The Sunday Post #4

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Greetings Humans! I am lying here with my Mommy and on the radio is playing a rather upbeat song (LM Radio, you should try it out. They play all the oldies and goodies). But not even the song gets me to lift my pretty head. Goodness gracious great balls of fire – the past two weeks have been long. Mommy says we should rather count them in cat days. Thus, 98 days have passed since we last graced you with our presence.

I am very glad to be have Mommy and Daddy back home safely, but I didn’t get all my requested prezzies, so I brought them a lizard or two and rolled the toilet paper down two nights in a row. Not that it helped very much, she still went to school last week Monday. And then she came back half way through the day. She looked furious and thought it best to just purr and look cute. She complained about something called Load shedding. I didn’t really see the problem. She ended up on the couch reading, because she couldn’t work on the computer. Then on Tuesday, the exact same thing happened! She stormed in here again midway through the day, but then she was in tears. I still don’t really see the problem, but I am old enough to know when my mommy is really upset.
I think it’s stage 2, those Eskom humans do whatever they want in any case. But believe it or not, that’s still not the best part of the week! On Tuesday night, right before dinner time (for them, I was luckily fed already. Otherwise it would have been really too crazy), Mommy’s Head Master phones and tells her that there will be NO SCHOOL until Monday due to Covid 19. You should have seen her face.
No electricity, no wine, no school. It doesn’t make for a pretty sight. Devastation and despondency are accurate descriptions.
Anyone else saw this meme? I for one love Mommy’s apocalyptic outfit, but I think I should rather just keep that to myself.
At least she did get time for some blogging over the last 98 days, so all’s not completely lost! And it did cheer her up. Thank goodness for blogging.

Scratching the blog pole

We did 2 Top Ten Tuesdays’, 2 Wednesday Wisdom’s, 2 Weekend Book Friends and 1 book review. Click on the image if you want to read the posts!
The book reviews are in Afrikaans. I will be so impressed if you understand it! But seriously, if by any chance any one reading this does speak or read Afrikaans, give us a shout out! Would love to meet up with Afrikaans bloggers.

On the couch

Let’s don’t fuss about this too much. Reading is not really as high on Mommy’s priority list as it should be. I’ll defend her reasons nail and claw. She did manage to read a bit yesterday and as soon as she publish this post, she will be doing exactly that again. After she fed me and everyone else. And finish her planning for tomorrow.
Shelter in place by Nora Roberts (audio) If we leave her in peace, she might finish it today.
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke (audio) Maybe she should just watch the TV series. It really is dreadfully long.
Bear Town by Fredrik Backman (paperback) This one she enjoys tremendously
Devil at my heels by Louis Zamperini (kindle) Really a good read
Not much. Mommy and Daddy did watch a very old movie that didn’t make sense to me at all. Back to the Future. How can 2015 be the future? Strange what amuses my humans every now and then.
Did anybody see this? This made my Mommy laugh hysterically:
I don’t think I will do a ‘Let it Go’ section today. The past 98 days just need to be let go and we are looking forward to a new week!
How was your past 49 days? Hope you will have a wonderful week ahead and that you do not need to suffer through load shedding, alcohol bans or any infected schools. Please stay safe!
PS: Don’t forget to link up with Kimberley at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Deb at Reader Buzz to share your news with everyone. I’ll meet you there!
Lots of love,
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17 responses to “The Sunday Post #4

  1. I do hear about about Eskom and load shedding from my inlaws. This year does feel like it could be going in cat years!

    • Hi there Marg! Yes… Cat years….. Do your inlaws life in South Africa??

      Awesome! Thanks for stopping by, hope your week is good so far.

    • It really does make more sense hey!

      Thanks for stopping by, this week has been hectic, but not much time for blogging however…

  2. Great apocalypse outfit. I mainly wear a kitty long nightshirt all the time… a different one each day 🙂 I loved watching Back To The Future, but boy were they off 🙂 LOL Have a great week!

    • I know! It's hilarious to watch it! We are back at school (for now), so apocalyptic outfit doesn't work anymore.

      Hope your week has been great!

  3. Oh no- sorry to hear about the load shedding. And school issues! Sounds frustrating for sure. And of course wine haha!

    Back to the Future! Wow!! It always cracks me up when I watch a movie about the future and it's, like, five years ago or whatever lol. How crazy is that? Where are the flying cars??????

    Hope this week is a better one. 🙂

    • Hi there Greg! Aaaah load shedding is such a bummer. I hate it!!! But it's been okay this week. Just very hectic and busy at school. Not complaining though. It's good to be back at school.

      I have only ever seen the 1st one of Back to the future. We've watched the second one on Sunday night and will watch the third one somewhere over the weekend. I think Spielberg must just make another one. Just to clear the air.

      Hope your week has been good so far!

    • Hi there AJ! We're back at school, so apocalyptic outfit is way back in the cupboard again. There are rumors that schools will close down again, but I really hope it won't happen. Then I might just stay in my apocalyptic outfit until the very end…!

      Hope your week was good!

  4. Is the load shedding power loss? That would be so frustrating! Especially with the no wine. Hopefully this week be less frustrating and give you lots of reading time – while snuggling up with a cute little kitten of course!

  5. Oh dear. Miserable. No electricity? No school? No computer? And worst of all, no wine? Oh dear. I'm glad you are there, little kitty, to comfort your human.

    At least she is writing lots of blog posts and reading lots of books. I haven't read Bear Town or City of Girls, but I've read and enjoyed other books by both authors.

    Here's to a good week for all of us. Santé!

    • I'm also glad that Elza is here! It's been a hectic week. But good. Lovely to be back at school.

      Not much time for blogging though… Will try over the weekend!

      Hope you had an awesome week!

  6. Urg! I'm guessing load shedding is a term for electricity blackouts? How utterly miserable! I'd be in tears, too… I could do without the TV or radio – but my computer? Noooo… I hope the coming week has less load shedding and more of the good stuff!

    • Touch wood, no load shedding so far! Yea!! Busy at school, so not much time for blogging. But I will find my rhythm again and then I'll be on a roll!

      Hope you had a really awesome week.