Happy Second Anniversary!

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Oh happy day you guys! Today is our two year anniversary here on Elza Reads. Can you believe that? I know, I know – how wonderful live is since we’ve joined the blogosphere. For me, for my Mommy and for you guys.

Over the last two years we’ve posted …. I don’t know how may posts.  I also have no idea how many comments we’ve had so far. Or page visits. Followers are easy, but that might not be a fair calculation. We’ve switched to WordPress less than a year ago and lost our Blogger followers. Still not sure how to built that up again. Sometimes I miss Blogger, their stats were easier to follow than WordPress.

I just had a quick look at our first anniversary blog post and as predicted, my Mommy did tweak the theme and graphics and everything else more than once, again. Heck, she switched platforms and basically had us starting all over! But I am not complaining, I do love the WordPress site. Even though we hardly understand anything.

However much I love this site, I still say our very first theme in Blogger, Fluffy white Kitten (that was honestly the theme’s name) was the bestest. What more do you want or need from a blog theme than utter perfection? And what is more perfect than a fluffy white kitten?

That’s exactly why I have called an urgent sit-down and eye-to-eye with my Mommy this past weekend. She is busy losing my whiskers here and getting my tail all in a knot.

Have you noticed how many reviews she has done lately?? Signed Mareli and not Elza? That is not going to fly for me to catch at all. The deal was me. Elza Reads, not Mommy Reads. Therefore, I am setting a new rule on this blog as from today regarding review books.

All, okay most reviews, must be signed by me. And in order for that to happen, we need to chose and accept our review books a bit more carefully. My Mommy is like a dog chasing a ball when it gets to books. When someone offers her a book, or she sees a new blog tour out there, she just says yes yes yes yes!!!

Well I’m digging my nails in now and saying no no no no. If it’s not cat friendly, we won’t read it. That will give my Mommy the freedom to read the books  she wants to read from her own collection, as well as me the opportunity to tell you more about the books out there that cats might actually enjoy.

It’s easy to think that we will only be reading books with cats from now on. That might be true in a certain sense, cats should rule the world after all. But no, we won’t be that severe. We’ll accept the occasional dog book as well. Or a mouse. Or a bunny. Or a few other magical characters. I’ll draw the line at spiders and parrots. How does that sound? Wait, let me give you a few examples of the books I, Elza, the creator and presence of this blog, love to read:

I do a lot of reading with my Mommy and I can tell you, she reads as wide as the sea is deep. Falling into Magic is the type of book you take to the beach and just enjoy it for what it is – funny, fluffy, far-fetched and fabulous. Although my Mommy doesn’t always read the fffff books, she always enjoys a good Disney or Hallmark movie or mini-series.
Finally! An author who manages to pin the Disney/Hallmark magic down on paper. Yes, yes, I do know that the author dedication normally comes at the end of the review, but I am a cat and I shall do as I please. Miss Elizabeth Bennet, wait – that’s someone else. Mrs. Elizabeth Pantley had me at hello:
“This book is dedicated to all the cats and dogs who support and protect their owners, in exchange for only love and care.”
All books should start like that. It’s almost as powerful as Once Upon A Time.
Dear Rascal/Reina/Ilse/Catnip/Artemis/Ares/Athena,
I am sitting on my Mommy’s lap as I’m typing this letter to you. I am not too proud to admit that my bloomers are shaking in fear that you might want to come over for kibbles and cream. Let’s just get one thing straight, that is not going to happen. Somehow I don’t think you will be as interested in the kibbles as in me.
Okay, now that we have a clear understanding – thank you for sending me your story. I’m also not too proud to admit that it touched me dearly and I had to comfort my crying Mommy more than once.
If you read our about info, you will see that I am also a rescue. But the word is as far as the similarities go. I’ve never gone without a prepared meal, or a warm blanky, or loving arms for one night in my little life (at least what I can remember). I am aware how fortunate I am and I can honestly imagine how dreadful all those nights had to be for you. And that after you were born with so much love to give. 

For this instalment to the series, it’s poor Maki who caused all he murderous mayhem. Or rather, Maki’s leash wrapped around the throat of his fortune-teller owner. No no, the hunky Oliver Novak did not sell the pub and joined the circus. Remember, Oliver isn’t Maki’s rightful owner. He is just the rightful dog walker. And now he is also a suspect in a murder investigation. Rightful or not, is for you to find out. Note: This is not a spoiler alert. It’s simple Math. Dogwalker + leash = killer.

We also met up with a few pee-on-their-pants characters in Striped & Strangled. But I can’t tell you who that is, because that will be a spoiler alert. Let’s just stay a few of them stank worse than yesterday’s tuna left out in the sun. My Mommy is still rather new to the Cozy Murder Mystery genre and she likes her murder mysteries to have unsavory characters. This installment to the Knitty Kitty Series had more than enough of those. And don’t forget the red herrings! Another favorite dish on my Mommy’s murderous plate. Plenty of those on the menu to distract the reader from the actual killer who my Mommy did not see coming. I actually did. I tried to tell her more than once who the killer was, but she said it just didn’t make sense. Guess what? I was right!!! And I believe it made perfect sense. I didn’t even need a crystal ball.


