Month: March 2021

The Disappearance of Emily by Elizabeth Pantley

The Disappearance of Emily by Elizabeth Pantley

The Disappearance of Emily by Elizabeth Pantley Series: Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic #2 Published by Amazon Digital Services on March 15th, 2021 Genres: Cozy Mystery Pages: 230 Format: ARC Source: Author’s Copy Buy on Amazon Goodreads A magic mirror. An enchanted world. A mysterious missing mother. A suspicious package. An unexplained death. A community of strange, quirky people. A sassy cat and a hilarious witch. Come visit Destiny Falls and escape to a great time. Hayden’s life was normal until she fell through a mirror and was thrust into an alternate, magical place. Destiny Falls is not on any map and is home to a family she never knew she had. The town is enchanted and charming, and the amazing mansion she lives in changes to meet the needs of the people who live there, including her! Every day she discovers a new enchantment. But something is amiss. Hayden gets an ominous warning from a strange woman, who promises to tell her the town secrets and give her a package – if she’ll meet her at the mysterious ferry that lacks a published destination. The ferry visit is cancelled, but the package is delivered. Once it arrives, someone turns […]

Posted March 12, 2021

The Sunday Post #31

Greetings you all! So sorry that we missed you last week. The days whirl away in a blast of sunshine and 25 hour days. But still not enough hours to get to the blog as much as we would like to. I think I’m going to ask Daddy to trade my Nibbles for Bar One chocolates. That one extra hour a day might help my Mommy to read and blog a bit more. If you don’t know what a Bar One chocolate is, it’s the South African version of a Mars Bar. Just better.  Anyhows – what have you been up to? What books are new on your shelf? We have quite a few to share with you! Adding to the Litter I’m starting to pick up the trend here with my Mommy. When she is stressed out, or over-worked, her comfort drug is books. Let’s rather not complain about it at all. It could have been way worse.  For Review                  The Disappearance of Emily by Elizabeth Pantley – From the lovely author herself The Ice Swan by J’Nell Ciesielski – Netgalley The Journey (Death Island #1) by Kelsey Ketch – Lola’s Blog Tours Bookbub & Daily Deals    […]

Posted March 7, 2021
Six Degrees of Separation – From Phosphorescence to Lassie Come Home

Six Degrees of Separation – From Phosphorescence to Lassie Come Home

Greetings all you wonderful humans! How was your February? Our February was just about as crazy as the Six Degrees of Separation chain my Mommy is coming up with today. If there’s woman who knows how to pull a cat from a hat, it’s her. And somehow, it always end up making sense in some obscure way.  I’m sure by now you all know the rules of this monthly fun meme hosted by Books are my Favorite and Best: On the first Saturday of every month, a book is chosen as a starting point and linked to six other books to form a chain. Books can be linked in obvious ways, for example: same authors, same era or genre, or books with similar themes or settings. Or you might choose to link them in more personal ways: books you read in the same holiday, books given to you by a particular friend or books that remind you of a particular time in your life. The choices are endless here!    Our starting point for this month, is a book that we’ve never heard of before. Come to think of it – most of the starting books are unfamiliar to us and I […]

Posted March 6, 2021
Wondrous Words Wednesday – Larrikin

Wondrous Words Wednesday – Larrikin

Greetings and welcome to Wondrous Words Wednesday! This meme was first created by Kathy over at Bermuda Onion Blog and is now proudly hosted by yours truly. Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered, or spotlight words you love.  Feel free to get creative!  No rules apply here, just share any or all the lovely or new words you’ve encountered over the last fortnight.  Tips and ideas: Don’t go pull the Dictionary down from the shelf. Use words you came across in a book, a TV show, Google, a pamphlet, social media, doctor’s room, classroom – the possibilities are endless If you want to share a story around your chosen word, you are welcome If you want to link your chosen word up with a book or books, please do so  You are welcome to share photos or pictures that will describe your word just a bit better (who doesn’t love Pictionary) Let’s stick to words that are recognized in the English Dictionary. You are welcome to use translations of your chosen word or a brief history if it derives from a different language, but your readers need to be able to find […]

Posted March 3, 2021

Ten Characters whose job I wish I had (if only I was a human)

Greetings all you beautiful humans! It’s Tuesday and once again, I am hijacking my Mommy’s Top Ten Tuesday post. Today’s prompt from the lovely Jana over @ That Artsy Reader Girl, is Ten Characters whose job I wish I had. It’s obvious that my Mommy already has her dream job (teacher/librarian), otherwise she would have been at home more. So I will entertain you today with my very own selection of the jobs I would have loved to have. If I were a human. And a fictional character. Of course I would have loved to be the Queen of England with a whole string of kittens ladies in waiting, but what would I do all day? Smile and wave is much more appealing to a penguin than to a fluffy white kitten. There are also way to many books to choose from, so I’ll leave that title to someone else.  1. Obsessive Cleaner and Critique of everyone around me I do believe that job title will suit me very well. The closest character from a book I could think of who will fit the bill as well, is Britt-Marie from Britt-Marie was here by Fredrik Backman 2. A Feather Duster with some va-va-va-voom […]

Posted March 2, 2021