The Sunday Post #77

Posted July 17, 2022 by elzaread in The Sunday Post / 50 Comments

Greetings. Oh what horror I had to endure over the passed 48 hours. I have no idea whatsoever how I’m ever going to survive this. I keep on scratching myself to see if I’m awake and this isn’t just my worst nightmare.

Just look at this little horrible creature Mommy and Daddy brought home on Friday afternoon…

Good grief. You would have thought after they had me, the bar was set at the acceptable standard of beauty. This thing is horrendous. And njapping. And definitely not a cat. Worst part of all – naming it Anna and hoping it will make me go all warm and fuzzy with acceptance.

Of course I have my tail in a knot and ignore my Mommy completely. That will be the status quo until she gets rid of the little mutt.  And if she doesn’t, I will have to take matters into my own hands. Luckily my Mommy goes back to school this week, so it will provide me with ample time to make a plan. I just hope she doesn’t plan on taking the little mongrel to school with her.

What horrors did you have to face this week?

Adding to the litter

No, the little mongrel is not part of the litter. Although the two Labradors seem to be quite taken with her. Our week started so good with a great Book Club meeting and my Mommy bringing home such great books to read this month.

Somehow, The Frequency of Us by Keith Stuart slipped us by for the better part of two years. Gosh, we are enjoying this book so much!

Nothing new purchased this week (accept for the mutt. I can’t believe people money for things like that) and only one new book for review. But that’s only due for early next year, so we’ll talk about it later on.

Scratching the Blog Pole

It’s been a rather uneventful week on the blog, back to school will probably bring a bit more rhythm. But if you’ve missed any of our posts and just need to catch up, here’s the links:


 On the Couch

Recently Finished

Shifting and Shenanigans – review on top. The Mysterious Howling (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place #1). I remember A.J. @ Read All the Things going on about it and she wasn’t wrong. It was really good and the audio recording worth mentioning.

Currently reading/watching/listening

I can’t remember who recommended Timeless to us, but thanks! This is really a good show, we love the historical aspects so much. Between the lines is up for review somewhere during the next two weeks and How to stop Time is our current audio. Perhaps not the best audio choice, but still good. What was the best audio book you’ve listened to lately?

We wish you all a great week ahead and hopefully I can give you an update on the disappearance of the mutt next week…

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50 responses to “The Sunday Post #77

  1. Katherine

    Oh poor Elza! My cat has still not adjusted to the dog and it’s been 8 months. Though we’ve now gotten to toleration and the cat essentially constantly teasing the dog so I think things are working out a bit more. Anna is so adorable! Share more pictures!

  2. Awww, what a cutie. So sorry to see Elza not loving her yet. I’ m sure she’ll warm up!
    The Lady and Her Duke looks really good. I need something fun and light for the rest of the summer! Hope back-to-school goes well. Have a great week!

    Heather recently posted: June...Where Did You Go?
  3. Oh my goodness, Elza, what trauma you have been through last week! I hate to be the one to tell you, sweetie, but I wouldn’t expect Anna to be disappearing from your lives any time soon. I’d suggest you find a good place to hide until Anna settles in. You never know…you might be good friends one day.

    The Frequency of Us is new to me. I hope you’ll tell us more next week if it turns out to be good.

    Timeless is also new to me. I’m off now to add it to my cue on Hulu.

  4. Oh I’m so sorry that you’re having to deal with such a dreadful interloper, Elza! Though I’m not sure that ignoring Mom is perhaps the best strategy?? Let’s hope that Anne turns out to be more fun to be with, once term starts again:)). I’ve just finished listening to Pride & Prejudice in audible’s Jane Austen collection, which was huge fun. Have a good week – if you can!!

  5. Anna is adorable! Eventually, you’ll become friends, or at least learn to tolerate each other. :).
    Lessons in Chemistry was one of my favorite books of the year, I hope you enjoy it too.

    Wendy recently posted: Sunday Post #49
  6. Elza, I know it’s hard to adjust when someone new comes into the household. But maybe he really needs a home? And perhaps you’ll like him better as you get to know him. If not, well, I hope the two of you can at least tolerate each other. I promise, your mommy doesn’t love you any the less just because there’s another dog in the house.

    Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: Sunday Post – 7/17/2022
  7. Oh, Elza! I’m so sorry about Anna. My Dax had a hard time when we brought in a new cat named Eddy. She’d hide in the closet by jumping from my dresser to the top shelf. Eddy was clumsy and couldn’t jump up there so she’d be safe from his shenanigans. I hope you find a place you can be safe from Anna.

    PS: Thanks for stopping by my post.

    Jenni Elyse recently posted: Sunday Post #27
  8. Diane

    Oh boy Elza, I can see why you are so upset – how dare they do that to you? LOL Anna is a cutie though – I hope you end up liking having the company when mommy and daddy are not home. The Seven Husband of Evelyn Hugo is on my 2022 reading list – our book group is planning on reading it. Have a good week!

    • Thanks Mae!

      I love playing around on CANVA and I actually use a few of them again and just change the pictures!

      Anna is very cute, think she’s going to bring us lots of joy. Elza will get over it eventually…

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #77
    • Hi there Jodie!

      Aaah she really is the cutest little thing ever. Elza is a real princess, but this one is going to be fun and games.

      Looking forward to reading Evelyn Hugo and Lessons in Chemistry.

      Have a good week ahead!

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #77
  9. 🤣🤣 I’m dying! I’m sure you’ll get used to the little mongrel soon, Elisa!! You’re speaking like a true feline…

    As for the books, I loved Evelyn Hugo! I full-on ugly cried more than once but towards the end… Phew! I couldn’t believe how invested I’d gotten!!

    Hope the return to school goes well!

    My Sunday Post

    • Hi Nicci!

      How right you are – Elza is such a feline and a real queen. I do hope that she and Anna will become great friends.

      Looking forward to Evelyn Hugo! Will keep you guys posted.

      Thanks for the visit and I’m glad our post brings a smile to your face.

      elzaread recently posted: The Sunday Post #77