The day I killed God by Nick Totem

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Title: The day I killed God

Author: Nick Totem
Published: 01 October 2020 (LucenGeist Literary Press)
Pages: 169 (Kindle Edition)
Source: Prism Book Tours review copy
Read: 23 November 2020
Genre: Science Fiction / Thriller
Content: Adult market advised. Explicit violence. Swearing and sexual content
Synopsis: Is it possible to kill God? Even to a psychic like me, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind until the day I went searching for Elliot Spinoza. He was my friend and a mathematician, and he went missing. The FBI wanted him, but so did a couple of billionaires. It had something to do with one of his equations and its secrets. The FBI told me the world was at risk. Now, it was up to me to find my friend and keep the equation safe. In the end, what I found was far more devastating. And I was going to kill anyone to do so, including God.

Let’s get the one star rating, white elephant, out of the room as we start. There were so many things I looked forward to with this book. The title is thought-catchy, the cover is eye-catchy, the synopsis is intrigue-catchy. What can possibly go wrong? 
Seeing that I am always open to try new things and this month is Science Fiction November, I thought this book might be the perfect kick-off to a genre I know nothing about. Therefore, my rating is completely biased and I am big enough to admit it. I have NO CLUE about science fiction at all.
I was quite intrigued with Daniel (our protagonist) from the get go and if only he stayed with solving crimes and finding missing people by using his psychic “gifts”, it would have been a home-run for me. But as soon as he met up with Margo in the strange, cut-off house, I was lost.
If it wasn’t for Mr. Totem’s exceptionally strong writing style, I most probably wouldn’t even have finished this book. That one star is a big star with a big, positive nod from my side. Character building was strong and you do following the chain of events rather easily. If only I understood the chain at all.   I will try another one of his books as I really did enjoy his style. A M M might be a bit more to my reading preference. 
For those of you who are experts at Science Fiction, I’m sure this one will be a good hit. What’s not to like? It’s an action-packed Science Fiction novel with a nice mix of thriller and adventure added to the plot. I do hope you sci-fi junkies will enjoy this novel and I’ll keep my eye on the reviews. Maybe somewhere, something will click and I will realize that this novel was actually brilliant! 
I might need to find a Sci-fi for Dummies or read the following article in detail before I attempt another Sci-Fi novel: A Beginners Guide to Science Fiction.
For more, totally unbiased reviews, have a look at a few of the raving reviews on Goodreads by: 
I would like to thank Prism Book Tours for the reader review copy. Much appreciated!
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6 responses to “The day I killed God by Nick Totem

    • Thank you Lydia, I do try to be honest and fair.

      But I am going to keep my eye open for new Sci-Fi books that might draw my attention. Faze into it a bit!

    • Hi Heather! Then give me some some great reads to start delving into this genre! I do believe that the problem is that I don't know how to set my mind to it, then it will most probably make way more sense to me!

    • I know. Pondered for days on what to say and actually considered not doing a review at all. But that's not really fair and the authorspublishers do expect us to give honest reviews.
      Still feel bad for not liking it!