Month: January 2021

The Sunday Post #28

 Greetings all you lovely humans! How was your week? I can’t really tell you much as it felt as if I’ve hardly seen my Mommy at all. Strangest thing of all is that is actually suppose to be a big thing. Mommy was very busy at school and had lots of new enrolments. I would have preferred her rolling in at home though. And then karma kicked in. As she always does.  Women of a certain age, not quite Jane Fonda old and not quite capable of the Jane Fonda moves she pulled when she was young – are bound to hurt something by trying to pull those Jane Fonda moves. Instead of pulling the moves, my Mommy pulled a muscle in her hip. After hip-hopping (not the dance style, literally hopping on one hip) for a couple of days, she landed at the physio and came home on Thursday […]

Posted January 31, 2021

The Classics Club Spin #25 – Around the World in Eighty Days

Greetings! How are all you lovers all things Classic doing today? Yes, I’m still a novice and my blog icon still fall under current princesses, but watch this face – one day I will be a Classic. Until then, I’ll just join my Mommy in her pursuit of The Classics Club Challenge. I think it’s more of an adventure than an actual challenge and as it goes with many adventures – it’s all about the journey and not the destination. That journey takes planning and careful consideration of what route to start off on.  That’s exactly why we were ever so excited when the The Classics Club Spin #25 landed on number 14. Our number 14 on this spin, was Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. I don’t think this story needs much of an introduction and it was one of those choices that everyone knows. Even the kids at school (they […]

Posted January 30, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday – 10 New to me Authors read in 2020

Greetings! Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today we want to give a very big welcome to all the authors who got us through the dreadful year that was 2020. Choosing a new book and especially a “new” author, is like opening a box of chocolates. And just like in life, you never know exactly what you going to get. That’s why I’ve invited a very special friend to welcome all those new-to-us authors we’ve read in 2020.  There were a couple of authors I’ve encountered for the first time last year, but I am only going to list the 10 that I know I will devour again. 1. Chanette Paul  This is our cheat author. My Mommy’s read one of her books many year ago when she still wrote mostly soppy love stories. But then she changed her writing style… One of my Mommy’s friends brought […]

Posted January 26, 2021

The Sunday Post #27

Greetings you all. First of all, a big big big big big big thank you to all of you for recommending watching Bridgerton on Netflix. It truly is the cure to many, many ailments. 2021 just got a bit better.  We are honestly not even going to complain about anything that happened this week and we actually can do quite a bit of that. But I’m quite sure The Dashing Duke of Hastings will just lift a condescending eyebrow and tell us to get over it in no uncertain terms.  Lady Whistledown’s scandalous society papers is exactly what we need to forget all about the world outside of Regency England. It’s never been my Mommy’s preferred reading destination or era, unless it’s Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer. Julia Quinn and Shonda Rhimes did a marvelous job of blending Regency England with modern day gossip and thrill seekers.  But wait, I […]

Posted January 24, 2021
Weekend Book Friends #15

Weekend Book Friends #15

Greetings Humans! It’s Friday afternoon and time to grab the books. What are you all reading this weekend? Somewhere last year, my Mommy asked your advice on authors whose names or surnames start with a ‘Q’. We did that dreadful Alphabet challenge. Julia Quinn’s name came up more than once and especially The Bridgerton series. If you spend enough time here with us, you will see that my Mommy isn’t big on romance. Especially not where Dukes and ladies-in-waiting are concerned. Unless it’s Jane Austen of course. Our book choice for today was shelved on the TBR and very much forgotten. That’s until Monday night when she didn’t know what to watch on TV while marking school books and the dice fell on Bridgerton. Within 10 minutes, all schoolwork was left unattended (as what normally happens with schoolwork. So glad I’m not a schoolbook) and I was purring happily on […]

Posted January 22, 2021
Wondrous Words Wednesday – Clowder

Wondrous Words Wednesday – Clowder

Welcome back to Wondrous Words Wednesday! This is the second week that we play host to this wonderful meme and we hope you can join us. This meme was first created by Kathy over at Bermuda Onion Blog and we’ve stumbled upon it through Yvonne at Fiction Books. Of course we immediately fell in love with it. Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered, or spotlight words you love.  Feel free to get creative!  No rules apply here, just share any or all the lovely or new words you’ve encountered over the last fortnight.  Tips and ideas: Don’t go pull the Dictionary down from the shelf. Use words you came across in a book, a TV show, Google, a pamphlet, social media, doctor’s room, classroom – the possibilities are endless If you want to share a story around your chosen word, you are welcome If […]

Posted January 20, 2021

The Sunday Post #26

 Greetings Humans! How was your week? Mommy is back at work and even though I miss her terribly when she’s at school, it’s good to see her running around and spreading sunshine just like a busy bee. School officially opened on Wednesday and it was chaos. The good kind. Lots of happy, smiley faces and only a few tears from the new Grade 1’s.  But alas, the sunshine only lasts until the thunder clouds start rolling in. my Mommy works at a Private School and trying not to get into politics, but the gap between Public Schools and Private Schools in SA is quite the pothole. Needless to say, after the chaotic school year in 2020, it’s now rather The Big Hole in Kimberley.  Quite a number of the Private Schools in SA opened on Wednesday with Public Schools planned to open on the 27th of January. This date has […]

Posted January 17, 2021

A Cat’s Guide to Bonding with Dragons by Chris Behrsin

Title: A Cat’s Guide to Bonding with Dragons Author: Chris Behrsin Published: December 2020 Pages: 224  Format: Kindle (Book Funnel) Source: Lola’s Blog Tours Series: #1 Dragoncat Content: Squeaky Clean Genre: Humorous Fantasy Age Category: 8 – 18 (or 81) Read: 10 January 2021 Rating:  Synopsis: Ben must be the hungriest cat ever…One moment, he was enjoying a breakfast of salmon trimmings in his home in South Wales. The next, he was teleported across time and space onto the cold stone floor of an evil warlock. Locked in through day and night, Ben may have to serve him for a while.He’ll hate this, especially having to hunt those infernal demon rats when the warlock doesn’t feed him well at all.Meanwhile, in a distant academy, a dragon is bored out of her mind. Unable to wear a saddle, no human dares mount her. Is there anyone in this land who can ride her […]

Posted January 16, 2021
Friday Fives #3 – 5 Places we want to visit because the book told us to

Friday Fives #3 – 5 Places we want to visit because the book told us to

Greetings! It’s the first Friday after school has opened for my Mommy and I really do hope she is going to make this snappy. I’ve missed her terribly this week and she needs to come and snuggle on the couch now. It’s good to have some sense of normality again, but the one thing my Mommy says she still misses dreadfully, is travelling. Not that they’ve travelled all that much before the whole world closed, it’s just the idea that you can travel to far off exotic destinations. So todays Friday Fives will be:    Five places my Mommy wants to travel to, because of a book.  As always, we link up with  Connect Five hosted by the BookDate. Connect Five is really very easy, just pick 5 books that are connected in some or other way. Theme, cover, genre, author – you name it. My Mommy has never been to Britain, […]

Posted January 15, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday Presents – ABBA 2021

Greetings. What a pleasure to spend this Tuesday with you. Please allow me to introduce myself. This is not your normal hosts for this blogspot. I had to hijack it for a couple of hours. You do know me, you just don’t know it yet. You have been in my embrace for the last 12 days and I really am trying my utmost best to make you feel safe and cared for.  Hijacking this blogspot was as easy as taking candy from a baby. I just handed the woman a book and a chocolate and off she went. The little snowball was a bit of a different story. Quite the curious little thing. No harm has been done to her, but she is snoozing nicely with her catnip-filled toy.  As you know, this week’s prompt for Top Ten Tuesday is goals and hopes for 2021. Tada – That’s me! 2021!! I thought […]

Posted January 12, 2021