Our first blogiversary!

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Greetings you all! Pop the champagne, light the fire crackers, play the party music. It’s our very first blogiversary! Not that my Mommy remembered at all. She and Daddy is on a weekend away and if my babysitter didn’t notify her of the Facebook alert, she wouldn’t even have noticed the date. And that after all I’ve done for this blog over the last year… I do hope she will bring loads of presents with when they return home. 

A lot has happened over the last 365 days and I can’t believe I’ve inspired my Mommy to write almost 200 posts on this blog. Unbelievable! I’m sure that many of you will understand how many hours we spend on the blog. I would be happy to just purr out new ideas and clever blogposts, but my Mommy loves playing around with the graphics and the headers and all the nitty gritty stuff. We started with the template to your right and if anybody was interested in my opinion, I would have stayed with it. The template was named Fluffy white kitten. Why would anybody think you can do better that? But no, my Mommy wanted a more ‘modern’ and updated look. I guess our current template isn’t all that bad, but I can promise you – she will tweak it again. And again.

What are you suppose to do for a blog anniversary? I’ve seen a number of you have giveaways. I don’t know how to do that. But then again, I guess spending time with me is more than just a gift. It’s an experience. I’ve also seen that some of you post your most popular posts for your anniversary and I quite like that idea. I guess this is allowed to be based on personal preference and not necessarily popularity? Who cares, I’m a gorgeous fluffy white kitten and I’ll do however I please. If Mommy wants to complain, she should have been at home. 

In no particular order, here are my ten favorite posts for the the last year.

And just for an added bonus, I will add my favorite post for today’s anniversary – Adoption Anniversary, where our Adventure begun.
I do hope that today in another year’s time, I will be able to share the rest of our adventures with you. It sure is a lot of fun playing around on the blogosphere. Thank you for visiting us, commenting on our quirky posts and trusting us with your book reviews! We do strive not to disappoint and to at least bring a smile to your face when you visit Elza Reads. 

Here’s to us! (the Glee version. Yes, my Mommy is a Glee Loser and I gladly watch it with her)
Lots of Love,

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29 responses to “Our first blogiversary!

    • Thanks Jen! That is exactly what we aim to achieve. For our readers and for ourselves. The blog certainly is the perfect break from reality and Elza's "voice" is the most fun ever.

  1. Happy blog anniversary ! Glad to have found your blog and hear about your teaching & book life in S.A. Love the pics of white Elza and the other animals too. Many more years to blogging. Cheers!

    • Thanks so much! It's always lovely having you over for a visit and I'm glad you enjoy stopping by. Who can resist little Elza, I know…! The best decision ever to make her the voice of this blog.

  2. Congratulations on you One Year Blogging. Your blog is so fun and creative, I admire how fresh and fun you keep it (a bit jealous too:) I loved your: 10 Things I'm Grateful am For. Brilliant! Here's to more fun in coming years – so happy I found your blog.

    • Hi there Diane! Aaah, what a lovely compliment. I'm so glad to hear we bring you joy and a smile to your face. No need to be jealous at all, I sometimes really just blubber.

      I also hope we will still have many good years here on the blog!

      I appreciate you stopping by so much!

  3. Happy Blogiversary! So many great posts in one year is awesome. Good for you! Here's to many more years of them. 😀

    • Thank you Lark! I don't always have as much time as I would like to spend on the blog, but every second I get to do it – it's nothing but fun and the perfect escape from reality.

  4. Happy blogoversary! Two hundred posts in one year is fabulous. I had to go back and see how long I've been blogging—I always forget!—and I see that I posted my first Readerbuzz post on June 8, 2008.

    I love blogging so much. I am glad you are my blogging friend.

    • 2008! And you are better than wine or chocolates. You just get better and better. Last time I didn't last 2 years, I do hope that this time around the blog will last longer. I sure love it and it's a welcome and fun distraction from every day life.

      I am just as glad that you are my blogging friend.

      Lots of Love,

    • Thanks so much for visiting us and celebrating with us. I hope you enjoy your adoption story. I'm still so grateful that my mommy found me. I couldn't have landed in a better home.

  5. Congratulations on the Blogiversary (and really, how are we supposed to spell it?!)! I think you get to celebrate (or not) a blogiversary however you want. I tend to just acknowledge it, but I think I may have forgotten last November. I'll chalk that up to pandemic brain. 🙂

    And Glee loser? No loser! My daughter got to dance in a Glee episode so I am totally supportive of watching Glee.

    • Hi Helen! I just saw the reminder on Facebook this morning, otherwise I might have really forgot about it completely! And Elza would never forgive me…. She truly is the inspiration for this blog. If she wasn't here, I wouldn't have done it at all.

      I love Glee! It's the only music I have on a playlist in my car. How cool is it that your daughter got to dance in one of the episodes! I would have died!! No, I also believe that performance artist are the winners of society, but sadly we are still being classified as losers.

      Thanks for celebrating with us!

    • Hi there AJ! I'm just as glad that we've joined! It's a bit tight to juggle everything sometimes, but the blog is always the best escape.

      Thanks for visiting us so often! Apparently we are doing something right!