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Greetings you guys! How are you all doing? It does appear as if summer is really over here in SA and I love all the fluffy blankets and snuggling with Mommy and Daddy. Mommy doesn’t like the colder weather though. She’s been a bit moody the last couple of days, but she’ll get over it eventually.

School started on Monday and in the blink of an eye, our week was over. Mommy is very excited for the new term and the kids are school are also now used to having actual library classes. Only 8% of schools in South Africa have functioning libraries and my Mommy is very happy to be one of very, very few school librarians who still try to make these classes fun and relatable for the students. This week they had so much fun with building book stacks spelling our school’s name: Victory Christian School.

The kids are also very interested in our blog, of course I am the main attraction here, so my Mommy came up with a very clever idea. She is busy creating a page that will link here on our blog where the kids can write their very own book reviews. They are very excited about this and I believe you can expect the first book review from one of the students during this week. Keep an eye out for the following banner:

But let’s talk books!

Adding to the Litter

As I’ve told you last week, my Mommy had Book Club on Wednesday night and came home with the following books:

Great choices, don’t you think? We also got the latest instalment in our favorite feline fantasy series. Okay, there’s mystery and humor as well, I just liked the alliteration. The 6th instalment in the Destiny Falls Mystery and Magic series will be out in May and as you can guess, we can’t wait for our next visit to Hayden and Latifa!

J’nell Ciesielski has a new book out later this year, The Brilliance of Stars. I saw on her Instagram Page that it landed on Edelweiss this week and I’ve put a request in for a review copy. Let’s hold thumps and claws that we get it!

Scratching the Blog Pole

We weren’t all that active on the blog this week, time got the better of us. If you’ve missed any of our posts, here’s the links:


On the Couch

Somehow, my Mommy did actually manage to read a bit this week as well. We are done with Cragside: A 1930’s Murder Mystery and it was a good whodunit. The best part was the setting. I didn’t know that Cragside is a real house in Northumberland, England. How cool is that! But more on that in our review. Hopefully this week.

We’ve also finished Kaspar, Prince of Cats for our Titanic annual reading. It was a lovely story with a gorgeous cat. More on that in our review. We aim for Friday!

We didn’t watch much tv this week. We did watch the adaptation of the international hit novel, No Exit by Taylor Adams. The book never really caught our attention and the movie didn’t keep it at all. Is it only us?

The weather really is dreadfully unpleasant. As soon as we press send here, we are going to snuggle under a fluffy blanky and watch Bridgerton. What are your plans for this Sunday?

Have a good week ahead and once again, thank you to all our wonderful hosts! Debbie @ Readerbuzz with The Sunday Salon, Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer with The Sunday Post and Marlene @ Reading Reality with Stacking the Shelves.

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47 responses to “The Sunday Post #67

  1. I love the idea of you letting your students post a book review on your blog! That’s a great idea. How old are your students, or are they all different grades there? Encouraging kids to read and write is such a necessary, and needed, job. I wish all schools in the world would recognize books as an integral part of a children’s growth and education.

    I looked up the Brilliance of Stars and it sounds interesting. And when I see your books with cats on the cover, well I have 3 cats, so I’m always pulled to cat books 🙂

    Mia @ Genre Books and Me recently posted: What My Week Looked Like- 4/9/22
    • Hi there Mia!

      I am very excited for the new initiative to get the kids to blog here as well. Our students are from Gr R to 7. Not sure how that translate to USA… I have a very supportive principle and that helps a lot as well!

      I have 4 cats and tend to also be drawn to cattish books. But not all the time! I read very diverse, but for the blog and to keep Elza happy, we try to bring in the cat factor as much as possible.

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will have a good week!

      elzaread recently posted: The Dog Walkers by Michelle Davis
  2. Sorry to hear your summer is over, but winter is great for snuggling under blankets indeed. Here winter is finally over and we had some nice spring weeks, but last week it was all rain and cold again. I hope the new school term is a good one. I also got the newest Destiny Falls book this week, I cna’t wait to read it! It’s such a fun series. I hope you’ll have a good week.

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #486
    • Hi Lola! I’m not a wintery person at all, but my husband loves it. So there’s that as well. Luckily we know summer will come again. In December…

      I have scheduled my latest Destiny Falls travels to mid May as I have a few other reviews and tours in between. But it’s on the calendar and I am very excited!

    • Hi there Shelleyrae!

      It really is very sad that so few schools in SA have functioning libraries. The biggest problem is funding and I actually work in the library for nothing but love and charity. But it’s my passion and I am privileged enough to be able to offer my services.

