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The Sunday Post #31

Greetings you all! So sorry that we missed you last week. The days whirl away in a blast of sunshine and 25 hour days. But still not enough hours to get to the blog as much as we would like to. I think I’m going to ask Daddy to trade my Nibbles for Bar One chocolates. That one extra hour a day might help my Mommy to read and blog a bit more. If you don’t know what a Bar One chocolate is, it’s the South African version of a Mars Bar. Just better.  Anyhows – what have you been up to? What books are new on your shelf? We have quite a few to share with you! Adding to the Litter I’m starting to pick up the trend here with my Mommy. When she is stressed out, or over-worked, her comfort drug is books. Let’s rather not complain about it at all. It could have been way worse.  For Review                  The Disappearance of Emily by Elizabeth Pantley – From the lovely author herself The Ice Swan by J’Nell Ciesielski – Netgalley The Journey (Death Island #1) by Kelsey Ketch – Lola’s Blog Tours Bookbub & Daily Deals    […]

Posted March 7, 2021

The Sunday Post #29

Happy Valentine’s Day! I do hope you are all feeling loved today and spreading that love all around you. Even if it’s only on your cat. There are many hugs and kisses in our house today and I know that I should know how lucky and fortunate I am. I do know it and a small part of me, okay a huge chunk – feels I deserve it. It’s not my fault the Good Lord above decided to make me as cute and adorable as a little angel.  How have you all been doing? Yes, I can imagine how dreadful it must be missing us so much. Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve only managed 3 posts. Even more dreadful, I know. We are doing quite good. My Mommy’s hip is much better, but she is turning into one of those irritating Verimark advertisements – But wait! There’s more! After going for her annual medical check-up, she know also sports high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The blood pressure needs to be monitored, but the cholesterol needs a little pill every night.  Mommy and Daddy took a weekend breakaway last week and we were left home alone with our lovely […]

Posted February 14, 2021

The Sunday Post #28

 Greetings all you lovely humans! How was your week? I can’t really tell you much as it felt as if I’ve hardly seen my Mommy at all. Strangest thing of all is that is actually suppose to be a big thing. Mommy was very busy at school and had lots of new enrolments. I would have preferred her rolling in at home though. And then karma kicked in. As she always does.  Women of a certain age, not quite Jane Fonda old and not quite capable of the Jane Fonda moves she pulled when she was young – are bound to hurt something by trying to pull those Jane Fonda moves. Instead of pulling the moves, my Mommy pulled a muscle in her hip. After hip-hopping (not the dance style, literally hopping on one hip) for a couple of days, she landed at the physio and came home on Thursday feeling bruised and sore and very sorry for herself. Of course I was right here to comfort her. Same thing on Friday, so thank you Karma! Unfortunately, she basically just went to sleep and didn’t do much reading or blogging at all.  Adding to the Litter      The Night […]

Posted January 31, 2021

The Sunday Post #27

Greetings you all. First of all, a big big big big big big thank you to all of you for recommending watching Bridgerton on Netflix. It truly is the cure to many, many ailments. 2021 just got a bit better.  We are honestly not even going to complain about anything that happened this week and we actually can do quite a bit of that. But I’m quite sure The Dashing Duke of Hastings will just lift a condescending eyebrow and tell us to get over it in no uncertain terms.  Lady Whistledown’s scandalous society papers is exactly what we need to forget all about the world outside of Regency England. It’s never been my Mommy’s preferred reading destination or era, unless it’s Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer. Julia Quinn and Shonda Rhimes did a marvelous job of blending Regency England with modern day gossip and thrill seekers.  But wait, I think she is planning to do a post about this book-to-screen adaptation, so I better stop. Let’s talk books. Stacking the Shelves You are not going to believe this, but guess what my Mommy bought on Thursday: I know, I also didn’t see that one coming. And she’s done with […]

Posted January 24, 2021

The Sunday Post #25

Greetings Dear Humans! How was your week? We’ve notice that there were a lot happening in the world outside our window this passed week, especially on the American Front. After 6 months of blogging, we’ve realized that we find out far more by reading everyone’s Sunday News than the news that get dished out on local and social networks. So please, do tell! We will sit quietly in our little corner of the world and just give a quick update of our week. The rest of the stage is all yours. Adding to the Litter For Review from Lola’s Blog Tours Purchased or Free Daily Deals       Scratching the Blog Pole We were remarkably busy this week! Mommy had a bit of schoolwork to do on Monday and Tuesday, but there were still plenty of time for some blogging. She will be back at work tomorrow morning, so don’t expect much in the upcoming week. *Sigh*. I’ll be alone. Only two dogs and 3 other cats for company. Oh woe is me.  On Monday, we did our very first Book Blitz. Sorry, correction here – I did my very first book blitz. So very chuffed with myself. Graphics are linked […]

