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The Sunday Post #12

Greetings humans.  No exclamation marks or smiling kitties today. My Mommy’s heart is a bit heavy and mine are just scared and confused. In my little, simply a kitten mind, I was under the impression that animals were placed under the care of humans. I’m sure I’ve read it in that Big Black Book next to my Mommy’s bedside.  Not sure who’s mistaken here, but seeing that I’m from a species who cannot speak for themselves, it will most probably be us in the wrong. Ever noticed how humans can justify everything with spoken words? On Thursday, disgruntled employees at the Fairview Racecourse in Port Elizabeth (this is very close to where we live), went on a stabbing spree while venting their anger over the non-payment of UIF money. One horse was killed with a panga and several others seriously injured.   Eyewitness News How terribly sad when innocent animals are […]

Posted September 20, 2020

The SundayPost #11

Greetings! This week I was ever so thankful that I am from the feline species and not descending from the human race. Humans can really do and think of things that cats won’t even dream of. At least they provide some entertainment to relieve the boring task of being a house pet. “Welcome to South Africa! Where R500 Billion is missing, but we’re fighting over shampoo.” I do hope that the Tresemme / Clicks debacle didn’t make international headlines…. If it did, is it my place to apologize? Or does it simply come with the territory we reside in? To be honest, I struggle to truly understand all the fuzz (no pun intended). Bad hair is a universal thing, not even the feline species can get away from it. Please don’t let my Mommy hear you, but if you ask me, my mommy falls in between the frizzy & dull and […]

Posted September 13, 2020

The Sunday Post #10

 Goodness gracious me. I can’t believe how tired I am. Mommy ‘s friend for about 20 years came to visit over the weekend. She brought with her 5 year old little girl. Gorgeous little thing and almost as cute as me, but good grief! Where do the little humans get all their energy from? Of course she was completely infatuated by me, who wouldn’t be? But I am so not used to being awake for like half the day for 3 days in a row.  I really do need to get some beauty sleep now, so let’s try to do this post snappy snappy.  How was your week? The rest of our week was busy with school work and Mommy has been a bit unwell. I had an upset tummy for a couple of days when I was a baby and I remember how horrible I felt. So I do […]

Posted September 6, 2020

The Sunday Post #9

I do believe that the proverbial cat that got the cream expression calls for no explanation today? My Mommy and I are still in awe about our gorgeous new template and all the added goodies. Do you like it? We love it! I believe it might be easier and rather quicker to just give a short summary about our updated template: When Blogger did their interface a couple of weeks ago, we managed to finally access a very old (2010 design, way older than me), but gorgeous template called Fluffy White Kitten. It couldn’t be more perfect. As you know, perfect are very often the stuff of nightmares. Nightmares: Comments (no reply function); share/follow/related posts (had to use plug-ins); upload images (what it looks like on the draft, the preview and actual post – all differed); due the lovely color theme (that is not available anymore….) all backgrounds had to be […]

Posted August 30, 2020

The Sunday Post #8

 Greetings! My humans are busy preparing for a Sunday lunch. BECAUSE we are officially on Stage 2 of Lock Down regulations and they are legally allowed to have friends over and even consume alcohol. I know the friends who are coming over, so I know I need to intercept this post. They come for lunch, they leave at bedtime. Worst part of all, their one Golden Retriever passed away earlier this week and Mommy thought it very generous to tell them to bring their remaining Golden Retriever with to play with our dogs. That means, I will have to go into hiding for the rest of today.  Anyway, how was your week? I can’t even begin to describe our week to you! We went from the coldest weather recorded in 20 years, with snow and rain and wind that would have given my namesake a run for her money. To […]

Posted August 23, 2020

The Sunday Post #7

 Missed us? I am ever so sorry that we’ve missed The Sunday Post last week. Gosh, I hope it was only last week. It’s been a bit tough here with us and dreadfully cold and rainy lately. So what’s been happening? Two weeks ago, I told you that my big brother, Stinkie, has been a bit under the weather. Thankfully, my mommy took him to the doctor on the Monday morning, or he might have ended up 3 feet under the ground, and not just under the weather (I don’t think cats should need six feet. Then again, if Louis buried Church 6 feet under ground in Pet Sematary, he might have saved himself a bit of trouble). Poor Stinkie had Tick Bite Fever and he was really not well at all.  My mommy was very worried and if I had an ounce of evil in me, I would have rolled […]

Posted August 16, 2020

The Sunday Post #6

So, how was your week? I have to confess, I didn’t have such a wonderful week. I think Mommy back at work and Daddy being away the whole week, was a bit tough on my constant-craving-attention-and-cuddles demeanor.  My big brother, Stinkie (don’t ask to many questions regarding his name), has also not been well at all. He was in an automobile accident 3 years ago and had to have a complete hip replacement and bone transplant. Daddy calls him the bionic cat. Unfortunately, he is rather on the big side and thinks he’s a ninja (he is pitch black afterall). So every now and then, he does something bionic cats really shouldn’t do, and hurts the old injuries. Every time it happens, my Mommy is also in a complete state. After all, it was her fault… She drove over him. No matter how many times everybody tells her it was […]

Posted August 2, 2020

The Sunday Post #5

Hooray, hooray! I couldn’t be happier today. Even if you offered me my very own packet of perky pink salmon. Do you SEEEEEE our template?? This was the template my Mommy chose originally when she started blogging again, about a month or so ago. Obviously I nudged a bit. The template is called “fluffy white kitten”, it couldn’t be more perfect if I invented, drafted, designed it myself. BUT, we couldn’t get it to work. Mommy couldn’t add any of the add-on’s and there were no option for comments. And that just won’t work for us. We love to chat!  Yesterday morning, she was playing around on the blog and saw the blogger update. I just looked at her with my big green eyes and tried my best to get the message through to her little brain. “Load the fluffy kitten template, Mareli. Come on – come on – come […]

Posted July 26, 2020

The Sunday Post #4

  Greetings Humans! I am lying here with my Mommy and on the radio is playing a rather upbeat song (LM Radio, you should try it out. They play all the oldies and goodies). But not even the song gets me to lift my pretty head. Goodness gracious great balls of fire – the past two weeks have been long. Mommy says we should rather count them in cat days. Thus, 98 days have passed since we last graced you with our presence. I am very glad to be have Mommy and Daddy back home safely, but I didn’t get all my requested prezzies, so I brought them a lizard or two and rolled the toilet paper down two nights in a row. Not that it helped very much, she still went to school last week Monday. And then she came back half way through the day. She looked furious […]

Posted July 19, 2020

The Sunday Post #3

Greetings Humans! Trust you are all well on this lovely Sunday afternoon. Or rather, it is lovely where my mommy is and rather cold and dreadful where I am. Please don’t let the cutesy photo of me travelling with them, fool you for one second. That is an old photo when I was still invited on car journeys…They abandoned me… They left me and all the other siblings all alone and went on a road trip where they preferred to spend time with our ancestors and the other beings who are wild at heart.  Greetings fellow bloggers! I think this is where “Mommy” needs to take over a bit. Please do not phone the SPCA or any other anti animal cruelty organization. Elza and her siblings have not been abandoned. They are perfectly fine and taken care of by their very own live-in caretaker/nanny/friend. My husband had some work engagements […]

Posted July 5, 2020