Top Ten Cat Detectives

Posted March 8, 2022 by elzaread in Top Ten Tuesday / 43 Comments

Greetings Humans! It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday and today’s prompt is Books with your favorite trope/theme. My Mommy loves anything mysterious. A good who done it is bound to bring an extra treat for all of us to ensure no one will bother her while she and the clever detective is solving the mystery at hand.  The other thing she loves, is me of course. So that means her favorite trope has to be cat detectives!

Let’s take a look at the world’s best cat detectives:

  1. Koko from The Cat Who…. series by Lilian Jackson Braun
  2. Kit and Pearl from Knitty Kitty Mystery Series by Tracey Drew
  3. Joe Grey from Joe Grey Series by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
  4. Mrs. Murphy from Mrs. Murphy Series by Rita Mae Brown
  5. Max from The Mysteries of Max by Nic Saint
  6. Hettie Bagshot from the No. 2 Feline Detective Agency by Mandy Morton
  7. Owen and Hercules from Magical Cats Mysteries by Sofie Kelly
  8. Elvis from Second Chance Cat Mystery by Sofie Ryan
  9. Syrah from A Cats in Trouble Mystery by Leann Sweeney
  10. Latifa from Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series by Elizabeth Pantley – Technically Latifa shouldn’t make this list as she is a scaridy cat worse than me and she loves to hide under the bed. But she’s the inspiration for Hayden and team to solve all the mysteries. Latifa is my idol for sure.


Have you read any of these series? I need to put my detective skills to the works here and get my Mommy to read a few of these. We’ve read all the Knitty Kitties and Destiny Falls books. The cat who could read backwards is on the Kindle. But I want to read them alllllll!!

What is your favorite Bookish Trope? Remember to add your link to the linky provided by Jana @ That Arsty Reader Girl so that we can all visit each other. Thanks for hosting Jana!


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43 responses to “Top Ten Cat Detectives

  1. OMG! I love your blog! It’s sooooo cute! I love the cats. I just love everything about it.

    I also like mystery. I haven’t read any of the books you listed, though. Usually when I read mysteries, I read more thriller-y type books. I’m going to see if I like some of the books on your list, though, especially the ones involving cats.

    • elzaread

      Hi Cindy! I actually also have way too many and cat detectives were nothing but a brainwave and an Elza purr.

      But there are a few fun series’ with cats out there.

      I am sorry I reply so late, but at least I get to it!!

    • elzaread

      Hi Lindsey! I couldn’t agree more. Cats in cozy mysteries are the best you can get!

      So sorry for the late reply and I hope you are doing well!

    • elzaread

      Hi Kristin! I’ve only heard good things of The Cat Who… Series and seriously need to read it.

      Glad you enjoyed our post and so sorry for the late reply!

    • elzaread

      Just a brainwave and a happy kitty later. My work is done!

      Thanks for stopping by and so sorry for the late reply….

    • elzaread

      Thank you Joann! We always try to have fun with TTT!

      So sorry for the late reply, the week just flew by.

  2. This is a great list! There are SO MANY fun kitty mysteries out there! I’ve read several of the Cat Who series, and Koko is a really fun cat. I’ve also read a couple of Mrs. Murphy mysteries and the first Magical Cats mystery, and those were fun too. And thank you for the reminder that I need to read more Knitty Kitties! I read the short novella, but haven’t read any of the others yet.

    Nicole @ BookWyrm Knits recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday ~ Regency Fantasy Books
    • elzaread

      Hi Lex! We are always glad if we can bring a smile to your face. Now we just need to read all these series’….

    • elzaread

      Hi Sarita! We constantly hope so too. This upcoming weekend, I believe there will be a bit more time for reading.

      Thanks for the well wishes and I hope you’ve had a good week so far.

  3. Diane

    This post made me smile – I was only familiar with a couple of the authors but am happy to see there are others.

    • elzaread

      Hi Diane! Our aim is to bring a smile and if it is for you, we consider it as an added bonus! Thanks so much for visiting us always….

    • elzaread

      I find cozy mysteries pallet cleansers. I usually read one as an “in between”. If there’s a cat in it, it’s just an added bonus.

      Thanks for stopping by Lydia!