Posted January 10, 2021

The Sunday Post #23

 Greetings! It’s the Sunday after Christmas and the last one for 2020. Does anybody feel particularly nostalgic or like reminiscing the past year? We haven’t even done any planning for 2021 yet. My Mommy did receive a lovely new planner for 2021 and I guess maybe somewhere in the week she might start browsing through it and start to get excited for the new year that is just around the corner. How was your Christmas? Our Christmas Eve was lovely and Christmas day was rather quiet and uneventful. I was a very good girl this year regarding the tree, but the presents under the tree did tempt me a bit. I managed to control myself very well and only halfway destroyed two presents.   We’ve had a lovely, warm summer Christmas and if I were any of the holiday makers who are still not allowed on the beaches, no Christmas present will make me feel better at all.  Talking about presents, did you get a few nice ones? My aunt send my Mommy a whole bag of new clothes as she is the world’s best shopper and my Mommy the worst. She is normally here with us for Christmas and then […]

Posted December 27, 2020

The Sunday Post #21

 Greetings Human! Amazingly enough, I am not posting from cat-jail. The perpetrator in custody on our Post Header photo, is not me! I am very proud to inform you that our Christmas tree is still standing and no ornaments have been harmed as this post is published.  How was your last fortnight? Ours were hectically busy, but it was mostly good as well. School closed officially on the 2nd of December, but all the teachers were still working until last Saturday. Hence our absence on the blogosphere. If only Mommy wants to start leaving her laptop here, I can type and post away. Alas.  Mommy’s been working from home this week and will finish with all online classes as well on Tuesday. It’s been wonderful to have her at home and we’ve spend the whole weekend cuddling on the couch. I think she was still recovering from her Birthday celebrations on Wednesday. With lockdown regulations, she wasn’t allowed to have her big, Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy party, but she did get together with a couple of friends for the day and they spend it making Christmas wreaths and other Christmas goodies. And drinking Champagne. On Wednesday night, they had […]

Posted December 13, 2020

The Sunday Post #20

 Greetings you all! As you can see, our tree is up and it’s time to get jolly and and just say tra la la la la la la to everything that upsets you. Don’t you think I am the most beautiful Christmas decoration of them all? How was your week? Our week was long and tedious. Mommy was in more than just a bit of a mood for most of the week, but she game home on Friday all smiles and determined to put the Christmas Tree up. We spend the whole day yesterday and I think it looks lovely! Perfect jungle gym for a 13 month old kitten. Let’s talk books. I want to go and sit underneath the tree and see where I can start climbing and throw some (most) of those sparkly thingies off.  Adding to the Litter Actually, I don’t really want to talk about all the new books. I had my Mommy down for a good talk to about her TBR shelf that surpassed the maximum amount of 500 books. You can read more about that in our Friday Fives post that will be added below. Friday was Black Friday and the only shop she […]

Posted November 29, 2020

The Sunday Post #18

Greetings Humans! How are you all doing on this lovely Sunday? Anybody else feeling like curling up in a ball and go to sleep? You can wake me up when it’s Christmas. The past two weeks has really been rough and tough and causing a sour disposition. Daddy says The Silly Season is not the holiday season, it’s this time of year. People are demanding and rude and over-worked and under-payed and over-stressed and just generally the reason why I’m ever so glad I belong to the feline species. Poor Mommy. At least she has me to come home to.  How was your week? How’s the weather? Always an easy subject. No idea what’s happening in politics this week. Just give me the highlights if you feel like sharing.  Let’s rather talk book. That is the safest option of them all!  Adding to the Litter A couple of weeks ago, my Mommy said that she is not going to reactivate her Netgalley account. I didn’t say a thing, because I know she cannot leave an ARC alone as much as a cat can leave a Christmas tree alone. Can’t wait for it to be put up! But I will glare […]

Posted November 15, 2020

The Sunday Post #17

Greetings all you lovely Humans! So sorry that we didn’t get to grace you with our presence last week Sunday. The last fortnight felt a bit like the game Fortnite. No idea what it’s about, but I know the kids at school are consumed by it and they hardly have time to do anything else. Quite similar as where we are at the moment.  We are finally starting to have more spring weather, but the spring in our steps are seriously getting worn out now. You do know that the school year ends in December here in good old South Africa? That means that we’ve literally only had one term of “normal” this year with the last term left with only 22 school days. Just about all my Mommy’s students are back at school with a few new enrolments (this time of year? Yes, I know. Crazy!). Planning for the new year (with 2 to 3 variants) are in full swing, parent meetings are happening daily, transfer letters and recommendations are written in Mommy’s sleep and her student assistant is writing exams. No wonder the poor woman buys so much books.  In less exciting news, the Covid Numbers are spiking […]

Posted November 8, 2020