Month: April 2021

Throwback Thursday #7 – Come, thou Tortoise

Throwback Thursday #7 – Come, thou Tortoise

Gosh, my Mommy is on such a roll this week. She’s posted 6 days in a row. Nope, no idea what’s up with that, but I’m not complaining here. I know she loves the blog and I’m glad she gets her days sorted in such a way that she has a bit more time to spend on the blogosphere. It’s Thursday and time for Throwback Thursday. Guess what? My Mommy actually plays by Davida’s rules for a change! The Chocolate Lady’s #Throwback Thursday takes place on the Thursday before the first Saturday of every month. Yes, there is a linky and it will remain open until she uploads the new one. Thank Goodness. My first and last sometimes gets very confused.  Your post must highlight one of your previously published book reviews and Davida encourages other participants to do the same.  Add the link to your post and remember to […]

Posted April 29, 2021
Wondrous Words Wednesday – Cabriolet

Wondrous Words Wednesday – Cabriolet

It’s my Mommy’s first working day of the week and we had a wonderful long weekend. It almost feels strange to think it’s a Wednesday, but then again – Wednesdays are Wondrous Words. So yea! This meme was first created by Kathy over at Bermuda Onion Blog and is now proudly hosted by yours truly. Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered, or spotlight words you love.  Feel free to get creative!  No rules apply here, just share any or all the lovely or new words you’ve encountered over the last fortnight.  Tips and ideas: Don’t go pull the Dictionary down from the shelf. Use words you came across in a book, a TV show, Google, a pamphlet, social media, doctor’s room, classroom – the possibilities are endless If you want to share a story around your chosen word, you are welcome If […]

Posted April 28, 2021

Curious Tuesday #2 – Optimizing Blogger

Greetings you all! It’s Tuesday and that means that it should actually be time for Top Ten Tuesday, one of our favorite weekly features. But today’s theme is Animals from Books and are there any other animals from books as important as cats? I think not. And we’ve done and will still continue to do enough of those to last you a last time.  Let’s rather tickle my curiosity a bit today and see if I need to give up one of my 9 lives. For those of you who are using the Blogger platform, I guess you’ve all received your notice to say that FeedBurner will no longer manage your email subscriptions (or something to that effect) and you need to find another subscription service. I.HAVE.NO.CLUE.WHAT.THAT.EVEN.MEANS. Should we be worried about this? Or even worse: Has the time come for us to get off this platform and jump onto another? […]

Posted April 27, 2021
Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon April 2021

Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon April 2021

Wasn’t the passed weekend just the most fun ever? Who else took part in the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon? Yes, yes – I know we sound a bit like a baby who got candy for the first time, but this was just so fabulous! It was our first 24 hour readathon and also our first time playing Bingo. I do believe we might be addicted now and my Mommy is just looking for more challenges build around a Bingo board. Thankfully she needs to be back at school on Wednesday and the latest obsession will hopefully also pass. As promised, here is our final Bingo board and the books we’ve read: Blue Squares: Read a book that’s won an award, Read a book recommended or gifted to you.     Yes, we did go for the Afrikaans options here! Afrikaans is our home language and of course we will read books […]

Posted April 26, 2021
The Sunday Post #36

The Sunday Post #36

Greetings you all! It’s 10:00 here in South Africa and there are only 4 hours left of the Dewey 24 Hour Readathon. Gosh, we are having so much fun with this! It’s a first for us in more than one way: Our first Dewey Readathon and also our first time playing bingo in any form. Why did no-one every tell us it’s so much fun??  What other challenges revolve around a bingo board?? Seriously now, I think it’s brilliant to have such clever prompts and games combined with a readathon. It really just brings an element of fun to it. Of course I get to snuggle with my Mommy for hours now and I can also pose for numerous Instagram photos. We’ll give a complete update later today or perhaps only tomorrow. Current update: Finish the last 91 pages of The Dreamers Started and finished Bruidzilla (287 pages) Started and finished […]

Posted April 25, 2021

Bruidzilla deur Marion Erskine

Titel: Bruidzilla Skrywer: Marion Erskine  Hoofkarakters: Milanka Fouche (die uwe), Tillie Lombaard Publikasie: 2020 (Queillerie) Bladsye: 287 (sagteband) Genre: Romantiese Komedie (maar dis nie vlak nie) Inhoud: Teikenmark – Jong Volwassenes +. Geweld – slegs wat jy as leser wil pleeg teenoor sekere karakters.  Seks – meer suggestief as bloosbaar. Taal – soms effens kras, maar geen lastering.  Gelees: 24 April 2021 Gradering:   Kort Opsomming: Tillie het ‘n heel goeie lewe, dankie. Ja, sy werk haar oor ‘n mik as kelnerin in Mellville, en ja daar’s nie iemand spesiaals in haar lewe nie, en ja, haar beste vriendin Milanka ís high­maintenance, maar so ken Tillie haar, en Milanks het al vir haar báie beteken. Haar eksieperfeksie, #blessed vriendin Milanka. Maar uhm… Sy’t nou nie verwag Milanka sal aandring sy wat Tillie is, moet sorg dat Milanka en Jacques se troue gereël kom nie!Eensklaps is Tillie in ‘n warrelwind van warmlugballonne, dringende missed calls en uitheemse Milanka­bestellings: reënbooghoringperde, en ‘n Alice in […]

Posted April 24, 2021
Weekend Book Friends #17

Weekend Book Friends #17

Greetings Humans! We haven’t done a Weekend Book Friends in ages. Missed us much? My Mommy is having a long weekend and we plan on spending it reading. The.Whole.Time. Tomorrow is the Dewey 24 Hour Readathon and we are very excited to take part in it. If you also want to take part, the link is attached to the image below. We are not quite sure what exactly we are going to read yet and I suspect we might just have some fun with the Bingo Board and the Instagram Prompts. It’s suppose to be fun! But before we can start with our Readathon, we first need to finish our current read. I guess we can perhaps let it stand over for tomorrow as we still have around a 100 pages left. In an isolated college town in the hills of Southern California, a freshman girl stumbles into her dorm room, falls asleep—and […]

Posted April 23, 2021
Hanks and a Hitman (Knitty Kitty Mystery #3) by Tracey Drew

Hanks and a Hitman (Knitty Kitty Mystery #3) by Tracey Drew

Hanks & a Hitman by Tracey Drew Series: Knitty Kitty Mystery #3 on April 19th, 2021 Genres: Cozy Mystery Pages: 276 Format: ARC Source: Author’s Copy Buy on Amazon Goodreads Wanted: Cat mum to manage a yarn store, corral two curious cats, all the while being tangled up in murderous mayhem and mystery. A smart woman would dump her cheating ex, move from the city, and give herself a chance for a well-deserved do-over. A smarter woman—smarter than me, anyway—wouldn’t jump out of that same frying pan and return to Cape Discovery, a seaside village where her family is the nuttiest of all the nut-ball residents. I’m a high school counsellor turned new owner of Unraveled, my granddad’s yarn store in town. More exciting than a delivery of rainbow colored wool is the news of movie location scouts in the area, though not everyone believes all publicity is good publicity. […]

Posted April 22, 2021

The Sunday Post #35

Greetings you guys! Just a really quick post from our side to see how you are doing! My Mommy says the passed week felt like at least a year, but it’s good to be back at school and she stands amazed at just how resilient children can really be. It’s the second term of school for us and if you walk into school, it’s as if nothing ever happened. Yes, the kids still wear masks and social distancing is still adhered to, but otherwise, the kids are just as naughty and busy and happy and playful as ever before. This makes my Mommy’s heart very happy. And tired. But in a good, content, cuddle-with-me way.  My Mommy had Book Club on Monday night and she only took one English Book and two Afrikaans books. The English book is really good and she is almost done with it. Have you read […]

Posted April 18, 2021

Classics Club Spin #26

Greetings! How are all you lovers all things Classic doing today? It’s time for another Classics Club spin. We loved taking part in this for the previous round and also loved our book! Classics Club Spin #25 – Around the world in Eighty Days. Of course we are going to take part in this. Heck, we need to. It appears as if it will be the only time my Mommy actually reads her list on the The Classics Club Challenge. I think it’s more of an adventure than an actual challenge and as it goes with many adventures – it’s all about the journey and not the destination. Luckily we always have the lovely creators of The Classics Club to keep us on our toes with the  So how do you go about joining in the fun? It’s easy. At your blog, before this Sunday, 18 April 2021, create a post that lists twenty books of […]

Posted April 16, 2021