Weekend Book Friends #16

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Greetings Humans! It’s Friday afternoon and time to grab the books. My Mommy hardly read anything over the past two weeks, so I am so glad to have her home this afternoon and just do a bit of reading.

My Mommy had Book Club two weeks ago and normally by now, she would have been finished with at least 3 of her picks. But alas, life has not been kind to our reading life and we are now only on our second book for the month. Dreadful, I know. Luckily it’s a fun one and really good. Best part of all, it’s the first in a series. Yea!


Four septuagenarians with a few tricks up their sleeves
A female cop with her first big case
A brutal murder
Welcome to…
The Thursday Murder Club

In a peaceful retirement village, four unlikely friends meet weekly in the Jigsaw Room to discuss unsolved crimes; together they call themselves The Thursday Murder Club. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron might be pushing eighty but they still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

When a local developer is found dead with a mysterious photograph left next to the body, the Thursday Murder Club suddenly find themselves in the middle of their first live case. As the bodies begin to pile up, can our unorthodox but brilliant gang catch the killer, before it’s too late? 


Book Beginnings

For our first stop today, we will pay a visit to Gilion over at Rose City Reader to share our Book Beginnings.  Every Friday you can link up and share the first sentence of your current read (or the one you plan to devour over the weekend), as well as your initial thoughts and impressions. Hashtags are the one thing I do know on social media, so simply #bookbeginnings so we can find each other.

It opens with a prologue and my Mommy is convinced that if you just read carefully enough, it tells you all you need to know… So I am not going to share that with you, for in case she is actually wrong and then will need to apologize. Just here to protect her you know. So I will start with Chapter 1:
“Well, let’s start with Elizabeth, shall we? And see where that gets us? I knew who she was, of course; everybody here knows Elizabeth. She has one of the three-bed flats in Larkin Court. It’s the one on the corner, with the decking? Also, I was once in a quiz team with Stephen, who for a number of reasons, is Elizbeth’s third husband.
We always enjoy a Dear Diary writing style and this immediately wants us to know who Elizabeth is. Does anybody else see her as Blanche from the Golden Girls?

The Friday 56

Next we will pay a visit to Freda over at Freda’s voice who hosts the Friday 56. Don’t show up empty handed though!

  • Grab a book (Yes, any book. But it might get you to your other Friday activities a bit quicker if you just grab the book you are currently reading)
  • Turn to page 56 or 56% on your e-reader
  • Find a sentence or two (your other Friday activities might determine this)
  • Post it!
  • Remember to post your link on Freda’s Voice and to visit the other guys in the linky.
  • And  last but not least, don’t forget to list the title of the book and the author as well.
We are a bit passed page 56 already, but this passage on page 56 made us chuckle:
” ‘A nun? That was very good.’
‘I didn’t have much time to think,’ says Joyce.
‘If pushed, I was going to say someone had touched me,’ says Elizabeth. ‘You know how they are on that these days. But a nun is much for fun’.

I do hope that my Mommy is also going to be such a fun old lady one day.

Friday Face-Off

We love Friday Face Off and my Mommy so enjoys searching for lovely covers. The rules are fairly simple each week, following a predetermined theme choose a book (this doesn’t have to be a book that you’ve read), compare a couple of the different covers available for that particular book and choose your favourite.  

This week’s prompt:
This was a very easy choice this afternoon. We could only think of one book cover with a snake on. Sometimes life really is a bit easier when you have limited choices. In our case, I guess it’s more a case of limited exposure. 

Have you read Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo? My Mommy loved it. I was a bit scared of some of the ghosts, but the story was brilliant. Can’t wait for the rest of the series. Not that much of a variety in covers though. Our favorite one is the Polish Edition:


It almost gives the vibe of an emblem and that works very well with the Yale background. But that’s just our opinion. Which one do you like the most?

Hope you will all have a wonderful weekend and that you have a nice book and a lovely cat to curl up with.
Lots of Love,
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33 responses to “Weekend Book Friends #16

  1. I haven't read Ninth House, but I seem to remember there being a trend for snakes on the front of books when it came out. I would have chosen the Polish edition too.

  2. I haven't read Leigh Bardugo (yet) but I want to ! The only solution : never sleep anymore, just read during the nights and become a working zombie by day ! No, bad idea, cats wouldn't love me any more :/ The Richard Osman novel is so tempting me too…

    • Hi there IzaBzh! I think you will enjoy Leigh Bardugo a lot. It really is a great escape to read her books. Good grief no, I'm over 40 and there is no way that I can teach without my sleep. I do tend to read late at night when it's holidays or long weekends!

  3. Woohoo! Not only did we choose the same book to feature for Friday Face-off, we also chose the same favorite cover! Glad that Lynn pointed you my way, and that you left a comment so I could find you. Love the blog!

    • Hi there! Whoo hoo!! That's what I love most about the Blogosphere. Everyone is willing to help everyone out and spread the love… LOL!!!

      So glad you stopped by and for the lovely compliment. You are welcome to stop by anytime.

  4. The Thursday Murder Club is on my wishlist. It looks like a book I'd really like. I hope you enjoy your reading and the weekend!

  5. I think I would enjoy The Thursday Murder Club. It sounds like my kind of mystery. And those excerpts have a hint of humor in them–which makes me want to read the book even more.

    I haven't read Ninth House, but perhaps someday!

    I hope you have a great weekend! Thank you for sharing.

    • The Thursday Murder Club was a good read yes. Very well rounded and satisfying read.

      Ninth House is in a completely different league, but it's brilliant and I also hope you will get to it someday.

      Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  6. Oh yes – I hope that you manage to get some reading time soon. But I'm very intrigued by the Richard Osman book – my sister has a copy of it and I'm waiting for her to finish with it! As for the Friday Face-off – it's the German cover that catches my eye – that lovely electric blue snake is very effective slithering amongst the title and author fonts:)). Take care and put your feet up if you can.

    • Hi there Sarah! I'm sure you will enjoy The Thursday Murder Club a lot, it was a great read.

      The German cover was definitely a second in line for me, also liked that electric blue.

  7. I love those snippets, and I have been eyeing this book. I LOVE stories set in retirement villages. Could it be my own age issues? LOL.

    Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

  8. I love your FFO book – The Bibliosanctum also used that book and you both chose the same cover – which is also my favourite.
    Lynn 😀

  9. Oooh, my library has a copy of this, and I keep staring at it while I'm at work, thinking I should go ahead and check it out already. xD I really like the writing style in the opening, and ha, love the idea of Elizabeth being Blanche! I can see it. Happy reading!

    Here's my Friday post.