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 Such happy greetings to you all today! My Mommy and Daddy are back from their holiday and I can’t even pretend to behave like a cat and simply ignore them. I am soooo glad to see them, I jus snuggle and purr and listen to all their stories. 

They had such a lovely time. I think they had a nice rest as well, they don’t look like sleepy dogs all that much anymore. Mommy says her favorite part of the holiday was the Elephant Sanctuary in Plettenberg Bay. They got to walk with the elephants and feed them and just spend some time with the gentle giants. Not that I’m jealous or anything, but I do believe that she would have adopted a baby elephant if you give her half a chance and double the space. Thankfully the Good Lord above created fluffy white kittens as well and she can love me to her heart’s content. I’m sure you will still hear about the elephants for a few posts to come. 

The rest of their holiday was spent taking long walks, visiting a lovely spa, going to the local markets, eating, drinking, sleeping and of course – reading a lot! Here’s a nice collage for those who requested snaps. Like Heather. 

The plan was to do lots and lots of blogging as well, but they didn’t have wifi and data is a bit too expensive. Since we last graced you with our presence, only 5 posts saw the light of publishing.

Scratching the Blog Pole

Click on the image if you missed one of the following posts:
We finally joined The Classics Club! Looking forward to this 5 year challenge…. 
We’ve discovered Wondrous Words Wednesday. I already have a few words lined up for this feature. 
Marg over at The Intrepid Reader and Baker invited me to do a Bestsellers around the world post with her. This was my favorite post for September! I had so much fun doing this. Will definitely do it again. If Marg asks you to join in, put on your Nike’s and just do it. It’s great fun!
Mommy filled her bag with books that she intended to read over the holidays. And then the following book showed up on the bookcase of the Air B&B place they stayed in. Of course she had to read it and somehow it turned into a quick review as well.

Like I’ve said, the plan was to do lots and lots of blogging. Because that is fun and relaxing in a different way. I was especially looking forward to this past week’s Top Ten Tuesday as quotes from books are one of my favorite topics in forever. I have little notebooks and my cellphone’s notes are not used for much more than storing quotes. But then we had hardly any cellphone reception and no wifi. Thankfully I had an older post that I could revamp and publish. And a cover photo that I’ve made a while back. 

On the couch 

According to my Mommy’s Goodreads Yearly Challenge, she only has one book left to complete her challenge of 54 books for 2020. I don’t think I will get any sneaked salmon or anchovies if I call my Mommy a liar and a cheat. But she cheated!! She was/is suppose to complete her Read the Alphabet challenge before 31 December. But she still has 13 books left on that list! She should have only read books with titles or authors starting with different letters from the alphabet. Unfortunately, she got distracted by other books and now I don’t know if she’ll make it! But we are going to give it one darn good try. 
All three of these will count towards her 2020 Reading Challenge: 
Cilka’s Journey – Heather Morris (Paperback) = Author H
The Night Tiger – Yangsze Choo (Audio book) = Author Y
Your Perfect Year – Charlotte Lucas (Kindle) = Title Y
The D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read) Book Club ladies will gather on Tuesday night and I just know that my Mommy will most probably be distracted by other books once again. But just maybe she will surprise me! 
That’s all from us today, Mommy goes back to work tomorrow and she still needs to do some prep and write one or two other blogposts as well.
May you all have a wonderful week and remember to link up with Kimberly for The Sunday Post and with Debs for The Sunday Salon.
Lots of Love,


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31 responses to “The Sunday Post #13

  1. Oh I'm so glad your humans had a great time! The elephant sanctuary sounds awesome. Would love to se something like that someday. And great pics too!

    How cool too that you found a good book to read on vacation. 🙂 Hope you are having a great weekend- be well this week!

    • Hi Greg! I know! I was very glad to see that book on the shelf. Air B&B is just the best. The second place we stayed at also had some great books.

      Lovely to be back at home and eager for school to start tomorrow.

  2. What a fabulous vacation. Maybe it's a good thing you didn't have wifi; it seems like you got to spend lots of time enjoying each other's company. An elephant sanctuary? We need that so much. It would be a wonderful place to visit. And a spa? What a dream. Your photos are lovely. You really must post more photos.

