Alfie all Alone by Holly Webb

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Alfie all Alone by Holly WebbAlfie all Alone by Holly Webb
Series: Animal Stories #2
Published by Stripes Publishing on January 1ste, 2007
Genres: Childrens
Pages: 128
Format: Paperback
Source: VCS
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Evie is overjoyed when she is given her very own puppy, Alfie. Alfie adores Evie – he loves to be cuddled, sleeps on her bed and welcomes her home from school every day with a wag of his tail. But it's not long before another new member of the family arrives: Evie's baby brother, Sam. Suddenly no-one has much time to look after Alfie, let alone play with him and take him for walks, and soon he finds himself unwanted and all alone…

Greetings you guys! It’s time for another book review from one of our eager readers from Victory School. This amazingly throrough review landed on my Mommy’s desk with a lovely note from Gia Josephs. Gia is in Grade 5 and she loves reading so much! No wonder she is second in her class for this term.

Gia decided to write her first book review (I have another by her waiting to get published!) on one of the Holly Webb Animal Stories books. Holly Webb is a very popular author in our school’s library and children enjoy her books from Grade 1 to Grade 7 and even my Mommy will read her books.

Gia chose Alfie all Alone and it really is a very sweet, but sad story. Let’s see what Gia had to say about it:

Evie was with her Mom in a store when she saw an advert for the cutest little Westie Puppies. Evie got Alfie from Mrs. Wilson who was going to retire after all the puppies were given away. Evie loved Alfie so much. Soon after, Evie’s baby brother, Sam, was born. After Sam came into the family, everyone was grumpy and found Alfie annoying. I think he was only annoying because he didn’t get enough attention.

Alfie was feeling very had done and sorry for himself. I can just imagine how sad that poor little puppy had to feel. Alfie became naughty, although all puppies are naughty you know. The family then decided to give Alfie to a dog shelter called Riverside. They were all very sad when Alfie let. Evie cried a lot and begged her parents to go and get Alfie again. They gave in, but when they go there, Alfie as already adopted by another family. The rest of the story, you will have to read for yourself.

Alfie was my favorite character. He was so cute and small and very lovable. He always listened and he really was a good dog. I didn’t care for Evie that much. I think she was negligent, a bit mean and I don’t think she must get a pet of her own again. I loved the part where Evie and her Dad went to pick up Alfie, they were all so happy.

This book teaches readers to treat everyone, human or animal, fairly- no matter what. This book can make you cry, so if you are an emotional person, perhaps you must rather not read this book.

Thank you Gia! That really was a lovely review and my Mommy hardly edited anything. We hope you will continue to be such an eager reader for many more years to come.

If you would like to read any more reviews written by our VCS students, you are welcome to visit our page at VCS Reviews

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