Top Ten Tuesday 10 Authors I’ve read the most books by

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It’s Tuesday and time for our favorite weekly feature – TTT! Today’s prompt appear to be very easy: Top Ten Authors I’ve read the most books by. And it would have been VERY easy, if only Goodreads didn’t remove that thingy that you could click on and browse your shelf to see which authors you’ve read the most My whole post depended on that little thingy. And I couldn’t find it. It took me hours to figure out that it’s actually completely gone, void, permanently removed, disappeared into the black hole of inactive pages and links. 

Am I the only one who only realised now that the thingy on Goodreads are inactive? 
Luckily, the Good Lord above blessed us all with the best possible computer thingy ever invented. To quote Mr Poirot: “the little grey cells”. Some things we can actually still do without the aid of technology. Like thinking (“an admirable exercise, my friend. Continue with it” – Poirot), and reminiscing on all those wonderful books we’ve read already. Of course all those books have been written by certain Somebodies. And we tend to refer back to those Somebodies, for various reasons. Here’s my Top Ten Favorite Somebodies and a few pictures of my favorite books by those mentioned Somebodies. I do not have any specific ranking order here, so alphabetically will do. 
  1. Agatha Christie My summer holidays was spend with my aunt until the age of about 40 (yes, in human years, not cat years) and there were always an Agatha Christie on her nightstand. It was a simple rule of nature or something that they started spilling over to my nightstand as well. Favorite book: The mirror cracked from side to side
  2. Alice Hoffman I’ve never read a book by this author that I didn’t absolutely loved. She is such a diverse author and she plays with words better than most musical conductors. Favorite book: The Dovekeepers  
  3. Deon Meyer My ultimate go-to South African author. I have read all his novels and Bennie Griesel is one of my favorite detectives. My favorite Deon Meyer is a stand alone. You might find it a very interesting read in our current world environment Fever
  4. Irma Joubert My favorite history teacher. And I love history. If you want to know more about South African history, do try to get your hands on her books. Way more insightful than any history text and her characters are so real and relatable. My favorite book: The girl from the train
  5. Jodi Picoult I actually have a serious love/hate relationship with this author. Either I love her books more than my heart can handle, or I hate it in such a manner as I want to throw it across the room. But I will still pick up a Jodi Picoult without any doubt. My favorite book by her has helped me through a very tough time in my life and I will treasure it always: Leaving Time
  6. Jojo Moyes Who doesn’t love her? All her books are so unique and the ultimate stories to simply forget about your own problems and worry about someone else’s. Because we do care about her characters. Favorite book: The one plus one
  7. Liane Moriarty  I’ve heard that she also one of those love/hate authors. I have a friend or two who also classify her books as yea or nay. For me, it’s always been a yea. Favorite book: Truly, Madly, Guilty
  8. Mary Higgins Clark  The ultimate go-to author. You really don’t know what to read? Just go for one of her novels. It only takes a couple of hours to complete and then you normally know exactly what you want to read next. For some or other strange reason, I always have one or two or her books that I haven’t read yet (or can’t remember, but what the heck) lying around. I guess it has something to do with my sister who is the biggest Mary Higgins Clark fan in forever. I tend to buy them for her when they are on special. Favorite book: The cradle will fall
  9. Neil Gaiman Once again – who doesn’t love him? Listening to his audio recordings are better than a day at the spa. I have actually never read a physical book by this author. One of my fist audio books were The Graveyard book and I thoroughly believe that is the best way to enjoy his books. Favorite book: The Graveyard Book
  10. Stephen King I was a very late bloomer to this author. I’ve read The Stand in my early thirties and never looked back. Yes, it’s strange and a bit weird every now and then, but gosh, it’s page turning! Favorite book: 11/22/63

And there you have it! My Top Ten Authors I’ve read the most books by. Would love to know who your Top Ten are and if we have a cross-match. Remember to share your link to Jana at That Artsy Girl!
Enjoy the rest of your week!

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28 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday 10 Authors I’ve read the most books by

  1. I've read a couple of Deon Meyer books and thoroughly enjoyed them.

    PS I've just discovered your blog! I will be following from now on.

  2. I've read so many King books and only recently realised that I don't like him much as an author. I really want to read more Agatha Christie books! There's a weekend market near me that used to sell vintage paperbacks but alas, pandemic.

    • AND you can read them over and over again….!!! I haven't read her biography yet. I got it at a second hand shop a couple of months ago, so at least that is something to look forward to.

  3. Would you recommend The Mirror Cracked Side to Side to someone like me who has never read anything from Agatha Christie? If not, which book of hers would be a better place to start?

    My TTT.

    • Hi there Lydia! Well, there are a few different Agatha Christie's you can follow. There is the Poirot series, the Miss Marple series (The mirror cracked from side to side is one of them), Tommy and Tupence and a few stand alones.

      Maybe start with And then there were none…. Always a winner! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I hear you on Jodi Piccoult! She’s very issue driven and at times agenda driven! I’ve only read two….House Rules (which I loved) and Small Great Things ( which was good but some of her political agenda leaked out).

  5. I have 11-22-63 on my TBR and have purchased it for my husband to read as I think he would like it (though he is intimidated by the size–he is not an avid reader). I think it is interesting in seeing everyone's lists. My list is a mix of ones I read and do not read from including adult and young adult authors. 🙂

    • Hi Stephanie! Yes, 11/22/63 is a doorstop, but it's worth it. I've read it on my kindle, so the size didn't bother too much. Hope you and your husband get to reading it soon.

      Thanks for visiting!

    • I am so glad to hear that you like Deon Meyer! I read his books mostly in Afrikaans, but I have read one or two in English. There's just something about the Afrikaans language that brings a different nuance to his books.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi AJ! Nice to "see" you! I don't think I want to read all Stephen King's books, they don't all appeal to me. But the ones that I have read, I loved!

      Hope you are keeping well! Thanks for visiting, I'll quickly hop over to you.