The Sunday Post #89

Posted January 22, 2023 by elzaread in The Sunday Post / 16 Comments

Greetings you guys! Gosh I miss you! It’s late on a Sunday afternoon of a very busy weekend, following a hectic week.

How are you guys all doing? We are well! Mommy is back at school. Sort of. This year brings along a few changes for my Mommy. She is not going to be at school fulltime this year, but only twice weekly. Yes, her timetable is totally crazy with hardly a bathroom break. She will only be doing the library and not the special needs classes anymore.

Lots of new things happening in the library for 2023. The biggest of all is the new reading challenge that we got from Debbie @ Readerbuzz. In a perfect world, Mommy and Debbie should have worked together. The kids are ever so excited and we hope to kick off with this tomorrow!

My Mommy spend days trying to have the shelves sorted, but she’s still not done. I guess this will have to be a work in progress for the unforeseeable future. Of course we are also going to be taking part in this challenge!

The big question now of course is – what will she be doing with the rest of her week? Blogging and playing with us all day?? Unfortunately, no…. as sad as that might be. My Mommy is opening a new educational center in town that mainly focusses on reading and learning. She did this in the afternoons for the past 5 years, but it’s time to go full out and really put some effort into this. After Covid, the kids really need that extra help and support.

So that’s why she’s been absent so much from the blogosphere. She’s been driving up and down and painting and planning and worrying and crying and making new plans and hardly ever takes a breath.

Nope, we haven’t been reading a lot. But we do try to get to it whenever there is a second. We did enjoy our two latest review books though. You can click on the images below to read our full reviews.

We are currently reading and listening to these two jewels:

How long it’s still going to take us, I have no idea! We don’t have too many review books and blog tours waiting for us at the moment, although we are still a bit behind with our backlog. But we will get there. As soon as the new space is ready to move into!

How have you all been doing? I am going to say goodbye and wish you all a wonderful week so that we can quickly pop in with you guys just to catch up a bit!

Lots of Love,


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16 responses to “The Sunday Post #89

  1. Good luck with the new project! Sounds amazing! And love that library display. Hopefully Elza (and Stinky- haven’t forgotten about you, bub) behave while you’re so busy. 🙂

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #488
  2. I’m so excited about the 1001 Children’s Books challenge at your school. Wow! What a header for the shelves. It would have been so lovely to have worked with you. Perhaps in the next life!

    I’ve been thinking about literacy, too. Children are far behind here. I’m so glad you are going to be helping children. Perhaps I will find a way to do that, too.

    Deb Nance at Readerbuzz recently posted: The Sunday Salon: Black Cake and Small Things Like These
  3. Wow! Mommy is clearly up to her eyes – and what a very necessary and worthy cause. Literacy is so vital and once a love of reading is instilled, no one is ever bored or truly lonely… I know that without my love of books and reading, desperate months suffering with Long Covid would have left me a melt-down puddle. They really were my lifeline. Please wish Mommy all the very best from me, Elza. And stay fluffy and adorable:)).