Throwback Thursday #5 – Recipes for Love and Murder

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Greetings! It’s the first Thursday of of 2021 and that means it’s time for Throwback Thursday. Or at least our version of it. We don’t quite play by Davida’s rules, but she is luckily very accommodating and doesn’t mind at all that we spin her spin.

There are so many spins on the idea of Throwback Thursday, but we still like Davida’s idea the most:

  • The Chocolate Lady’s #Throwback Thursday takes place on the Thursday before the first Saturday of every month. Yes, there is a linky and it will remain open until she uploads the new one. Thank Goodness. My first and last sometimes gets very confused. 
  • Your post must highlight one of your previously published book reviews and Davida encourages other participants to do the same. 
  • Add the link to your post and remember to link back to The Chocolate Lady’s Book Blog And do not forget to #ThrowbackThursday!
As this is our 5th Throwback Thursday, Mommy is looking back at her 5th review that’s done on the blog. Aaah yea!!! This book and this review, is one of my Mommy’s all-time favorite. I’ve never met Tannie Maria, but I have tasted a few of her recipes. They really are to die for.

Title: Recipes for Love and Murder

Author: Sally Andrew
Published: September 2015
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Series: Tannie Maria Mystery #1
Read: 10 May 2016
Source: Book Club
Content: Squeaky Clean
Synopsis: Meet Tannie Maria: A woman who likes to cook a lot and write a little. Tannie Maria writes recipes for a column in her local paper, the Klein Karoo Gazette.

One Sunday morning, as Maria savours the breeze through the kitchen window whilst making apricot jam, she hears the screech and bump that announces the arrival of her good friend and editor Harriet. What Maria doesn’t realise is that Harriet is about to deliver the first ingredient in two new recipes (recipes for love and murder) and a whole basketful of challenges.
A delicious blend of intrigue, milk tart and friendship, join Tannie Maria in her first investigation. Consider your appetite whetted for a whole new series of mysteries .

This really is an absolute delightful read and number two and three in the series is also published. If I remember correctly, the fourth one is being written as we speak.
As always, I have asked her a couple of questions regarding the review:


  1. When was this review first published? – 12 May 2016.
  2. Did you have any idea what you were doing? – For the first time, I think, yes! I’ve put a lot of effort into this review and realize I need to do it more often with newer reviews as well.
  3. Will you re-write this review? – Absolutely no
  4. Did you tweak this review? – A bit yes. I’ve added the top section with the book information and wording here and there.
  5. Will you re-read the book? For sure, yes!
  6. Will you recommend others to read this review? Yes! If you want to know more about South African culture, humor and especially our delicious food, read this.



End of last year, we’ve decided to combine Throwback Thursday with  Books from the Backlog, hosted by Carole’s Random Life of BooksThis worked very well. By working well, I mean that my Mommy actually spend some time on her TBR shelf and cleared some space for new books.
Books from the Backlog is a fun way to feature some of those neglected books sitting on your bookshelf unread.  If you are anything like me, you might be surprised by some of the unread books hiding in your stacks.
The 5th book on our TBR list of 491 (how cool is that? Less than 500 books) is: 

Psychiatrist Andrew Marlowe, devoted to his profession and the painting hobby he loves, has a solitary but ordered life. When renowned painter Robert Oliver attacks a canvas in the National Gallery of Art and becomes his patient, Marlow finds that order destroyed. Desperate to understand the secret that torments the genius, he embarks on a journey that leads him into the lives of the women closest to Oliver and a tragedy at the heart of French Impressionism.

Kostova’s masterful new novel travels from American cities to the coast of Normandy, from the late 19th century to the late 20th, from young love to last love. The Swan Thieves is a story of obsession, history’s losses, and the power of art to preserve human hope.


My Mommy received a copy of this book from a dear friend last year, but as can notice, she still hasn’t read it. The problem is that it most probably won’t be read this year either as it doesn’t appear to take place in one specific place. For our reading challenge for this year, towns, cities, countries and continents are very important. But it will remain safely on the TBR pile. One day we’ll get to it. 
Have you read Recipes for Love and Murder or The Swan Thieves? We really can’t recommend Tannie Maria enough to just about anybody. No matter what your reading preferences are. If you’ve read The Swan Thieves and think we would actually be able to tie it to a specific place, let us know.
Please remember to link your Throwback Thursday and your Books from the backlog up to the two lovely hosts and share your books with us too!
Lots of Love,



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14 responses to “Throwback Thursday #5 – Recipes for Love and Murder

  1. Anonymous

    Well, I really liked Kostova's Historian — a bit long but so well researched and so well written! I've never tried out Swan Thieves though. Would've loved to read you review…
    ~ Lexlingua

  2. Recipes for Love and Murder sounds like such a fun book! I really liked The Historian, but haven't read The Swan Thieves. I am actually surprised it isn't on my TBR shelf . . .

    • Recipes for Love and Murder is delightful! I've never met anyone who didn't enjoy it. The whole series is actually good, but the first one remains my favorite by far.

    • Two completely diverse reads, but both highly recommendable. I haven't read The Swan thieves yet, but I'm sure I'm going to like it.