, will give an update!

    • Hi Lindsey! The week just flew by. Woosh! Tomorrow is Pajama Day at school and then we have long weekend. Kids are going to be as crazy as possible. That I'm prepared for.

    • Heather!! Yes, kids really know how to lighten the load and remind us that it's never that bad.

      I love the Dreamers and will hopefully be done tomorrow or later tonight!

    • Hi Heather! It's a good read. I don't think everyone will enjoy it yet as the writing style is rather poetic. But I love it!

      I will give Elza big hugs and fluffs yes! She will love it.