Library Card – May 2021

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Greetings all you lovely people! I’ve been eying all your gorgeous monthly wrap-up posts and your plan-to-read posts for a while now. It really is a way to streamline your month just a little bit better.

As you know, my Mommy means the world to me, but she can also irritate the living daylight out of me. Mostly because she is so ridiculously unorganized. How she ever manages at school and with running a library and her own business, really is beyond me. She never, ever knows what is going on in her reading life. She’s got this amazing system at school for the students to control their library books and cards and she always knows exactly what book is with what student and where their library cards are. It’s an easy enough system with each child being assigned a barcode to a little stick that they can decorate as they want.

And then it hit me! That’s what we need! We need our very own library card. And I’ll take possession of it and make sure my Mommy sticks to it. If she doesn’t, I will penalize her the same way she penalizes the kids at school when their library books are late, or their cards are missing. I might not ask for money, but rather hugs and cuddles and extra nibbles. Either way, the punishment will be harsh.
A library card will definitely help her to get her monthly reading streamlined and help her not miss as many deadlines. Such a clever little cat, don’t you think?
Book Club books will of course be the first on the list and I will wait to update her monthly Library Card until Book Club. It’s normally on the first Monday of the new month. Maybe I should have chosen a better month though… My Mommy is the founder and the keeper of the D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) Book Club and she considers it as part of her duty to read all the books in Book Club. So glad I’m not a crazy human.  Once a year, she sorts through the piles of books and make sure they are all on the register and then hands them back to the various members.
The problem with this “stock take” is that she normally discovers that she’s missed a couple of books and then she frantically wants to read them all.
So the Book Club books on her Library Card this month is:

Die Boek van Gelukkige Eindes deur Debbie Loots – ✔ (didn’t care for it much)

The Choice by Edith Eger – still busy with it. It’s a bit on the heavy side. Will renew it.
Oorlewingsgids vir ‘n Bedonnerde Diva deur Sophia Kapp – I’m going to keep this one on ice for a month or two. With a couple of other things.
Sondag deur Irma Venter – ✔ Brilliant read! Wish it was available in English….
Hippie by Paulo Coelho – Didn’t get to it and will give it skip.
The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin Started with it, but didn’t get passed the first 2 chapters. DNF. 
She’s never going to manage that. And if she does, I’ll eat dog food for a week. Mark my words. If she were on holiday, maybe. But she’s not. So Ha. – She actually managed very well, I thank you.
She also have the following books on her Kindle that she still needs to read for reviews this month:
A Dark and Secret Place was another DNF. It was very dark and although I don’t mind the darker side of life, sometimes I just can’t stomach it. This book was like that for me. It did get some raging reviews from other reviewers though, so I guess it’s just me!
Reserved for Murder was a decent read. When we finally managed to get into it…! It took ages to sort through the characters and the previous plot lines. But it did end well. You can find our review here.
We didn’t get to Waterborne. But we did read another book from the same publisher and our review should be up somewhere this week or the weekend. We loved it!
9 Books on one little card this month. I can’t see that happening. I guess I can start dreaming about nibbles and an extra helping of salmon by month end.  – You can get one extra treat tonight, Elza. No salmon.
Do you use a wrap-up or reading plan for your month? And what’s on your library card for May? Do you think our system will work?
Check in with us again by the fist week in June to see me snack on my delicious treats while giving you an update on my Mommy’s progress.
Lots of Love,


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7 responses to “Library Card – May 2021

  1. So, on the last day of the month, I've started choosing the 6 or 7 books to read each month, knowing (hoping) that I'll read more. I choose a couple YA, the rest adult, a mystery/thriller, a nonfiction, a romance/fun book, and the rest heavier/more serious stuff. The books go in a stack on my coffee table. So far, it's working well. Good luck!

    • Hi there Helen! I used to be way more organized. But I've lost it between school work and life in general. But I would love to get a bit more organized again, so I do hope this will work for me.

      Your plan sounds like a well balanced selection and it's bound to work yes!

  2. The library card system looks great! Now if we could only ever stick to it. ? Still worth a try. I only knew Coelho from the list, and I've been speaking about him reently — so finding his mention here is a wonderful coincidence. I wonder what gem of wisdom "Hippie" will have for us. ~Lex

    • Hi Lex! I really do hope it works for me. Need to get a bit more organized!

      I've read quite a few books by Coelho, but not this one. Will see how it is!

  3. It seems like anytime I try to plan out my month's reads, it just doesn't work out. I am more of a mood reader and while I try to get ARCs read in time, I often fail at that. I try to remember that as long as I am reading something from the review pile then I am making progress. I hope this new system works out for you.

    • Hi Carole! Book Club helps a bit with that, because I put my books on the coffee table in the foyer and can't forget about them. It's my Kindle that's the biggest problem. I think next year I must make a challenge and say I only read books on my Kindle. Ha ha ha …. Who am I kidding here….