The Sunday Post #41

Posted June 20, 2021 by elzaread in The Sunday Post / 42 Comments

Greetings all you lovely humans! Yes, I know we’ve been absent for a couple of weeks and we left you dreadfully longing for our company. Our apologies. It’s truly been a hectic couple of weeks. Between school, assessments, sick teachers, break-ins and stolen computers, dance festival, weekend breakaways, dentist appointments, doctor appointments – there really isn’t much time left. Not for reading and not for blogging.

The Dance Festival was a roaring success and the studio that my Mommy dance with, swept the floor. They were brilliant. I’m very glad that she didn’t take part in the group dance though, they might have missed their double gold. But next time, she will take part. Maybe I should go with too.

School holidays start on Friday, so the upcoming week will still be a bit topsy turvy. But then we have holidays for three weeks and my Mommy is making lots of plans. Mostly involving books and redecorating one or two things at home.
I can’t actually remember if we’ve acquired any new books over the last couple of weeks, except the ones listed on our library card. But I will double check before next week. If you’ve missed any of our posts over the last 3 weeks, here’s the highlights:
Monday Bloopers #1 – this is a new feature that I believe we are going to have lots of fun with.
Wondrous Words Wednesday – Thwart – You should join us for this biweekly feature. It’s lots of fun.
Library Card June 2021 – Not quite sure what the state is of it at the moment. Will check later today.
Our First Blogiversary! – I can’t believe a year has passed. And we are still here.
A Dog of Many Names by Douglas Green – Book Review ????? We can’t recommend this book and the course behind it enough.
Friday Fives – Baby it’s cold outside – Unbelievable where many of you are. But somewhere, a fairy catmother heard me complaining and we actually had lovely weather yesterday and today. I thank you!

On the Couch

Currently Reading
Thank the heavens above for good books. Books never fail you. Even if you spend weeks reading them.
Currently Watching
Who else started watching Sweet Tooth? And we are not the only ones who absolutely love it, are we? My Mommy would have loved a cute kitten/human baby. Which one would you choose?
Let me say goodbye now, there’s still a couple of hours left for reading today and my Mommy is enjoying The Rose Code tremendously.
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42 responses to “The Sunday Post #41

  1. Sorry I've been absent for such a long time. I think I had a little mini crisis after my dog passes away. I'm still trying to catch up tbh.
    Sounds like you've been having a wonderfully busy time. I hope all goes well with you and I will hopefully be picking back up my wondrous words this week.
    Take care.
    Lynn 😀

    • Hi there Lynn! It's been hectic here yes, but it's all good and I am enjoying all the decorating and sorting out of long overdue stuff.

      At least you are still blogging and I get to read all your fun posts!

      We'll catch up again soon.

  2. "Books never fail you. Even if you spend weeks reading them." I wish that could always be true. I'm going through a massive reading slump, and I hope I get over it quickly. Sweet Tooth looks adorable, and might just be the bridge I need, thanks!

    • Hi there Lex! Reading slumps happen, don't be too hard on yourself. Or just try a different platform? Audible? Maybe read a few short stories?

      Sweet Tooth is soooo good and I think you will enjoy it!

  3. So I'm not the only one who got overwhelmed with life and took an unexpected blogging break? Welcome back to you too!

    We haven't started watching Sweet Tooth yet but I'm excited to see it.

    Enjoy your week!

    • Hi there Jen! Luckily the Bible teaches us that this too shall pass and it's finally holidays! So whoo hooooo!! Lots of plans here at home, but definitely plan on reading and blogging as well.

      Sweet Tooth is really good, let me know if you start watching it!

  4. Ow my.. I hope you'll get to relax a bit soon.
    I saw a trailer of Sweet Tooth and it looked really good. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I hope I'll be able to watch it too soon.
    Have a great week and happy reading.

    • Hi Maureen! Finally holidays and time to relax yes! Whoo hoo!!

      Hope your first week back at work was good…

      We still love Sweet Tooth yes!

  5. Wow you really have had a lot on your plate – no wonder you had no time for reading and blogging. I hope this week goes well and the holiday, and much needed break, comes quickly for you! ?

    • Hi Jessica! This week went by in a flash! As you can see, it's Sunday again and I only get to comment now! LOL!!

      But now it's holidays and more time to read and read and relax a bit.

  6. I agree books never fail! I read Gentleman in Moscow last year and liked it. It wasn't the fastest read but it was so richly descriptive. Sounds like a busy chaotic few weeks. I think Elza definitely needs to take part in the next dance competition! I hope you have a wonderful week.

    • Hi Katherine! Oh she will love taking part in the dance recital and she'll probably be way better than me! She is a very graceful little thing. I haven't listened to A Gentleman in Moscow the passed two weeks, but will hopefully get to it next week when it's holidays.

      Hope you are enjoying a good week!

    • Hi there Anne! I'm still busy with A Gentleman in Moscow, but I love it! I'm one of those boring people who love descriptive writing like Dickens. Oh I can visualise it perfectly. I don't know if it will work as a movie though.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. It sounds like you're due a break, after all that's been going on. And the dance looks fabulous – no wonder they're such a success. I also loved The Rose Code, so I'm glad Mommy is also tucking into it and enjoying it so much. And it sounds like you've some snuggle time together coming up when everyone can relax into books for a bit… Have a great week, Elza:).

    • Dear Sarah! We've missed you!! The dance festival was the greatest and we really have the best ballet teacher in the area. That helps a lot.

      I love love love love The Rose Code. I hope to have lots of lovely snuggle time over the holidays and lots of audio books while packing books and redecorating a bit. Fun things to do over the holiday.

    • Hi Greg! It was a horrible weekend. They broke in at my one teacher's house this weekend and stole her computer and cellphone and all electronics. And my other teacher's brother passed away in a motor car accident. I'm really a bit done this week!

    • I am really excited for the holidays and all the plans for redecorating. I hope I'll be able to finish everything and don't just end up lying on the couch reading!

  8. "A Gentleman In Moscow" was recommended to me by my sister; the first book she'd ever advised me to read! Glad I did, and I've read the author's "Rules of Civility" also.

    • I also can't recommend A Gentleman in Moscow enough. So glad you enjoyed it too! I should read more by the author as well. Lovely writing style. Reminds me of Dickens. That might sound boring to some people, but I love it!

  9. You've definitely been busy! I hope you enjoy your holidays. The Rose Code looks like a good book. I'll have to check it out. Have a great week!

    • Ballet is just soooo beautiful and the best exercise ever. I should write a post about how many ballet moves are named after cat moves.

  10. I"m surprised that dance performances are able to be held; despite vaccination, they are very indoor-type activities. Looks good, though.

    best… mae at

    • Hi Mae! It took a bit of planning and careful communication. Only 50 people were allowed in the venue and it was stretched over 10 days….

  11. It does sound like a crazy busy period. I haven’t been to a dance recital since a few months before Covid hit. So glad your Dance Festival was a success ❤️ Have a great week!

    • Hi Tessa! It really was way too crazy and I am so looking forward to the holidays. Dance Festival was great and I did get to help backstage at least. Next time I'll dance with for sure.

      Hope you will have a good week too!

    • Hi Diane! I think you will enjoy The Rose Code. It's a wonderful read for sure! Yes, life has really been busy and I am looking forward to the holidays.

    • I think my holiday is also going to be rather busy. But I look forward to taking a break from school stress and focus on something different.

      Sweet Tooth is great!

  12. We have missed seeing you around here on Sunday. I'm sorry you have been so busy, and I'm glad that you have a break to rest and recuperate.

    Your dance group reminds me of when I took ballet as a grownup with my two sisters-in-law. We had so much fun.

    Anomaly looks interesting. Let's see what you think.

    And I haven't heard about Sweet Tooth. I wonder if it is available here.

    • I've missed you too. The blog really brings a lot of comfort and sanity. So does ballet! And it's good practice at least. Glad I started with it again.
      Anomaly is a YA novella and something different. But I am enjoying it. The bits of time I get to read at the moment.

      Have a good week my friend!

  13. I am happy to hear about your upcoming break! Enjoy, and have lots of fun with books and decorating.

    Great dance photo!

    Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  14. I like that idea that books never fail you. I read a lot yesterday as I've been keeping a strict exercise routine, and reading while walking. Its motivating.

    • I've noticed there's a lot of readers who listen to audio books while exercising. It's not going to work so well with ballet though! LOL!! But I do have a couple of things coming up that I want to do around the house over the holidays. So then I'll listen to loads of audio books again!