Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I would name a pet after

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Now isn’t this a fun Top Ten Tuesday prompt! Aaah, thank you Jana and Nushu for this one. Characters I would name a pet after. As if you name your pets after anything but famous characters. Who does that?

As you know, I share my house with 2 humans, 3 other felines and 2 Labrador Retrievers. We were all named after characters.  Except for Stinkie. Daddy named him and he is not the world’s most creative name-giver. Not that I think Stinkie would take kindly to be named after some or other random character. 

So let’s start with the most important character naming of them all. Me, of course. In case you still haven’t noticed who I was named after from our blog templateand  name (although it is spelled a bit differently), I was named after the ultimate Snow Queen herself:

Let’s stick to the felines and give honor and respect to those who came before us. My Mommy had a cat when they still lived on the farm in Malelane. Think Kruger Park. Think huge raptors and humongous pythons that eat cats, dachshunds and even Jack Russells. I kid you not. Lucy didn’t have a very long life, but she did manage to give birth to one litter of kittens of which the one still lives with us. Her name is Sirikit and I can promise you, I think her mother, Lucy, was a much nicer cat. She was named after the most beloved Pevensie sibling from the Chronicles of Narnia:
Although beautiful, I have to admit, her daughter is a real catty old cat who always chases me under the bed or the couch. Luckily Daddy always rescues me (it’s Sirikit in the picture, Mommy doesn’t have a picture of Lucy).
I also have a stepbrother, or rather a foster brother that lives with us. My Mommy’s aunt passed away two years ago. Her love for reading was inherited from Auntie Rina. She always had lots of pets and her last two remaining cats now live with us and Mommy’s sister. Kit was actually named after Christopher Columbus. He travelled all across the town before he landed up with my Mommy’s aunt and then he travelled all across the country to come live with us. We just call him KitKat, because Christopher Columbus can’t fit on the little name tags and have you tried to shout that name out while calling all of us for feeding time? 
Emma lives with Auntie Hannelize and she is almost 21 years old. Yes, she was named after Emma by Jane Austen. It was my Mommy’s aunt’s favorite Jane Austen and she is very happy that they’ve listened to it while my Mommy drove her for her radiation treatment every day during the last year of her life.  
Next up is my beloved Canine Mommy and Daddy. I love them so and I have no idea where the saying “they fight like cat and dog” comes from. I’ve only experienced love from these two. My Canine Mommy, Lea, was named after Leah from the Bible. You know, the lady with the soft and gentle eyes. When she first came to Mommy and Daddy, she was a timid, very sickly little thing. Mommy says that she didn’t think she would survive and decided to give her a Biblical name and pray very very hard. It worked. Lea is eleven years old already and the most gentle soul you will ever find. 
Next to Daddy, my hero has to be Hercules. Yes, the big strong conqueror of trials and thieves and monitor lizards. And of course, champion catcher of the ball. Hercules is just a few months older than Lea and turned 11 on the 31st of May. You will never say that! May he live for 11 more years. And more. Please. 
It’s a sad reality of life that all pets must die one day. Let’s don’t think about it too much for now. My Mommy says that she will always have pets and she does have a few interesting character names that she would like to bestow on her adopted pets from the future.
Of course all cats need to be treated as royalty. What better name to give a cat than the childhood nickname of the world’s best known monarch?
Mommy loves the name Merricat, but she says it does make her wonder if it will be possible for a cat to get hold of the sugar bowl and some cyanide? What if the future Merricat don’t like her and decide to combine the sugar and cyanide? Or even worse, what if she doesn’t like me?? What will she do to me??! I think we need to reconsider that name.
A person that my mommy admires a lot is that big old fat guy who saved the world just by believing he could and saying it out loud. Unfortunately, someone else already named a cat after him and that didn’t turn out all that well either. What if our Churchill dies and comes back…?? Nope, scrap that one as well.

Okay, I guess we can’t only wish for cats in the future. Daddy wants to get a schnauzer, because he says they don’t shed and their hair are hypo-allergenic. Whatever. Mommy says they look like old men with heavy, old Afrikaner names. Therefore, if Daddy does bring home the schnauzer, he will be named Albertus. After inspector Albertus Beeslaar in Weeping Waters by Karin Brynard.
Have you ever named a pet after a book or movie character? What about a prominent person in history? 
Please share them with us and have a wonderful Tuesday!
Lots of Love,


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46 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I would name a pet after

  1. Oh dear, my sweet kitty is named Bucky, but his full name is James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. I've a bit of a Marvel fan. πŸ˜‰ I think you're right! We love naming our pets after literary characters or famous people!

    • My husband would love that! He is also a huge Marvel fan. Now it makes me wonder why he didn't give Stinkie a better name? There are quite a few super great ones from Marvel.

      Thanks for your visit!

    • Thank you Rosemarie! They are as close to any family member to us, so why not give them human names? I will draw the lines at titles though. Then they might just take over the whole show. (Not that they don't in any case)

  2. I love the thought you put into your pet names! Lucy is a great name for a kitty, and Biblical names are great too. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Greg! You know me the longest here, so yes – you bet I put a lot of thought into my pets names!

      Hope you had a good week, we'll chat over the Sunday News tomorrow.

    • Hi there Katie! As you can see, my week was rather hectic. Only get to answer my TTT comments on Saturday..

      Glad you enjoyed our post – feel free to stop by anytime!

  3. I had not connected that Elza = Elsa! Duh!

    Merricat very nearly made it onto my post. By the time I thought of it, I already had ten and I didn't feel like starting over. But you're right–she might murder us in our sleep.

    My best friend from high school had dogs named Lucy and Linus from Peanuts. I can't remember what kind of dogs they were but your labs are beautiful. My aunt had a lab named Chase and he was the best dog. I even cried when he died!

    It's so nice of you to adopt your aunt's animals. That must have been a relief to her to know they would be taken care of.

    I love all your choices!

    • Merricat is sooo nice, but I do believe it might be a bit dangerous!

      My Labs are getting old now, I dread the day when we will need to say goodbye. I think I might need therapy then.

    • Hi Ashley! I can't actually remember how we finally decided on Hercules, I know I chose Oscar originally, but my husband didn't like it. In retrospect,thank goodness!
      Our Hercules does live up to his name, although he is actually nothing but an oversized teddy bear!

  4. KitKat gave me a bit of a chuckle… it is such a cute name! These are all great names. I really like how your name is spelled differently, Elza! It makes you unique. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    • Hello Maya! Glad you like KitKat's name. We speak Afrikaans and 'cat' is just 'kat' in Afrikaans. Kit is a strange Afrikaans version of Chris, so that's where it comes from!

      I feel honored that you think I am unique. I know it's true, but it's still good to hear it! (Elza really is one heck of a madam)

    • Oh yes! Lily is just the most gorgeous name. If I ever had a girl, I would have called her Lily. Might name my next labby Lily.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • The full name is even better – Albertus Beeslaar. I can imagine if you don't know Afrikaans, how difficult it must be to pronounce. Try Put-sonder-water. That is an actual town in SA!

  5. Aw I love these stories, and is it just me or does Hercules look like the character Hercules on the pictures you put up?! haha I see a resemblance.
    When me and my sister was younger we called our goldfish James Bond haha, but apart from that we only had one other pet (a hamster which I called honey because she was a beautiful golden honey colour).

    • HI Chloe! He sure does look like just like Hercules the hero!

      We've always had pets. My mom had a cat named Gilda after the opera and my aunt always named her pets after historical characters. She was a history teacher.

      Thanks for stopping by Chloe!