Ten Favorite Reading Spots

Posted August 17, 2021 by elzaread in Top Ten Tuesday / 37 Comments

Greetings Humans! It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for Top Ten Tuesday, hosted byย Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s topic is an easy pick – Ten Favorite Places to Read. Or at least I thought it was an easy pick, but my Mommy says she thinks we interpret it slightly differently. So we’ve decided to split it up into two sections. Section A will be my 5 favorite reading spots and Section B will be my Mommy’s 5 favorite places to read.

Section A – Elza’s favorite reading spots

1. The couch – This is where about 70% of our reading is done. We love that couch!
2. In Bed – I’ll say around 15%. Unless we wake up and it’s cold and raining. Then we can stay there for the whole day. But at night we tend to fall asleep…
3. The dining room table – For audiobooks mainly! My Mommy loves coloring or doing Diamond Painting, or just plain painting while listening to audiobooks.
4. Grandmamma’s old Banana Rocker. My Mommy grew up on that chair and she’s read at least a 100 books over the years on it. No wonder she inherited it.
5. A Sunny Spot – We live in Sunny South Africa and love the sun. Yes, we are sun-wise and even though I HATE it when my Mommy lathers me with sunblock, I know it’s for my own best.

Section B – Mommy’s favorite places to read

6. Mozambique – Before my Mommy and Daddy moved to the Eastern Cape, they lived approximately 70km’s from the Mozambique/South African border. They took some great trips there and there isn’t much to do accept for lying in the sun and reading all day.
7. Mauritius – Yes. She is a spoiled little brat. That’s my Mommy, not me. Daddy has taken her to Mauritius a couple of times and the time spend not exploring the island, is of course spend reading.


8. Uvongo KZN, South Africa – As long as my Mommy can remember, her summer holidays were spend at Uvongo. Her Granny used to live there and that Banana Rocker that I love so much, was also in Uvongo. Definitely a favorite place to read.


9. Plettenberg Bay and surrounding areas (Keurboomstrand, The Crags) South Africa – Mommy and Daddy love to take mini breaks and it’s only an hour or two’s drive away. Yes, the normally chose the secluded areas, because then my Mommy can read uninterrupted. And Daddy can sleep.
10. Jeffreys Bay, South Africa – Yes! This is home. But before it was home, it was a favorite holiday spot and my Mommy loved the hours of sun, sea, sand and story-books! But I guess now it really is our favorite reading spot and our favorite place to read in the whole wide world.
My Mommy sure is the beachy type, don’t you think? I wonder if she even noticed it.
What are your favorite spots to read in? And your favorite places to read?
Hope you will have a wonderful Tuesday!
Lots of Love,


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37 responses to “Ten Favorite Reading Spots

  1. Love your reading locations! I am not really a read at the beach person as I get too hot and sunburned. I am more of a couch/bed/by the fire/out in the garden reader.

  2. Elza looks very comfortable in those first pics! ๐Ÿ™‚ And the remaining ones are beautiful. It looks very appealing there. I love reading in the sun

  3. Wow, so many beautiful places in South Africa! Gorgeous pics. Also, putting sunblock on cats is a thing? I had no idea!

    Happy TTT!

  4. Our lists are similar in idea! I LOVE reading at the beach and I miss living overseas because it afforded so many wonderful opportunities to travel!

    • Hi Cindy! Yes, this no travelling at the moment is a real bummer. I'm grateful to life in a beautiful country with stunning places to see. But would really love to travel again.

  5. What beautiful places to read! I either read a ton on vacation or nothing at all. There's never any in between. I love the rocking chair! I have an old rocking chair in my office that was in my nursery when I was little and pretty much everyone read me books in. My rocking chair doesn't look as comfy as yours though!

    • I have a real rocking chair as well that belonged to my aunt and yes, it's gorgeous! But not comfortable at all.
      I hardly read anything during our last winter holidays, was busy with things at home and reading was not the priority. So I guess it's all or nothing for me too!

  6. I also mostly read on the couch and um dining room table. I like seeing all those pictures of the scenery locations where you like to read. Looks like you have some beautiful beaches over there!

    • Hi Lola! Yes, South Africa does have some really lovely beaches and we are very blessed and fortunate to live in the most beautiful little seaside town.

    • Hi there Pam! Yes, we love that chair! All my cats actually love that chair. I think it's because of all the good vibes.

      Of course I will pay you a visit, so sorry that it took me couple of days to get back to you!

  7. Lots of great places to read.

    My favorite places are our boat, in our SUV when I'm not driving and in our living room. Hubby and I meet each afternoon in our living room and read together before fixing dinner. It's a wonderful habit for us.

    Have a fabulous day. โ™ฅ

    • Hi Sandee! That is a wonderful habit in deed. My husband isn't a big reader, but he is always very intrigued with what I am reading, so we tend to discuss my current read at supper. I am excited for the renovations that are happening at our house and then I will be able to add my own little library to my favorite spots too!

  8. When listening to audiobooks, I do it while walking, while in the bathtub, in bed, when on a break from work…you get the idea!
    When actually reading a book, the kitchen table is a primo spot, secondly the backyard deck (where I'd sit with Paddy O'Malley who made a terrific book rest in my lap), and at the library! Yep, I go to the library to read.

    • I think I tend to get too easily distracted. Auditory perception is not my strongest skill! I can listen to an audiobook while driving as well though. But I can't only listen… Guess you now feel very sorry for my Mother when I was a child. LOL!!

      I never read at table, don't think my husband will take to me kindly. I will blog right after supper every now and then though!

  9. Oh my goodness! Look at all those amazingly beautiful spots to read that are so near you, Mareli. I had no idea you were amid such beauty.

    And I understand your affection for your grandma's rocker. Beautiful.

    • Hi Debbie! South Africa does have its problems, but beauty isn't one of it! We really do have some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. My humble opinion.