    You seem to have read a lot of books on your trip, too. I hardly ever get much read on my trips as my husband isn't a reader.

    So glad you are doing the Classics Club. I was happy to learn about the Internet Archive library collection this week. I found a lot of books from my Classics Club list there. It's wonderful not to have to buy books.

    Enjoy your book club meeting. Hope you have a great week, Mareli!

    • I saw you mentioned the Internet Archive Library on your post. I will go and have a look! I haven't started with my reading for Classics Club yet, but will start somewhere this month. Just need to get the 2020 challenge out of the way!

      I will post more pictures during the week. Have a few ideas for posts where I can use them!

      You must also have a good week Deb, sure we'll chat soon.

  3. It looks like a wonderful trip! Elephants are amazing. So great you could be with them. You must be a big animal person (as am I) …. do you have 2 labradors and cats? We have 1 Lab dog and she fills our lives.

    • We don't have children and I'm just one of those people who loves everything! So I need lots of hugs and cuddles and things to take care of. We actually have 4 cats… My eldest is 11 years old and a bit of a whack job, no jokes. Then I have a 3 year old foster kitten who I had to bottle feed and everything. My aunt passed away 2 years ago and we "inherited" her cat. And then Elza. Little spoiled bugger. Almost a year old.

      We also have 2 labs! Hercules turned 11 in May and Lea now in September. They are getting older, but still in good conditions!!

      I love elephants. Have you ever read Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult? I'll chat to you about it sometime.

      Have a good week!

  4. That vacation sounds awesome, I love elephants but have never been close to one.

    "they don't look like sleepy dogs all that much anymore" That's so funny!

    Curmudgeon is a great word, especially nowadays.

    I'm so behind on my reading goal that there's little chance I'll get caught up 🙁

    I hope you have a great week!

    • Hi Vicki! I've seen elephants in the Kruger Park and in Addo a couple of times, but it was also my first time to be so up close and personal. Was an amazing experience!

      Thanks for visiting us and I hope you will have a good week!

  5. Elza sounds like your mummy and daddy had a great trip, but I am glad to hear they are home safe and sound to snuggle and love you. I hope you all have a wonderful week and have chance to catch up on your blogging, too. From, Jessica and Bonnie the black cat ??

    • Hi there Bonnie and your lovely hooman! Aaah thanks for coming to say hi! We love having you around.

      Good to be back home yes and looking forward to catching up with everything again.

  6. The elephant sanctuary sounds amazing! As does relaxing in a spa. I see occasional travel deals for safaris and I'm always tempted. I think that's probably number one on my husband's bucket list and it's definitely high on mine. But even deals are still expensive when you're starting from across the ocean. I need to just go ahead and book one when we can all finally travel again. This has shown us that we can't count on being able to travel "next year."

    Enjoy your week!

    • That is very true Jen. We wanted to do a Mediterranean cruise this year, but all that is also out of the question as the moment. South Africa does have it's issues, but gosh it's a beautiful country. Hope you get to do your safari real soon.

      Have a wonderful week!

  7. Looks and sounds like a lovely holiday! What an amazing treat to see and get so close to the elephants!

    I understand getting distracted by other books and not working on a challenge. You've got to read what suits your mood. I think when I try to force myself to get through a book I'm not in the mood for I don't appreciate it as much as I would otherwise.

    Happy reading and thanks for visiting my Sunday Post! 🙂

    • Hi there Rachel! I've luckily reached that age where I don't get forced into doing things I don't want to very easily. Especially reading. There are way to many books I still want to read. If a book don't have me hooked by page 40, I just let it go and pick up the next one.

      Hope you will have a good week!

  8. What an amazing trip! I would love to see elephants like that. Magnificent creatures. Looks like your mama had a fabulous time but she missed you too and gave you plenty of hugs and scratches!

    Hope everyone enjoys their week!

  9. My cats always start off with the snubbing, but quickly decide they'd rather get the attention. It helps that I apologize profusely for leaving them behind. LOL What a lovely holiday! I would love to visit the elephant sanctuary! Such beautiful animals. I hope you and your family have a wonderful week.

    • The week sure kicked off with a bang and I feel I need a weekend already..!

      The elephants were amazing. I wish everyone can experience their presence. Unfortunately, there are still people who want to hurt them. So sad.