The Sunday Post #50

Posted September 26, 2021 by elzaread in The Sunday Post / 33 Comments

 Hi there you guys! Just a quick message from us today. We are on holidays and couldn’t be happier about it. After a long and strenuous term, you would think my Mommy wants to do nothing but sleep and read all day. Apparently, she is done with that already. She only finished one book from Thursday, but she did sleep quite a lot. I did not. The sun is out and spring appears to finally be here! So I played outside and chased a few blooming flowers, pestering grasshoppers and squealing birds.

My mommy does have a list of things she wants to do this holiday:

  • Also play in the garden and chase flowers, grasshoppers and birds
  • Paint the ceilings (Daddy will have to fix the mess. I bet you)
  • Revamp the main bathroom (contractors will do that)
  • Diamond Painting and listen to stacks of audiobooks
  • Start with Christmas planning (don’t look at me like that. She’s a teacher, she needs to do it now)
  • Migrate from Blogger to a different climate
If you know my Mommy at all, you would have seen this coming. Remember somewhere in July when Blogger had that huge update and all her pretty graphics just disappeared? She told you she was done then. And she was. We’ve been in contact with Ashley @ who will probably be our gracious host and we are just getting all our ducks in a row and sorting out a few things before we will lift off. Of course it was the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin that sealed the deal for us. We can’t wait to start playing around.
We might thus not be around much the next week or so. We’ll try to do this as quickly and painless as possible. For all parties involved. Especially me.

Adding to the Litter

My Mommy took a daring step this week and signed us up to become part of 2 ARC teams. Of course they couldn’t resist me and gladly accepted us. You can now start looking out for our fun and quirky reviews at Discovering Diamonds and The History Quill Book Club. We’ve received our first ARC from The History Quill Book Club and I think this one is right up my Mommy’s alley.


Le Prix d’Amour, a vibrant Paris cabaret, is caught in the crossfire of the occupation. Everyone is being watched, and some of Le Prix’s colourful performers are hiding dangerous secrets. Monsieur Maurice manages Le Prix d’Amour, a successful Parisian cabaret, which boasts glitzy performers and sassy showgirls. But with the German occupation in June 1940, Maurice treads a fine line between his German patrons, the French police and the Gestapo as he hides the dark secrets of his performers. Two of his lively showgirls, Lily and Poppy, soon join Maurice in the hunt for an informer who threatens to betray them. With the Allied landings, the tension builds and  Maurice is pushed to his limits as his performers finally take the fight to the invader in their own flamboyant way.

Secrets and Showgirls portrays an occupied Paris in which exotic cabarets existed uneasily under the heel of the invader. It follows the antics of Maurice, Lily and a glittering array of characters, but never loses sight of the battle to survive that characterised the life of the everyday Parisian.



Scratching the Blog Pole

Not much happened. We made the decision on Tuesday, right before school closed, to do the migration. So we are trying not to load too much content at the moment. Migration is like moving house with a professional moving company. They pack and unpack everything for you. How marvelous! However, you still need to sort all your little dust gatherers on the mantelpiece exactly like you want it. Every post is a box that need to be unpacked and we have to stack the dust gatherers ourselves. Oh how I wish it was real boxes…
We did review one book though and what a delight the fourth instalment in The Knitty Kitty Mystery Series was. You can read our review by clicking on the book cover.

On the Couch

We don’t really have that much time to be couch potatoes at the moment. We are still busy with most of the same as last week:


We will hopefully be able to give you more of an update later this week. Most of these are around 30 – 50% done and although it’s as different as the four elements or wind directions, we are enjoying all of them.
What’s new in your life this week? Any last minute tips and advice before the big migration?
Wishing you all a lovely week to come, we are definitely excited for ours.
Lots of  Love,



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33 responses to “The Sunday Post #50

  1. Do not mention Christmas! No part of me is ready to even think about it much less start planning for it! I hope your move goes smoothly! I've heard amazing things about Ashley at Nosegraze so I'm sure it will. Have a great week!

    • Hi Lisa! Yea! So glad to hear you are also making use of Ashley. Your blog does look so lovely and I am excited to get mine as lovely and streamlined too.

      We have a very cold wind blowing today with rain predicted. So spring might be hiding again this week…

  2. Have fun on your holidays and with your blog migration. I use WordPress and still could learn more about it … but haven't made time yet to find out more … so far I've been pleased with the basics! Much luck to you.

    • I know sweet blow nothing about WordPress! It took me more than a year to figure out Blogger, but I do kind of have the hang of it. I just don't understand the techi things around it that much. So I will have to learn everything from scratch!

      Hopefully I can have a bit of holiday too…

  3. You are such a teacher: get some time off and do a thousand things so that you aren't totally rested when school begins again! But, I completely understand and tend to do the same thing.

    Good luck with the hosting migration; I can't wait to see the end result.

    • That is a very typical teacher trade yes! But hey, it's not as if we ever have any time during the school terms. I don't always think people realise just how time consuming teaching really is. I will try to get some rest in here and there as well! Some time for reading and blogging too. I hope the migration will go smoothly so I don't have to worry too much.

  4. Oh boy your mommy is brave migrating to a new blog site. I thought migrating was for birds only LOL – Hope the migration goes well and that mommy completes her lofty list during holiday. Elza is that your riding the box down the stairs?

    • Hi Diane! Either brave or really stupid, let's see what the final result is! Maybe I fly away like a bird.

      No, it' not Elza in the box! Got the gif on the net. But Elza would definitely do that as well!

  5. Good luck with the migration. I've been considering switching, too, but I've been too lazy LOL.

    Enjoy your holiday and have a great week!

    • Hi Yvonne! I actually don't feel like this at all, but I also know that if I don't do it now, it's always going to frustrate the living daylights out of me! So now I'm just going to push through.

  6. Hope your migration goes well! Can't blame you, honestly- I've heard good things about Nosegraze and I flirt with the idea of switching too. Blogger has been terrible lately. Good luck!

    Happy spring!

    Oh my gosh that cat/ box gif… 🙂

    • I've also seen a lot of recommendations for Nosegraze and that's why I've just decided to contact her and take it from there. Will see how far we get this week, especially with graphics. That is my biggest stumbled block. I'm just not good with it at all.

      Yea for spring yes!!!

  7. Nothing like holidays during an exhausting school year. Sleeping and reading? Yes, that sounds idyllic.

    I will be eagerly watching your trek to a new site. My free site hit 85% full, and I made the decision to buy a bit more space for the year. Blogger can be frustrating, but I suspect that all of the programs have annoying aspects.

    Enjoy your new ARC adventure, Mareli! And rest!

    • Hi Debbie! I was hoping for a quiet and relaxing two week break. But alas…. Renovations are going to be so nice and hopefully the blog migration will go smoothly too. I've decided to rather use someone to help me than doing it myself. It does give some peace of mind.

      I can't wait to see the end results too!!

      Looking forward to the new ARC journey too, I love historical novels.

      Have a good week Debbie!

    • Hi Mae! If I had to do it all myself, I might have said no way. But Ashley at Nosegraze will do most of the migration for me. I will just need to do the tweaking and stuff. And figure out how everything work!I can do it!! – says the very brave little mouse….

  8. I love that the book still follows the life of the parisian.. enjoy your time off and indulge in all those things you don't get to do. I'd personally make a list just so i could tick them off.

    • Hi Trin! I think Secrets and Showgirls are going to be a brilliant read. So happy for the ARC.
      I am excited for the holidays. Lots of things that need to happen, but mostly fun stuff and yes – I definitely also need a list!

  9. Sounds like exciting (and challenging) blog times ahead! I love how pretty your blog is, but moved from blogspot to wordpress as it auto publishes to Facebook, Twitter etc. Enjoy your holiday from work – it seems so strange to hear as we've only just gone back in the UK, after the long summer holiday.

    • Hi Louise! That is such a lovely compliment! I don't always think it's that nice and I get sooo frustrated with Blogger always changing things around. I just don't feel like the hassle anymore.

      Exciting times indeed! Stay tuned!