The Sunday Post #78

Posted July 31, 2022 by elzaread in The Sunday Post / 27 Comments

Greetings you guys! Tomorrow is the 1st of August… How the heck did we get here? Where did July go? Arrival of the new puppy was planned beginning of June, puppy arrived the 15th of July and poof – it’s end of the month. What did I miss?

I guess I’m old news to you guys now as well and you all want to know how the new terror is doing? She’s doing just fine. Growing like a vampire child and terrorizing the whole household. The only major problem is what to call her. Mommy wanted to call her Agatha (Aggie). Yes, for Agatha Christie. Daddy liked Anna more. But now he says she’s not quite an Anna. The grandparents call her Paddy, because she resembles Paddington Bear. I think I’m just going to call her Marmalade. She looks like a Marmalade to me. I don’t like Marmalade very much. Which one of these names would you call her?

The rest of life has been good. Mommy is busy at school but what bliss to be done with all the renovations. We are almost getting a rhythm for the year. Halfway to Christmas or not…. I see a few of you are starting to showcase Christmas books. Guess what?? We’ve actually also bought a Christmas book this week! Never mind that we haven’t even set our reading goals for the year…. I think this is the time of year where we call it quits and continuing doing whatever the heck we want. Like buying Christmas books in July.

Adding to the litter

And a few more e-books this week as well… In our defense, they were all either on a free-for-one-day special or really, really cheap. No, I really still don’t know when and where we are going to read them all.

Scratching the Blog Pole

I think this header needs to change. No use in scratching the blog pole if you don’t roam the neighborhood and let everyone know you’ve scratched the pole. We have not been very good with blog hopping the last two weeks. Please accept our sincerest apologies. But let’s give credit to my Mommy to sticking to her blog schedule like a champ. I promise, this upcoming week, I will distract Marmalade and try to chase her under the fence so that my Mommy can have more time for blog hopping. And to think she wanted to have a bunny at some stage….

But if you’ve missed us, here’s the links to our latest posts.


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Okay, the mutt is awake and needs to be played with and fed. And then Mommy needs to give love and attention to me as well. Be better than us and remember to add all your link-ups and to hop like a bunny in springtime. Our gorgeous hosts Debbie @ Readerbuzz with The Sunday Salon, Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer with The Sunday Post and Marlene @ Reading Reality with Stacking the Shelves.

Have a wonderful week you guys!


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27 responses to “The Sunday Post #78

  1. Mareli, you have really been busy posting on your blog. And I’m happy to see you are reading Lessons in Chemistry—I do hope you will like it. I haven’t read How to Stop Time, but I think I’d like it…I’ll wait to see what you think.

    Elza, you are doing well at sharing your Mommy and Daddy with your new (yet-unnamed) companion. I love naming things, and yet nothing is coming into my mind…What about something bookish? Or something related to your beautiful country? Of course all the possibilities you gave are wonderful, too.

    • Hi Debbie!

      I try my best to stay in a rhythm, I’m the type of person that needs that to function optimally. But puppies create chaos. Lovely chaos!!

      I am enjoying Lessons in Chemistry yes, not very far yet – but a great read.

      Aggie is settling in nicely. She will start with puppy school at 12 weeks. Gosh, she’s a real terror/terrier. But always smiling and just a happy pup. Elza tolerates her, as long as she can still sleep with Mommy at night…

      Have a good week Debbie!

    • Hi there Terrie!

      Thanks for the compliment. No, I’m not a graphic designer or anything – I just love to play around on Canva!! I should actually learn a couple of things more, it might help.

      Glad to hear you enjoy stopping by and yes, the animals in this house is always up to some mischief.

      Have a wonderful week!

  2. Hmm that’s a tough call with the names. I’m not sure which I like best! Regardless, I hope you guys settle on one you all like.

    I love the look of the witch book.

    Have fun with the terror… er, puppy this week!!! :):)

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #463
    • Hi there Jenni!

      We stuck with Anna, she does seem to be responding to it and I still think it’s quite fitting as Elza’s little sister. I need to make a blog post about that!

      So sorry for the late reply, hope you had a good week!

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #79
    • Hi there Tessa!

      My week was crazy busy and I didn’t read much. Still busy with Lessons in Chemistry, but I am enjoying it a lot for sure.

      Anna will stick with her Daddy given name. She does appear to respond to it well and I quite like the Anna / Elza relationship. Better every day….!

      So sorry for the late reply!

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #79
  3. Diane

    Sorry I haven’t stopped by recently but, I do love catching up. The pup is adorable and I hostly love all the names you mentioned but something about Paddy and Marmalade seem especially —special! Glad she is fitting in well and and that mom still has time for work and reading LOL

    • Hi Diane!

      I think life has been a bit busy and crazy for a number of us this year. Don’t really know why! But appreciate every visit so much. Just a shame that I take so long to respond…. LOL!!

      The mutt is going to be called Anna, she does respond to it well and I like the Elza / Anna connection.

      I hope you had a good week and will have a good one to come!

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #79
  4. Good for you sticking to your blogging schedule and getting posts up regularly. I struggle with that more often than not. But I am trying to get better!

    As for the new pup, my husband and I like Paddington. My daughter says to call her Floof!

    • Hi there Pam!

      Floof is so cute!! We’ve decided to stick with Anna, she responds well to it and I like the Elza / Anna connection.

      I am trying stick to the blogging schedule as much as possible, but the problem is the blog hopping! I don’t get to that as regularly as I would have liked.

      Hope you had a good week Pam!

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #79
  5. Wow a new puppy!! I need to visit your original post about getting her. Things have been too crazy busy here. But I’m thrilled with your new pup (being a dog person as I am). Maybe is she an Annie? Or a Winnie? We have Stella (10 years) and Willow (age 1.5) …. these dogs get about 1,000 pats per day, LOL. Keep posting pics & have fun. Cats, Dogs, the whole shebang …

    Susan recently posted: Unlikely Animals and News
    • Dear Susan!

      Gosh, it took me a whole week to reply to your comment. How horrible.

      Anna’s name will remain Anna. Anna Aspatat! Very Afrikaans I know, but we are Afrikaans…. Oh she’s lovely. Busy busy busy and lots of work. But it’s going well. The other pets are adapting well and Elza isn’t too fazed anymore.

      Life is crazy here as well and sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to get to everything.

      Luckily we always have books to escape in.

      Hope you had a good week!

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #79
  6. OMG, that puppy does look like Paddington Bear. So cute! I also have a hard time with blog hopping. I’m thrilled that I get so many comments on my blog, but commenting back takes forever because there are so many!

    • Hi there AJ! She does look like Paddington Bear and she is the cutest thing ever… Naughty little shit, but we are enjoying her tremendously.

      I need to find a way to be better with blog hopping, like you say, it’s so great that people visit and leave comments, but I need to make time to reply!!

      Hope you are well AJ, take care!

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #79