The Sunday Post #46

Posted August 22, 2021 by elzaread in The Sunday Post / 35 Comments

Greetings you guys! How have you all been? I’m starting to realize that we currently rotate on a fortnightly basis here. Although it really doesn’t feel as if 2 weeks have passed since we last did a Sunday Post. Maybe our clocks are wrong and someone is other than Father Time is actually to blame.

We are mostly good here on the Southern part of Africa, the weather has been cold and rainy, but I believe the worst of the cold spells are behind us. Not that we see summer before December in our lovely little coastal town, but still – dressing like the Mitchilin man really isn’t my Mommy’s style at all.
Let’s see what happened in our Bookish lives the last 14 days:

Adding to the Litter


Yes! I do know how to click with my paw on BookBub and buy the books I want for myself. The first two are mine and the next two are my Mommy’s.

Scratching the Blog Pole

Four seems to be our number. It might be because of my 4 adorable fluffy paws.

On the Couch

Recently Finished
The first book is in Afrikaans yes, but it was sooooo good. My Mommy will try to do a Wednesday Wisdom on this book on Wednesday.  This lady has more than a bit of wisdom to share with you ladies out there. Oh the title translates to Survival guide for a very, angry and pissed-off Diva.
The Missing Sister was a very sad book to read. The story wasn’t sad no, just the book. It is the second to last one in The Seven Sisters Series and the last book to be written by Lucinda Riley. Reading the book was like accompanying a soul departing from this earth. May she rest and peace and thank you for all the wonderful stories.
We’ve watched the first series of Anne with an “e” and delightful is the only word we can think of to describe it.
Currently Reading
The Ice Swan is a wonderful story and I hope we will done reading it and have it reviewed by end of the week. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is worth all the hype. So far.
And that’s all from us for the last fortnight. What’s new in your lives?
Wishing you all a wonderful week or fortnight. Which ever comes first! Don’t forget to pay a visit to our lovely hosts and to visit your fellow bloggers.



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35 responses to “The Sunday Post #46

  1. I hate that dreary part of winter. Hopefully you get some warmth soon! All your books except The Missing Sister are new to me but that one is so high on my list! I didn't love the changes they made to Anne with an E but I LOVED the visuals. Hope you're having a great week!

    • Glad to hear that Wendy! I know the fanatic fans of the books don't care for the series much, but I always have time and space for creative justice and I like what they did to the series.

      Have a good week Wendy!

  2. It's getting dark here earlier now so I know summer is on the wane.

    You have some awesome looking books. Lie and Ordinary Night both look intriguing.

    hope you and your humans have a great week!

    • Hi Greg! The sun is rising here earlier already too, but it's still dreadfully cold to get out of bed!! LOL!!

      Have a good week too Greg.

  3. One day I will get a chance to read The Invisible Life… It’s been on my TBR for forever. Hope your next couple of weeks are wonderful ❤️

    • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is a great read and we really enjoy it. School is closed for the rest of the week, so we will have to work online. But at least I will probably have a bit of extra time to listen to Addie LaRue.

      Have a good week Tessa!

    • I love hot and sunny weather and I don't like the cold. But one of these days our roles will be reserved.

      Yes, Positively Poisonous does seem like a lot of fun that Elza is going to enjoy tremendously!

    • I don't easily complain about the heat! But I can cause quite the fuss when I'm cold! One of these days are roles are exchanged.

      Hope you will have a good week too!

  4. Glad it's starting to get a bit warmer there for you! We had quite the storm with thunder and rain and quite a cold spell for our summer. But it's inching back up and won't really get cooler til the end of next month, I'm betting.

    The Ice Swan's cover is so pretty! I hope it's good. And I love Schwab so I can't wait to read her new one. Glad it's good so far!

    Anne with and E has been on my watching list for awhile. I need to start it. I hope you and Elza have a wonderful week!

    • Hi there Heather! I don't think the bit warmer weather is going to last and very cold weather is predicted again for the end of the week. Addie LaRue is brilliant and I do hope you get to read it real soon.

      I'm enjoying Anne with an 'E' and I think you will enjoy it too..

  5. While it has not been cold her we also have had lots of rain. I heard that if you loved "Anne of Green Gables" the books, not to watch Ann with an E on Neflix, that it would not be enjoyable. Do you agree?