I believe Svetlana looks just like me. She is gorgeous and regal and always puts others before herself. Her love for her sister and loyalty to her crazy Mama is enduring. But she struggles to let it go and just be happy. The cold never seem to bother her very much either. She is also a tragic Princess Odette who has to pirouette and jeté like a swan for an evil sorcerer a very bad man. Will her handsome prince/duke/doctor be able to save her, or will they both end up in the lake?

This perfect Russian Tea Cake Book is one of our highlights for this year. The blend between history, romance, intrigue, family dynamics, self preservation and humor was simply splendid. Although the pace might be a bit slow here and there, try to think of it as The Dance of the Cygnets. It’s mostly upbeat and in perfect rhythm, but every now and then there’s just the slightest dip in tempo. But it still remains a beautiful performance.

Greetings you guys! Welcome to our stop in the blog tour for Ghost Agents. Can you believe that I, scaridy cat, Elza, is actually reviewing a book about ghosts? You know my Mommy loves a good ghost story, but come Halloween, my big brother Stinkie has to take over the blog. I am way to busy hiding under the bed and in the washing basket.

But this was something different! I actually loved these ghosts. Ahmmm, sorry – projections. Nowhere in the book do they mention what these projections will think of me, but I believe not even a ghost can resist my charms. These ghosts are fun and we chuckled at “the girls” more than once.

Thelma whirled around to face her. “We’re dead! Nobody cares about what’s proper or improper anymore!”

Step aside Ghost Busters – it’s time for the Bureau of Historical Preservation. As there name states, they are not here to bust the ghosts’ assess, oh no. They are here to safe the assess. I am not going to go into all the scientific details around this, you have to read the book for those. I don’t think you have to read the complete A Concise Accounting of the Conservancy of Energy-based Metaphysical and Transcendental Entities: A History of the Bureau for Historical Preservation (1680 – 1973), but the summaries you receive freely in the novel, will provide adequate information.

Claire Abelard is a ghost agent and a ghost tour host. The one is undercover, the other one is only under the cover of darkness. Claire is based in Galveston, Texas. A city island where you can bump into a ghost around every corner. If you are scared of things that go bump in the night, avoid this city. But if you would prefer to make contact with the other side, go and book your ghost tour!


Oh isn’t Kaspar just wonderful! I have to admit, I believe myself to be rather a smitten kitten. Hooray to Michael Morpurgo for bringing Kaspar, the Savoy cat, to life in such a remarkable way.

I almost didn’t give this book 5 stars for the simple reason that I would have liked the postscript by the author, to be a preface.  No, we are not one of those horrible people who read the last page of a book in the beginning of the book. Just because I understand the inquisitiveness of a cat, I will give you some background before you jump blindly into the story.

Did you know that Kaspar isn’t only a figment of Mr. Morpurgo’s vivid imagination? Oh no, he is very much real and taking up residence in the Savoy Hotel in London, England.

Now that is as true as my fur is white. The rest of the tail tale in this marvelous book, might be only from Mr. Morpurgo’s imagination. Or it might just as well be true. I for one, will go to sleep tonight, believing it was.

See, not only cats. Other strange and wonderful creatures as well. Even humans. Of course I will still allow my Mommy to do the occasional book review. Very occasional.

What do you think? Do you think I am being a bit too hard on my dearest Mommy here or is this perhaps the perfect way to streamline our blog reviews a bit more?

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday and if you wish to celebrate our happy day with us – sent us a piece of salmon  cake! Or just leave us a message.

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28 responses to “Happy Second Anniversary!

  1. Well, first of all, happy anniversary, Elza and Mareli. To do this together must be so much harder than doing it on your own. LOL

    I wish you all the best for the coming years and I hope we will see many more posts from you.

    Anyway, I once did a Six Degrees of Separation chain with cats on the cover of the books. Maybe you are interested in it and find a book or two for your reading list. >^.^<

    Marianne @ Let's Read recently posted: Lawson, Mary "A Town Called Solace"
  2. Happy blogoversary! I decided not to accept books for review on this turn at blogging. I’m too much of a mood reader to read to someone else’s schedule. I’m happy reviewing the books that strike my fancy. I hope you find the balance to make everyone in your household happy!

  3. Wow! Thank you for spotlighting the Destiny Falls series in your post. Latifa, the sassy, over-confident feline in the book would definitely approve! Meow! >^..^<

  4. Happy anniversary!! Sounds like Elza’s laying down the law a bit though. 🙂 Cats tend to do that. Sorry Elza if you’re reading this! Ha. My cats run the place too…

    Oh, by the way just saw your comment. Tuesday Tagline is going to be a thing weekly- feel free to jump in any time! All you have to do is post a book with a tagline! Should I do a linky? I guess if there was enough interest I might…

    Greg recently posted: Cover Love Prehistoric Settings