Library Card – June 2021

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Greetings you all! My Mommy had Book Club on Monday night and that means that she can finally fill her library card for the month of June. Our week has been hectically busy, so we only get to fill it tonight. You will notice that my Mommy’s months don’t always go from the first to the first. It’s a bit more like the moon. Every month it is a different date.

We didn’t do all that bad in our Library Card – May 2021. We only have 2 books that need to be renewed.
We did start with The Choice, it’s a bit on the heavy side, but a lovely book. We didn’t get to Waterborne, but we did read another book for the same publisher and our review will be up during the next couple of days.
Update: We are around halfway through The  Choice and 30% done with Waterborne. We struggle to get into that one a bit, lots of action and science that we are not so good with. But we’ll push through!
So what books are making our list for this month? My Mommy and Daddy is going away tomorrow for a long weekend, so there will be some time for reading. School holidays are due in three weeks time and then we will read for days. Yea!!

Book Club



We are very excited for all of these and my Mommy is busy reading The Rose Code. She won’t be taking it with for the weekend away though, I think she’ll take the Mary Higgins Clark one. Always a quick read and that’s what she needs for the weekend. 
Update: Done with The Rose Code (we still need to review this ????? read) and You don’t own me. Not all that crazy about it, so we won’t review it.

Kindle & ARC’s

We saw this fun idea, State of the ARC over at All the Book Blog Names are taken and it sounds like the perfect solution to keep track of our ARC’s. Apparently we can tweak it any way we want to, so yes, ours will most probably be different every month. Same as the tides and the moon.
We will start with our book that is being renewed this month, Waterborne by J. Luke Bennecke and then we’ll try these two:
The first one is an author request and the second one is from Authors XP for Authors and Readers. The following two books are on my Mommy’s currently reading list and on her kindle. I guess she needs to finish them at some stage.
Update: Finished with Anomaly and we wrote a Mini Review. Haven’t started with Defending Innocence. It will have to be a roll over.
Update: Read and loved A History of Murder. Mini Review is available on our Instagram page.

Audio Books


We don’t have a lot of time for audio books at the moment, so we might still listen to this one on and off for the rest of the month. We normally spend more time on audiobooks during the holidays. Three weeks to go!
Update: This was one of our favorite books ever! My Mommy bought the paperback as well and we will read it again and then write a review.
Once again, I think my Mommy is being a bit of an over achiever here, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. She surprised me once before and she might just do it again.
What is on your Library Card this month? Any on our list that you’ve read before? Let us know!
Lots of Love,




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18 responses to “Library Card – June 2021

    • Now that sounds like a brilliant plan Debbie!! You will be the best mobile librarian ever. I can already see the book: The chronicles of the travelling librarian.

  1. Looks like a really good stack of books to read this month. I've always got too many books checked out from my library, but I don't care. I like having options. 🙂

    • Hi there Lark! Luckily this library card is fictional and the only books I really need to worry about, is the Book Club reads. But I'll be fine with those.

      I also like our selection for this month!

    • Hi there Trin! Have you read The Alice Network also by Kate Quinn? Both of these are such great reads. I hope you enjoy it too!

  2. Rose Code is on my TBR list so I hope Mom is enjoying it. Gentleman in Moscow is really good on audio so I hope you enjoy that as well. I read Midnight Library and it was good but, I thought it could have been better. Hope June is good for all of you.

    • Hi there Diane! The Rose code is a brilliant read. We are enjoying it tremendously. A Gentleman in Moscow is a real treasure. My Mommy bought the physical book as well and I think she's going to treasure it for a long time to come.

      Still looking forward to The Midnight Library. Will keep you posted on how we feel about it!

  3. I've heard very good things about Rose Code and Midnight Library, I hope they turn out well for you. And I do want to learn how the audie for Amor Towles goes — his is another name I'm seeing recced for historicals.

    • Hi there Lex! I am enjoying The Rose Code a lot and can't wait for the holidays to start so that I can start with The Midnight Library. So excited for that one. I haven't listened to A Gentleman in Moscow the last week or so, but will get to it over the holidays as well. So far it is a wonderful book to listen to.

    • Hi Sarah! I'll try my best to have my library card, including my ARC's up before your linky close next time. It's a pleasure joining and it actually really helps me a lot to get my ducks in a row.

    • Strangely enough, my Mommy will drop a lot of things when she gets busy, but reading is never one of them! She will neglect the blog, don't play as much with the dogs, don't watch TV, but she always has time for reading. I don't always know if it's really a good thing…

  4. Hi Mareli,

    I haven't visited a library, or owned a library card, for several years. Apparently, here in the UK, we are able to borrow up to 14 items for three weeks, including audio and jigsaw puzzles as well as physical books! I had no idea it was so much!

    I like all the choices in your current 'Book Club' selection and a couple of them are already lined up on my Kindle.

    A new to me author, I also really like the sound of the Brook Peterson book.

    I am not a fan of audiobooks though, as I don't like being read to, although I can see how they are more convenient for you if you are travelling.

    We had a long weekend back at the end of May, so our next one isn't until the last weekend of August!! I hope that you have a lovely relaxing time and that you make a dent in that library card selection! 🙂 xx

    • Hi Yvonne!

      I also don't own a library card for about 30 years! But I still love the idea of a library card and the magic it holds. Our town does have a library, but I have never even been there.
      I rely on Book Club and second-hand bookshops and of course Kindle to provide my reading pleasure.

      I love audiobooks! But only when driving or if I'm busy with something else like painting or colouring in or some or other crafty hobby.

      I hope you are enjoying your weekend! We definitely are!