Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Reasons why Reading and Blogging is good for you in 2020

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It’s Tuesday and time for Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl. This week is a freebie, so you can pick your own topic and just run with it. Yea!

 My mommy started blogging again about 6 weeks ago, after more than 2 years. I wish I can tell you the difference it makes in her general psyche. Not that she was a psycho, though. I am convinced that if you cut my mommy open, words and stories and tales will come flying out like butterflies. That I’ll catch. 
So for this week’s freebie, I’ve decided to compile: 10 Reasons why Reading and Blogging is good for you in 2020. 

The past couple of months have been a bit of a tough time for the human race. All over the globe, people have been forced into lock down and it is having a massive effect on people in a gazillion different ways. Us felines love having our humans stuck at home. Well, most of the time. So let’s see how blogging and reading can make your experiences a bit easier. 

1. It gives you something to do I will never ever understand the word or the concept bored / boredom. Ever heard of a fun exercise called reading? Now is the best time to start that exercise. Even better, why don’t you start a blog and get talking about all the fun and not so fun books you are reading? It kills hours upon hours of time that would otherwise be wasted on something dreadful, like physical exercise. 

2. It burns calories (I kid you not) On the topic of exercise. You are most welcome to visit Google, or any number of other sources of truths and facts to confirm this statement. The harder you think, the more calories you will burn. And lets be honest, blogging takes a lot of thinking. The words don’t just fly out of your head onto the screen. Heck no. It takes a lot of brain power. Not to mention html codes and templates and all those things that can burn your brain out. 
3. Blogging improves your typing skills Why should this be significant? My friend, if Online Living is going to be our new normal, you are going to need those fast fingers to stay ahead of the pack. So get writing those posts. 
4. It really improves your social media skills (is that the correct term?) My mommy was born in the 70’s, grew up in the 80’s. Her idea of social media is borrowing a magazine from the neighbors. She still prefers her Polaroid camera to her phone’s camera (you only get one chance. Don’t blink!). But cruising on the blogosphere makes you realize how important social media really is. Yes, there are many people who are misusing these platforms, especially with fake news during these trying times. Don’t waste your time on them. Rather hook up with other book lovers and bloggers. I do believe that some of the most beautiful photos and posts out there are of books and writing. Surround yourself with those. 

5. It offers an escape from reality If all else fails, read a book. Yes, it’s tough to break from reality at this stage. Social media and all the news network are constantly stuffing all the doom and gloom out there up our noses. Thankfully we are all wearing masks and have a well sanitized book up our sleeves. Keep reading. The bookish world is a much better place at this stage. And tell us about it! Who wants to talk about Donald Trump or Cyril Ramaphosa if we can talk about Jamie Frasier, or Atticus Finch, or Mr Darcy?

6. It encourages freedom of speech What is needed is the right to print what one believes to be true, without having to fear bullying or blackmail from any side.” – George Orwell. If you read a lot, you will gather quotes by the gallons. Use them. No one can use them against you. Just use them in the correct context. I do find that my fellow book bloggers are way more open to discussions and we mostly don’t take offense very easily. We will first go and find that offensive book and read it ourselves. After that, most offenses simply become fences that we love to chat across with. Maybe Book Lovers and Readers should rule the world. (After we’ve finished this chapter)
7. You remain part of a community One of the biggest issues the world are facing at the moment, is social isolation. Yes, it’s compulsory and you have to adhere to it. That’s the law. No matter in what country or state you are in. And yes, it’s implemented for a very good and valid reason. Unfortunately, it means that you are separated from your community and loved ones. Many people are all alone and not everyone has a fluffy white kitten to keep them company. Enter books. You are never alone when you have a book in your hands. All books contain characters in some or other form: human; feline; canine; undead; fae; or alien. And they communicate. With you. Enter your fellow bloggers. They are mostly in human form and they love to chat and share their bookish lives. 

8. You make new friends Just like in any other community, one tend to befriend certain individuals. I know that there are thousands of bloggers out there, but I can name at least 20 of those who I consider as friends. We chat on a daily or weekly basis, depending on screen time.  Although I’ve never met any of them in person. I know where they live, what books they like, what they do for a living and I have a rather good idea of what happens in their personal lives. The fact that I sound a bit like a stalker now, is completely irrelevant. 

9. Blogging keeps you up to date (literally) Days, weeks, months, all seem to become rather blurry during lock down. You’re never quite sure what day of the week it is. Unless you are a book blogger and partake in all the lovely weekly features. You can also plan your week way in advance as most hosts really have their stuff together and have themes for weeks to come. Here’s an example of an average book blogger’s diary:
Tuesday – Top Ten Tuesday
Wednesday – Wednesday Wisdom
Thursday – (Mommy normally starts sorting her weekend posts out on Thursday, but let me know if I miss a regular feature)
Friday – Weekend Book Friends This weekly post is filled with lovely Friday links. You can blog the whole day!
Saturday – Stacking the shelves
Sunday – The Sunday Post Once again, filled with a few lovely links. 
10. It keeps you safely tucked inside and out of harms way My mommy might be a bookworm, but she is also a social butterfly. This lock down thing was really hard on her. She needs to connect with people and be surrounded by her friends and loved ones. But we love her very much and don’t want her to get infected. That was why I convince her to start blogging again (never underestimate the power of a fluffy white kitten). She is sooooo much happier again. If she absolutely have to go out, she normally rushes back to finish her book or her latest blog post.  I know she is safely tucked inside and out of harms way. And that’s the important at this stage in history.
We do hope that you will take our advice to heart. Let us know if you could add any more reasons why reading and blogging is good for you.
Lots of love,
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27 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Reasons why Reading and Blogging is good for you in 2020

  1. I never understand boredom either! Well, maybe sometimes, but usually a good book will fix that lol. And I love #9. Right? Regular blog features keep us grounded. ๐Ÿ™‚

    5 as well. I love escaping reality for a while!

  2. Great list! I completely agree about the bookish community–considering what's happened this year, I've loved having so many bookish people to talk to online when I haven't been able to see friends in the flesh.

  3. After blogging for many years I do have many people who I consider friends all round the world. Some have come and gone, but others are still here. I took a break last year, but I a enjoying the mental part of blogging since I came back this year.

    Enjoyed your list!

  4. Hi Lauren! I've had typing classes in school (many many years ago), so I do type quite fast. With blogging, it definitely helps!

    Thanks for visiting us!

  5. I agree! There are SO many great reasons to read and blog, especially in this weird, crazy year. It definitely helps me stay sane.

    Happy TTT!

  6. Hi Susan! That was my EXACT reason for starting to blog again. I needed to do something for my own sanity. I've been working online this whole time and it drives my nuts. I need more balance in my life.

    Glad you agreed with us! Happy week!