    • I've read the first two books when I was much younger and loved it! If you can be open to artistic freedom and stretching a few chapters here and there and even coloring in a few – it's worth the watch. I love the show and I think it's done beautifully.

      Maybe try one or two episodes and decide from there!

  6. I hope the weather warms up soon. We are definitely in the last days of summer here in the upper Midwest of the US. It is still warm and humid, but the grass, flowers and trees are starting to look yellow or brown. Soon the leaves will change.

    Your new books all look interesting and I have heard good things about The Ice Swan.

    Have a good week (or two)!

    • The Ice Swan is a really good read and I enjoy it so much. Not that I would like to live in Russia or Scotland. Too cold and too much rain for sure. I'm a summery girl and looking forward to warmer weather to come.

  7. For starters I Love the Pongo gif!
    Hope you get warm weather soon, I’d love to send you some of ours.

    The Perfect Lie and Dangers of an Ordinary Night are appealing.

    • Hi there Tina! Glad to hear you like Pongo too! I'll trade warmer weather any day.

      I'm excited to read The Perfect Lie and Dangers of an Ordinary Life.

  8. We are eagerly looking forward to some cooler weather. I'll send you some of my heat if you'll send along some of your cool, okay?

    Be careful about Elza buying books. My great-nephew who is 3 wrote a review on Amazon for a book last week! His mother was shocked to discover this.

    I would love to see Anne with an E. I'm a huge Anne of Green Gables fan.

    • I will trade the cold any day! I'm not one to complain about heat. I'm a real African girl for sure!

      I had such a laugh about your remark on your great-nephew writing a review on Amazon. I love Elza's voice, it's a wonderful scapegoat to use if I'm a bit confused about buying/downloading a book myself!

      Anne with an 'E' is wonderful! Anne would have loved it .

  9. I hope it warms up for you soon. We're having weird unseasonable weather right now, but I think it's from a storm on the Mexican coast (Hurricane Grace?). We tend to just get the edge of these things, bringing a bit of humidity and some sprinkling.

    I hope you have a great week at work and with reading.

    • Hi Helen! I think weather patterns across the world is a bit confused. I honestly think that the seasons need to move on with at least a month to six weeks. But hey, don't ask me anything about geography and especially not weather patterns.

      Hope you will have a goo week too Helen!

  10. I still need to read or listen to Addie LaRue. You must tell us if it continues to live up to all the hype. I hope the other Book Bub books are good too. It's cooling off here … down to 12C ish …. Enjoy your week.

    • Addie LaRue is a beautifully written book and I love the audible narration. The narrator has this very slight French accent and it just brings a certain element to the story that I enjoy tremendously. But yes! I will keep you guys updated.

  11. some great looking books. couldn't help but chuckle at Sax's and the pissed off diva. even here in florida i have had an occassion or two during mardi gras season to dress like the michelin man. 🙁
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • I hate being dressed in layers upon layers! Don't like it at all. I loved my Diva book! Will try to have a post ready by Wednesday and share it with you guys.

  12. So many of the books you profiled look great and, I haven't heard of them before. Sorry about your weather, it's awful here too but for a different reason, Hurricane Henri! Just lots of rain and wind right now. Hope you have a good week.

    • South Africa sure does have a lot of problems, but I am very glad that natural disasters aren't a big thing here with us. My nerves would be wrecked with a hurricane!

      I also love all my books and just hope I get time to finish them all for a change!

  13. I watched the first 3 seasons of Anne With An "E" a few years ago and have been waiting for season 4. Sure wish it would happen soon.

    I'm going to check your books out, they are all new to me.

  14. Sorry for the cold weather. I hope it gets warmer soon. So many great looking books on your list. I think I'm going to add some of them to my wishlist. Enjoy your books. Have a great week!

  15. Lovely to hear from you Elza and Mareli! Even though it has been very cold for you, I am glad to hear you have been keeping yourselves wrapped up and reading lots of cosy books. It is meant to be summer here in the UK, but we have had a rather damp and blustery week, although I didn't let it stop my fun at the seaside! ?

    • My husband worked in the UK for two years and I remember him joking that summer is between 10:00 and 15:00 on the 27th of June. LOL. Glad to hear the weather doesn't steal your beach fun!