The Sunday Post – Headlines and the Failure of Super Powers

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Image result for So what happened?Greetings! Missed me and The Sunday Headlines much? Don’t worry – so did I. I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for just over 4 months, but hopefully I’ll start floating around again. I did manage to read a couple of blog posts, but didn’t write (or read for that matter) anything myself.

(Note: Don’t you guys miss Gene Wilder? And can somebody please tell me why does that picture of him just fit every possible meme you can ever think of?) To answer: Well, that’s a rather long and sad story. It’s Sunday and nobody feels like a sad song. So let’s rather just give a few headlines. 

1. 29 September 2016 – Missing mind never recovered due to positive pregnancy test. (Refer back to Missing mind reported)

2. 03 October 2016 – Joyful joyful! But be warned – hcg levels are very high (possibility of twins)

3. 01 to 15 October 2016 – We’re all going on a Summer Holiday (In Mauritius!)

4. 31 October 2016 – First ultrasound. Lo and Behold – it’s twins! (And I feel like crap)

5. November 2016 – To move, or not to move? That is the question. (We live half-way across the country from family. And it’s twins. We’re going to need all the help we can get)

6. 06 December 2016 – It’s a boy! (Or at least one is. The other one thinks his/her butt is the cutest thing ever. Which is true)

7. 09 December 2016 – It’s my 38th birthday. (Let’s eat cake and throw up)

8. 15 to 23 December 2016 – Time to answer #5. (Spent time with the in-laws and bought a beautiful house in Jeffreys Bay. Yes, we are moving half-way across the country in January)

9. 24 to 31 December 2016 – Get packing. (I do believe Christmas was somewhere that week too)

10. 10 January 2017 – It’s a boy! Again! (Yup, two boys)

11. 12 January 2017 – So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye Nelspruit. (Road trip halfway across the country. Did I mention how crap I felt?)

12. 17 January 2017 – Moving is fun! So they said. (DID I mention how crappy I felt? High blood pressure, bloated like crazy.)

13. 24 to 27 January 2017 – All work and no play gives you the worst backache in recorded history. (Not to mention your twin boys kicking up a storm)

14. 01 February 2017, 23:00 – Something’s wrong (Got admitted to hospital @ 00:30 with contractions)

15. 02 February 2017 – They came, they saw, they conquered. They left. (My first boy was born @ 17:15 and the second one @ 17:18. 22 Weeks gestation. Neither survived) 

Image result for the child who was never born monument

The worst part of all (let’s face it – there is always something worse. And always something better) was how dismally my Superpower failed me. Isn’t reading suppose to be the solution to everything? Granted, I didn’t read a whole bunch of novels while I was pregnant, but do you have any idea how infinitely google-able pregnancy and the raising of twins are? There was no time to read a book here, I needed to get all that information into my head (the same head that was still suffering from “missing mind” condition)

I had to stay in hospital and I sent my husband home with everything but my kindle. For what else do you need in a time of distress than to read? Nope, did not give any comfort. I just opened the first book on the kindle and started reading. I have no idea what The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks is about…

Image result for reading is my superpower  Related image
And so I went home with empty arms and an empty head and an empty reading schedule. Utter failure. Everyday I just went through the motions and the emotions and stared at the ocean (we live at the sea now!). And then I got bored with that. I need to beat this and I need The Beat, because as you know: 

“You can’t stop

The motion of the ocean
Or the sun in the sky
You can wonder if you wanna
But I never ask why
And if you try to hold me down
I’m gonna spit in your eye and say
That you cant stop the beat!”

Life is for the living. And for reading. Let’s get back to it.

Recently Finished

2102546The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side by Agatha Christie

 One of the five stages of grief is anger. I had to get angry and seeing that most of my own emotions were in power failure mode, I relied on someone else’s anger. So I got angry with Marina Gregg. But still, would I have committed murder? I honestly can’t give an honest answer to that one. 

“She never did mean harm, but there is no doubt that people like Heather Badcock are capable of doing a lot of harm because they lack – not kindness, they have kindness – but any real consideration for the way their actions may affect other people”.

Image result for marina gregg miss marple
Marina Gregg as portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor, Claire Bloom and Lindsay Duncan

Currently Reading

13158800 32671360 43615

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman This is exactly what I need right now. This book has been on my TBR shelf for years (according to Goodreads it is listed as #18. My current TBR list is 503). Such a beautiful book. Will wait to watch the movie until I’m done. 

The Yellow Envelope by Kim Dinan My Netgalley account is a bit of a disaster. I need to start requesting again, but first need to finish this one. Then I can start afresh. This is a memoir, but it is an enjoyable read.

The Gunslinger by Stephen King I’ve been meaning to start with this series last year, but never got to it. It is one of the monthly reads for the South African Book Lovers group on Goodreads. Might as well join in. I’ve started with it, but I’m still not sure if it’s for me. Or rather – it’s not The Gunslinger, it’s me…. 

Cross my heart, hope to read

20974487 17262384

Fish of the Seto Inland Sea by Ruri Pilgrim I borrowed this one from my mother-in-law. I might as well give it a try. Seeing that I still can’t really think for myself and it is just lying here. Staring at me. 

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness Another book that has been on my TBR list for ages (#67) and I know my husband. He will want to watch the movie. So I need to read it beforehand. Read first. Watch later.


So what have you been up to?
What are you currently reading?
Any recommendations to start drafting my reading schedule?

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