      I hope you will have a great week too!

      elzaread recently posted: The Christie Affair by Nina de Gramont
  3. What a fun idea to have your students review books on your blog. I look forward to reading their reviews. I hope your new term goes well. 🙂 I hope you have a good week. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    Jenni Elyse recently posted: Sunday Post #13
  4. I think today, Sunday, has been one of the most beautiful days of my life. The temperatures were cool. The skies were blue. Paris, it will be hard to leave you.

    Thank you for sharing the kids’ photos. There’s nothing like seeing the faces of kids who are just learning about the wonders of books.

    I think it’s a fantastic idea to have kids write reviews. I can see that they might like vlogging, too.

    Deb+Nance+at+Readerbuzz recently posted: The Sunday Salon: Believe It or Not, I'm in Paris!
    • Aaah Debbie, thanks for sharing your wonderful day!! I can just imagine it and as you know, I have one huge imagination!! Can’t wait to see your photos.

      The kids really love the library, I think it ‘s because I love it so much! LOL!! And they are very eager to start with the reviews and I’ve posted the first one a couple of minutes ago.

      YES!! They want to do vlogging and TikTok and what have you nots. I told them it’s fine, but then they will first have to teach me how to do it… Lots of opportunities here!

      Enjoy and cherish your time in Paris… One day I will go there as well.

  5. I recently finished Bridgerton. I absolutely loved the second season. I realize the storylines are different between the seasons, so, in a way, it is comparing apples to oranges, but I must say that I definitely preferred the second season. I hope you enjoy/are enjoying it as much as I did!

    Also, I love that you are putting something together for the kiddos to write their very own book reviews. Such a wonderful idea. You are cultivating our future writers, bloggers and readers!!!

    My Sunday Post:

    • Hi there Maya!

      I am still enjoying Bridgerton and still have 3 episodes left. Will try to quickly squeeze one in later tonight! I’ve read a few of the books and I really enjoyed the book of The Viscount who loved me, so I am enjoying the series as well.

      Aaah, so glad to hear you think our idea of posting the kiddos’ book reviews is a good idea. They are ecstatic about the idea and I’ve actually posted the first one earlier. You can find a link to it attached to this comment.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a good week!

  6. Oh that’s fantastic about the school kids joining in on the book reviews! How fun! And of course Elza is the main attraction. How could she not be. The Maid and The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper are both on my TBR and both look fantastic. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    • Katherine! Yea!! We miss you soooo much!!!

      The kids are ecstatic about the book reviews and I already have quite a few on my desk. I promised them that we will post one or two per week and see how it goes. I’ve actually just posted the first one, the link is attached to this comment if you would be interested in reading it! It’s short and sweet (winky face)

      The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper is my book that I placed in the Book Club box and completely forgot about it. Very glad that I’ve “discovered” it again.

      We hope you and Will are well and just know that we do think of you often.

  7. Aww that’s so neat about the library at school! What a neat thing to be part of. Your books look fun too. I’ve seen The Maid around everywhere and I want to try it.

    That is so cool that your students are going to write reviews.

    That’s a bummer about No Exit! I kind of liked the book but had no idea they made a show about it!

    Northumberland- is that just a cool place name or what? I’ve always liked it and a ’30’s mystery set there sounds wonderful.

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #447
  8. Diane

    I love the picture of all the students, they look so happy! I liked The Maid and the Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper – fun reads. Not familiar with the other one though. Have a good week and yeah for lots of blankets.

  9. I hope you love The Maid. It’s one of my favorites this year. And I love that you are going to post student book reviews. How exciting! Have a great week!

  10. It will be great to hear some book reviews from the younger readers, they will definitely give some insight into the chosen books from the true audience that an older reader may not get. And who knows you might have some future book bloggers among you.

  11. I always find it surprising when I learn not all schools have libraries; for me, they were places of escape and exploration. Who am I kidding? They still are!

    I loved the Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper and found The Maid to be okay.

    • Hi there Pam,

      Here in SA, libraries are not a big priority. Our town’s library has been closed for years and no-one is really trying to do something about it. School libraries are non existent, unless you are someone like me who do it for love and charity. But the kids love it and it is such an important thing in their lives!!! I’ve just posted the first review, it’s linked to this comment.

      Thanks for the encouragement and the visit! Have a good week!

    • I’ve never been to England, but really want to go. My husband worked in England for 2 years and he refuse to take me! BECAUSE of the weather! He says I’m going to be the worst travel partner, because I will complain about the weather all the time..

      I hope you are looking forward to a good Easter Weekend!

      elzaread recently posted: Wondrous Words Wednesday - Titanic