The Sunday Post #71

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Hi there! I hope you guys are all doing well? Just from my greeting tone, I guess you notice it’s not Elza chatting up a storm with you today. Nope, good old boring Mommy Mareli here. No idea what’s up with the little shat the last couple of days, but she’s been as moody as only a spoiled rotten cat can be. My husband scolded her earlier this week for scratching the furniture and she threw her tail in the wind and refuses to sleep on the bed at night, she just curls herself in a pathetic bundle on the couch (yes I do tuck her in with her favorite blanky). Except for feeding time, we hardly see her at all.

I do wonder when it will be a good time to let her now that she will have to stay with the babysitter as from Friday again. Although, she might welcome it this time and perhaps she would have forgiven us for our numerous trespasses when we return from our holiday. We are going to Mauritius!!! Whoo hoo!!! Rather on a whim here, my in-laws are there for three weeks and asked us to join them for the last week. It’s not as if the home renovations will be done within the next couple of weeks, we might as well take a small break.

Not sure how strong the internet will be, so if we go off-line next weekend and we’re unavailable for the following week, I am not abducted and Elza did not go and hand herself over to the nearest SPCA. We will be back.

Let’s talk books!

Adding to the litter

Even though my cat doesn’t appear to want to talk to me at all, at least the folks at Netgalley were rather generous this past week. We’ve received three new books and I am very excited for all of these. I don’t spend a lot of time on BookBub or Amazon Daily Deals lately, but The Great Catsby is one of those titles I just couldn’t resist.

Tomorrow night we have Book Club and I will have to think very carefully on what I bring home. My husband refuses to pack any books on holiday, that’s why I have my Kindle. So I’ll have to see if I can perhaps get one or two of the Book Club books on my Kindle too. Will give an update during the week.

Scratching the Blog Pole

Another week that just flew by! It started with good intend, but then it just went woosh. If you’ve missed any of our posts and would like to catch up, here’s the links:

  • Blog Tour: Dissatisfied by Ksenija Nikolova 
  • Book Review: Drawn by the Current by Jocelyn Green – This was our first Jocelyn Green, but it won’t be our last. Loved this book and still can’t get over the fact that I’ve never heard of the SS Eastland disaster until I’ve read this one.
  • Top Ten Tuesday: One Meow Reviews – this was so much fun! I’ll do my  Wondrous Words Wednesday this week on the word “Koeksister”. Had so many questions about that.
  • Book Review and Blog Stop: What They Don’t Know by Susan Forlong – This was quite the intriguing psychological  thriller. I did figure it out very quickly, but that might be part of the appeal.
  • Lesersindruk: Seeponies deur Lize Roux – This is an Afrikaans post. You are welcome to use the translate button if you want to read it. It’s a review from one of our VCS students and she is such a sweet girl who loves her horsey books.

We never got to Six Degrees of Separation yesterday and I don’t think there will be much time to catch up this week. So we are missing another month… Will read a few of yours during the week though!

On the Couch

I know that a few of you also received copies of The Woman in the Library. Have you started reading it yet? Gosh I love it! Really a good book. The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper is such a charming book. Will highly recommend it.

And that’s it from me for tonight. Let me see if I can find Elza and get her to come snuggle on the couch while we try to finish Arthur Pepper before Book Club tomorrow night.

Have a wonderful week and hopefully Elza will chat again tomorrow or so!

A big thanks to all our hosts: Debbie @ Readerbuzz with The Sunday Salon, Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer with The Sunday Post and Marlene @ Reading Reality with Stacking the Shelves.


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28 responses to “The Sunday Post #71

    • Hi Shellyrae!

      Gosh, I am so sorry for the terribly late reply. I am trying to make sure all comments are up to date and just came across a whole bunch I haven’t replied to.

      I’ve enjoyed The Woman in the Library, I’m hopping over to you now to see what you thought!

    • Hi Tessa! I can’t believe it took me so long to start catching up on missing reply mails. This past month has been crazy busy, but crazy fun as well!

      Our holiday was lovely and ever since we’ve been back, Elza is also very happy to just be with us.

      I hope you are doing well!

  1. Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

    Enjoy your time away! I loved Arthur Pepper; it’s such a wonderful read.

  2. mae

    You get to the most amazingly exotic places. Mauritius is so remote, from my point of view. I hope you post some interesting photos of your trip.

    best… mae at

    mae recently posted: Happy Mother’s Day
    • Hi there Mae! Mauritius isn’t that far away from us no. Only about a 4 hour flight. We’ve had a lovely time and yes! I have posted a few photos on my latest Sunday Post.

      So sorry for the terribly late reply, I wasn’t on the blog very regularly.

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #72
  3. Diane

    Enjoy your time away. Our 2 cats hates change so probably the renovations could be causing her misbehavior and antisocial (I’M TICKED AT YOU MOMMY & DADDY) behaviors.

    • Hi Diane!

      We had a lovely time away and Elza was very happy to see us and now she doesn’t leave me alone again. I am very happy about that. We are all a bit fed up with the renovations and our deadline is 2 weeks away. Can’t wait…!!

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #72
  4. Sorry Elza’s holding a grudge. My cats do that too, lol. They’re finicky little creatures, aren’t they? How fun you get to go to Mauritius. I’ve never been, but I’ve seen pictures and it’s beautiful there and I’ve always wanted to visit. I hope you have fun!

    Jenni Elyse recently posted: Sunday Post #17
    • Hi there Jenni!

      How’s this for a late reply!! Luckily enough time has passed for Elza to get over herself and we’ve had a good holiday in between.

      I hope you are doing well!

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #72
    • Hi Cindy!

      My Kindle is just over 8 years old now and it does freeze a bit more and needs more charging. But I am so not ready to part with it! So I do hear your heart.

      Looking forward to the holiday and to spend many hours with my Kindle.

      elzaread recently posted: Wondrous Words Wednesday - Koeksister
  5. Yay for Mauritius! How fun. And aww little Elza’s being a little miffed, huh? Hopefully she’ll get over it soon. 🙂

    “I do tuck her in” haha that’s cute!

    I keep thinking I’ll join Wondrous Words but I keep forgetting… sorry!!!!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #451
  6. I hope you have a wonderful vacation! Arthur Pepper was a book I really enjoyed! Have a wonderful week ahead!

    • Hi Jodie! I really am looking forward to the holiday. This week is just crazy to get everything done, but the prospect of taking a couple of days’ rest, is worth it.

      Thanks for visiting us!

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #71