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Mini Reviews: Anomaly & Balls and Bones

Greetings you guys! How was your week? We aren’t going to do our regular Sunday Post, as we actually don’t really have that much to say. Except that my Mommy is on holiday!! Although this week was chaotic and hectically busy, she managed to finish 2 books.  So we are just going to do two mini reviews. Both of them are prequel to series’ and we would rather slot it under novellas than full books. That’s how she managed to finish both. Look my Mommy is pretty awesome, but she’s still not a superhero!           Title: Anomaly: The Blood Race Prequel  Author: K.A. Emmons Published: 05 April 2020 Pages: 133 Series: The Blood Race #0.5 Read: 24 June 2021 Source: Author’s Facebook Page Rating:  Content: Genre: Young Adult, Sci-fi Age appropriate: from young adult +. Language: clean. Violence: in contextSynopsis: 14-year-old Ion Jacobs just wants to belong to a family and feel normal. But his past is a mystery, his future is a question, and his whole life is about to change. Tossed from one foster home to another and shadowed by his mysterious past, Ion fears he’ll never fit in — until one day, when he drops a pencil and instead of falling to the floor…it floats.Shocked and bewildered, […]

Posted June 27, 2021

Mini Reviews: Britt-Marie was here, The Thursday Murder Club & The inaugural meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club

  Greetings you all! No, it’s not quite a Sunday Post today, we don’t have enough to tell you. At least nothing new. Mommy still works hard and there’s not enough hours in the day to get to the blog as much as we would love to. I can tell you that she does stay on schedule with reading though, and that’s why we decided to start this new monthly feature here on the blog.  Please tell me you love my graphic? I thought I was very clever. Get it? Mini Reviews = Minnie Mouse. I really wanted to make a graphic with me catching Minnie Mouse and dropping her on a book, but Mommy just gave me a thrown and a stern no.  The idea of this monthly post, will be to feature the books we’ve read from Book Club for the month. Yes, sometimes we do write full reviews on our Book Club books, but most of the time, there’s only time for a short, mini review. Mommy took 4 books for Book Club this month, but we only finished 3. Believe me, that was quite the accomplishment if you take the month she’s had.             […]

Posted February 28, 2021