Top Ten Tuesday – Fun with Flags

Posted July 4, 2023 by elzaread in Top Ten Tuesday / 43 Comments

Greetings you guys! Welcome to this week’s edition to Top Ten Tuesday. As you all know by now, TTT is proudly hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. Top Ten Tuesday is a fun way to connect with your fellow bloggers and to just have some fun with books. Or that is our interpretation at least! Today’s prompt is Book Covers In the Colors of My Country’s Flag (It’s the 4th of July in the USA today, so tell us what country you live in and share book covers that match the colors of your country’s flag!)

Both me and my Mommy are born and bred in South Africa. We are mostly proud of that (as you can see on our brand new graphic in the sidebar). For today’s prompt, we are going to have a bit of fun with our current loadshedding debacle here in SA. If you don’t know what “Loadshedding” means, you can read our Wondrous Words Wednesday post with a full description here

South Africa has a very bright and colorful flag. We can’t say the same of our night skies at the moment. It’s mostly very dull and dark. I’ll quickly go through the first 5 colours:

The next 5 books, I will dedicate to the last color in our beautiful flag and to the Prince of Darkness….

Yes, the current situation in our country is highly frustrating. But we still love it. Most of the time. Normally when the sun is shining. Especially when the lights are shining.

We can’t wait to see what fun you are having with your flags today!


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43 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Fun with Flags

  1. Katherine

    This may be the best top ten Tuesday list I’ve ever seen! Loadshedding doesn’t sound fun at all but the list made me laugh!

  2. This is a great way to do this week’s prompt! I love how you incorporated all the colors in different ways. Also, thank you for sharing about your situation. I had no idea this happens and I’m eager to learn more.

  3. OMG loadshedding sounds awful! I hope everything gets sorted out soon, because no electricity for 6 hours a day sounds awful. At least you’re not in summer, right?

    I love what you did with your post, and I never even realized how colorful and pretty the South African flag is. Great post this week!

    Leah @ Leah's Books recently posted: TTT – Red White And Blue Book Covers
  4. Laodshedding sounds… horrible. I wonder when we’ll get that. Probably not long. But I’m sure it’s incredibly annoying. I hope you get relief from it at some point maybe. Love the Feeney inclusion!!!!!!

  5. I love your take on it – loadshedding is something we do occasionally experience here in Australia during stretches of 40+*C summer days, when everyone turns on their air con, so you can imagine how fun that is. However it doesn’t sound like it’s ever as long or consistent as the ones you are currently experiencing in SA at the moment.

  6. Jo

    Ah yes loadshedding, that was a not so fun surprise when I spent a few months in South Africa a few years back, and caused some practical hurdles for my placement as doing a journalism placement and not having access to the internet for a couple of hours whilst working on my articles was……interesting to say the least! I love the humorous way you put together this post though, great way to bring some levity and creativity out of what I know is a not so great situation-yours has to be the most fun and unique post I’ve read this week, and you picked some great covers too!

  7. I didn’t know about the loadshedding but I can imagine that can be quite frustrating indeed. But I’m glad you still found the humor and creativity in it for today’s post!

  8. This has been the most educational post I have received on South Africa’s current state of affairs. I also use humor as a coping method. Such a great take on this weeks post.

  9. This is so clever Mareli! My in laws are always talking about the loadshedding debacle as you call it.